Niacinamide Serum Benefits: Get Healthy & Youthful Skin! (2024)

woman using niacinamide serum on her face

Niacinamide is an essential compound for the healthy functioning of the human body. This versatile nutrient plays a key role in promoting health, both internally and externally, especially when it comes to skin care. Its multiple benefits and high tolerance make this ingredient a perfect beauty ally for all skin types. In addition, it can treat various skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis, acne or hyperpigmentation, among others.

With this in mind, we have listed various niacinamide serum benefits which everyone should know. Read below!

What is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin that is capable of penetrating the most superficial layer of the skin. In reality, it is more of a form of vitamin B3 that is extracted from plant roots and yeast. We can also find it in various foods such as dairy products (milk, eggs, etc.) and some meats.

One of the great advantages of niacinamide is that it is a low molecular weight vitamin. This will allow it to also reach the deepest layers of the skin. In addition, it is an ingredient that can be used on all skin types and has a large number of benefits that we will see below.

What are its properties on the skin?

The first and most well-known is its smoothing property: it is capable of reducing roughness and irregularities in the skin to make it more uniform. It is also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and strengthens the skin barrier by stimulating the production of keratin, collagen and ceramides.

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Know about Niacinamide serum benefits

Considering that niacinamide is tolerable on all skin types, anyone can take advantage of its beneficial properties. The most interesting are the following:

1. Moisturizes the skin

One of the great benefits of niacinamide is that it hydrates your skin. The application of this element increases collagen production to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Your skin will once again be much more elastic and hydrated thanks to the fact that niacinamide forms a skin barrier against external agents.

2. It fights and reduces acne

Acne is a skin disorder caused by the clogging of hair follicles with oil, dead cells and other impurities. It usually occurs more commonly among adolescents, but there are also adults who suffer from it. Niacinamide has sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties that fight and reduce acne.

In fact, it is an ingredient that deeply hydrates the skin and reinforces the creation of new cells to keep your face free of impurities. Thus, it can reduce the characteristic marks that acne leaves on the face and even the spots that occur around them.

3. Reduces skin irritations and redness

Facial irritation and redness are two disorders suffered by people who have very sensitive skin. Niacinamide can act against them. It is a component that will make your skin look more beautiful and healthy, reducing skin redness, dryness and itching that some disorders cause.

However, you must know how to choose the concentration of niacinamide carefully so as not to cause the opposite effect. Too high a concentration may cause temporary redness or irritation of the skin during application.

4. Protects against the effects of the sun

The effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are very harmful to your skin. Such overexposure can cause your skin to become drier and age more quickly. Niacinamide, on the other hand, reduces the damage that solar radiation causes to your skin cells.

But the relationship between niacinamide and the sun doesn’t stop there. It is also a component that is capable of reducing skin pigmentation and sun spots. The use of this product will keep your skin free of redness, thus avoiding photo aging.

5. Treating hyperpigmentation and skin spots

As we already mentioned, niacinamide is an excellent ally when it comes to combating the negative effects of the sun, as it reduces the damage caused by solar radiation on cells. Did you know that the sun’s rays are responsible for photo aging? 

Photoaging includes sun spots (hyperpigmentation). And many women who did not apply sunscreen when they were younger can see how their skin becomes stained due to solar radiation. Furthermore, it is very common that due to hormonal changes throughout life, the well-known hyperpigmentation occurs in some areas of the skin.

Niacinamide is perfect because it helps reduce spots and other hyperpigmentation problems on the skin caused by the sun, acne and other imperfections, unifying skin tone.

6. Antioxidant properties

Finally, we must talk about the antioxidant properties of niacinamide. Its application protects the skin from free radicals and external agents. In addition, it combats the signs of aging that are precisely caused by free radicals, pollution, sun rays, cold, etc.

Niacinamide is responsible for repairing DNA that may have been damaged in your skin. In turn, it improves and enhances the energy of cells and promotes elasticity and hydration.

7. Rejuvenates the eye area

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and the first signs of aging usually appear there. Niacinamide can help with these problems and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a visibly younger look.

If you are looking for a cream with niacinamide, then you should choose niacinamide serum. Its powerful formula with niacinamide is ideal for spots and marks. Also, it helps combat hyperpigmentation problems and uneven skin tone. This serum with niacinamide should be applied in the morning and at night on the face, neckline and hands.

Niacinamide has the immense advantage of being very well tolerated by all skin types, even the most sensitive, which is rarely the case for anti-aging and anti-acne active ingredients.

It is also stable and is not photo-sensitizing, and can therefore be applied both in the morning and in the evening.

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As you can see, niacinamide has a large number of benefits, since it is a product that can be used on all skin types and is a trend in the world of cosmetics: it combats and reduces acne, calms irritations and redness, hydrates and enhances collagen production. Niacinamide is one of those ingredients that will help your skin appear younger, smoother and brighter.

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