Top 10 Korean Beauty Standards for Foreigners! (2023)


Korea is not just famous for its pop culture and history worldwide. It is also popular for its high rates of cosmetic surgeries.

However, it is not confidential that Korean people have always regarded visual beauty as a very important part of life. There is no doubt that Korean beauty is truly unique, especially in the eyes of foreigners.

It is also a fact that Korea has psychotic beauty standards for its own people and foreigners. In addition to this, it is very difficult to keep up with Korean beauty standards because it is very unrealistic, especially for foreigners. 

Over the last 5 years, Korean beauty standards for foreigners have reached the highest popularity worldwide. Soft and kind on the outside, they are some of the strictest beauty standards in the world.

Walking around the bigger cities and shopping malls in Korea, you will find advertising for plastic surgery and perfectly smooth skin everywhere. This short guide will teach you the top 10 Korean beauty standards, especially for foreigners.

What are the Korean Beauty Standards?

1. Pale Skin or Porcelain White Skin

Having porcelain white skin in Korea is something everyone strives for. It is one of the most prominent Korean beauty standards for foreigners to have pale and flawless skin.

It now becomes the mainstream that people use skin whitening products to get pale skin. However, some people are born with it, while others will only get it by using whitening products.

If you have visited Korea, you will notice that most people use umbrellas during the summer season. It is because of sunrays that they give them a tan. 

Korean people don’t want to tan. Therefore, they also often use lots of sunscreens. When you watch a Korean drama or K-pop music video, you will see quickly how pale the idols are.

It is a Korean beauty standard that has now become mainstream and slowly becoming part of Korean culture. Remember that these are very unrealistic beauty standards.

Although in Korea, they look up to these idols and want a skin tone similar to theirs. You will also notice this by how many Koreans use whitening products daily.

2. Small Face

Korean girl wearing hat sitting on the floor

Having a small face and living in Korea will make you more appealing to most people. Most Korean people often compare their hands to the size of their faces.

It is something that is becoming more and more popular. It is doubtfully one of the most difficult Korean beauty standards for foreigners. However, Koreans want a small face because it looks cuter and more appealing to them. 

3. Plump Lips

korean girl showing lips and smiling

During the old times, having thin lips was the biological beauty standard of Korean. In recent days, having plump lips or heart-shaped lips is considered admirable.

These types of Korean beauty standards for foreigners are very annoying because the lower lip should be plumper compared to the upper one.

The thing that makes it more difficult and annoying is that the lip line should also face upward when you smile. This facial feature needs a procedure like adding lip fillers.

4. Skincare Routine


Having good skin is something people in Korea strive for. It has been the biggest topic for several years, not just in Korea but mostly in Asia. If you have perfect porcelain white and smooth skin in Korea, people will look differently at you. It sounds weird, but it is true. 

Skincare is becoming huge in Korea and has slowly been taking over the entire world. The majority of people that think of Korea also think about K-pop or Korean skincare.

In the Korean beauty standards for foreigners, it is super important to have pale smooth skin. People in Korea will obsess over your skin, and if you don’t fit their beauty standards, they will treat you differently. 

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5. Aligned Teeth

Having aligned teeth is also one of the most famous Korean beauty standards for foreigners. That’s why most people in Korea wear braces, especially young ones.

In Korea, having braces in old age is not desirable. To fully get the youthful, innocent look, having aligned teeth is best, especially when you smile.

6. Double Eyelids

Double eyelids are also becoming the Korean beauty standard. Normally, Koreans have mono-lids or double-lids. Since most Koreans find double lids more attractive, it becomes the norm. Everyone wants big, cute eyes, and people spend lots of time applying makeup to get this look. 

Surprisingly, it has also been known that young Korean girls get double eyelid surgery as a gift for graduation. In Korea, it is normal, as compared to other countries.

A famous procedure also involves the injection of filler under the eyes. As a result, it will look like the natural pocket of filler that pops up when you smile.

7. Pointed Nose

Several surgeries or procedures involve getting a pointy nose, including Rhinoplasty or nose job. During the past centuries, having a big nose was a desirable characteristic, but not in recent days.

A small pointy nose is a very sophisticated feature that Korean beauty standards for foreigners require. Having a small pointy nose matches having a small cute face. 

It is why nose jobs are so popular in Korea, not only for Koreans but also for foreigners. The majority of people get nose jobs in Korea. It is because they don’t like their nose or feel insecure about them. Most of the time, they want a perfect Korean face.

8. V-Shaped Jaw

girl with V shaped jaw

It is also a very popular Korean beauty standard. Koreans and foreigners also get facial bone contouring surgeries to get a V-Shaped jaw.

The reason is that they think it looks better and more symmetric. A jawline and a V-Shaped jaw will include you in small categories of people in Korea. 

It is one of the most difficult Korean beauty standards for foreigners because it is something that only some people have. That’s why they get plastic surgery. Another big reason people get V-shaped jaw surgery is that it makes their faces look smaller. 

9. Thigh Gap

Girl shows her thigh gap

When standing straight with feet touching, some people have a thigh gap. Remember that the thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs.

It Korean beauty standard was established during the 21st century. Several exercises are available on different social media platforms to have a thigh gap. Apart from this, various surgeries and procedures will help you fit this beauty standard.

10. Straight Eyebrows

Eyebrows of korean girl shows korean beauty standards

In Korean beauty standards, having straight eyebrows is the most desirable feature. Most people in Korea consider it a way to maintain their youthful, innocent look. 


Korean beauty standards have become a popular characteristic of Korean culture. Undeniably, Korea has huge beauty standards not only for its people but also for foreigners.

So, they need help to keep up with Korean beauty standards for foreigners. These beauty standards include a small face, big cute eyes, a v-shaped jaw, straight eyebrows, pale and flawless skin, plump lips, aligned teeth, double eyelids, a pointed nose, and much more. 



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