Which is Best?- Korean Makeup vs Western Makeup! (2023)


Do you like smoky eyes or glittery?

Want to go for sensual makeup or delicate?

Do you prefer matte lips or glossy ones?

Western makeup or Korean one?

Thousands of decisions you need to make in this makeup world. But sometimes you left these decisions to trends. As we know different cultures have different trends inspired by different histories. But the debate of Korean makeup vs western makeup is never going to stop.

Yes, it is a big truth that both of these cultures are appreciated a lot in this makeup world.

But both of these have their different styles and ways of makeup or you can say they have different mindsets which create a lot of makeup trends every year. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between these two. Stay tuned.

Korean Makeup vs Western Makeup

Key Western Makeup Korean Makeup
Preferred shades Bold shades such as Magenta, royal blue, and jade green Neutral and natural shades give you a glassy look
Skin texture Highlighted skin and pigmented too that give you a sensual look Powdery and milky skin texture
Eyelashes False eyelashes along with the mascara that will define your eyes properly Clumpy eyelashes were outrated, but now it is preferred in Korea.
Lip color Bold lip colors such as dark red and sometimes pink are preferred Juicy and plumy lips with a very light shade like baby pink and salmon
Makeup products Makeup products that give you a matte finish and keep your skin dry In Korea, makeup products give you a dewy look and define your natural beauty. In short, products that give you a transparent look.

Korean makeup trends

Korean trends always go for delicate makeup which enhances your natural beauty and is also comfortable. Caramel blush and warm undertones that are not too red and too orange are going to blow up in 2023 in Korea. Here I am mentioning some other Korean makeup trends that are very suitable in today’s moment. 

  • Clean makeup which is not too much is preferred at this time. The Korean glass skin will be the main focus but it is going to more transparent and glowing on the cheeks. 
  • A light brown blush with warm undertones, make sure not too much red or orange with a matte finish is preferred. And the blush on the apples of the cheeks will be amazing.
  • Powdery and velvety skin or you can say milky skin is going to become very popular. Skin with good health and a soft texture is best if you are going to follow Korean makeup. But do not forget hydration which is the key point of every Korean trend.
  • Clumpy eyelashes were avoided very much, but in 2023, it is going to be very much popular. 
  • When talking about Korean makeup we cannot remove the focus from the lips. This year, plump and juicy lips will be followed. 
  • As I told you before that clean makeup is preferred, and muted and very light but glittery eyeshadows are preferred. 
  • In this sequence, the next is brows which will be natural and feathery because straight brows have become a part of the past now.

Quick over view of makeup products of Korean make up 

Most Korean skin care products are packed with natural ingredients like seaweed and honey, which makes them very gentle on your face and body. They also have a wide range of colors and textures available, so you can find something that works for your skin type and make your look glassy.

  • Korean make up products included:-
  • Dewy foundation (with some drop of moisturizer in it) 
  • Lightweight concealer 
  • Setting powder 
  • Pink blush
  • Peach eyeliner
  • Curling mascara 
  • Pink eyeshadow
  • Liquid highlighter
  • Pink creamy lipstick or lip balm.

Western makeup trends

Western makeup trends are very much different from Korean makeup trends. Because they prefer a sensual look instead of a delicate one. But still, these trends have a high demand. Here I am mentioning some of the western makeup trends.

  • False eyelashes are more loved in the west. Yet products like mascara amplify your eyelashes but when you will pair the mascara with false eyelashes, it would be more beautiful and a western trend also. 
  • Winged eyeliner that will improve your eyes’ shape and will make your eyes more sensual and western eyes.
  • Highlighter or you can say a high volume of highlighter is more loved in western trends. A highlighter that will give you a shiny and healthy look is a preference in the west. Go for it.
  • When talking about the lip tone, it will be red or sometimes pink but bold, as I said western goes for sensuality in their look.
  • Eye shadow, is an inseparable part of makeup trends. In western makeup trends, it will be the opposite of Korean ones. It will be bold in color tone and smoky eyes are better. Colors such as jade green, royal blue, and magenta will be very trendy this year. 

Korean makeup vs western makeup

Korean makeup vs western makeup google trend
Korean makeup vs western makeup google trend


There is no debate between these two. They both are beautiful from their point of view. As you can see in the trends in Korea, they prefer natural beauty and mute makeup which stays very light and glassy. In short, they prefer delicacy. 

But when talking about a western look, they go for bold colors and smoky eyes which is opposite from the Korean one, but much more popular to create a debate of Korean makeup vs western makeup.

The major differences stay in the shades and the style to use products. We cannot say that one is better than the other one.

Quick over view of make up products of western make up 

  • Western makeup is all about having the perfect underneath for your look. The goal of Western makeup is to make you feel a natural and healthy version of yourself. It’s all about putting on an airbrushed finish with an emphasis on accentuating your best features and covering any imperfections.
  • Western make up products included:-
  • A Full coverage foundation
  • A Brightening concealer of your shade.
  • Here Maybelline Foundation Finder tool is proven best for choosing right shade for you  and
  • Sometimes choosing a shade or two lighter is important to achieve the brightening effect.
  • Setting powder
  • Contour stick or powder (6 times darker than your shade)
  • Coral blush
  • Powdered highlighter
  • Natural Eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeliner
  • Volumizing Mascara
  • Matte natural shade lipstick. Korean makeup vs western makeup google trend

The final thought

Both cultures have their preferences. Western looks for glam whereas Korean goes for a more subtle look. If you like boldness and sensuality in your look, then follow western makeup trends but if you want to go for cuteness and naturality, then prefer a Korean makeup look.

Hope you got the right advice regarding their differences and trends, which will help you in choosing the winner from western makeup vs Korean makeup. At last, I would say that this debate is never-ending, rest all is a game of mindsets. 

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