Where Concealer Goes on Your Face? (2023)

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Concealer is an inseparable part of makeup. Without it, makeup is not even possible. Does not matter if you want a bridal makeup look or want a simple office look, you just need to use concealer to conceal the issues and blemishes on your face. 

But there are a lot of things that confuse us lot that what is the right way to apply it, where concealer goes on your face, under foundation or over it, and much more. In this article, we are going to learn a lot regarding the use of this makeup product named concealer. Read on.

A basic intro to concealer

In normal words, a concealer is used to mask the imperfections on your face. These imperfections can include age marks, dark spots, blemishes, and most importantly dark circles under your eyes.

Typically, it is used in a small amount on the place from where you want to cover the blemishes. But it can be discovered more and more. It depends on the creativity of the makeup artist. 

Concealers have different forms or you can say textures like matte, liquid, cream, and even powder. But the stick form is preferred because it stays more convenient to use.

It is blended with the help of a blender or brush and even fingertips, for some it stays more comfortable. Rest it comes in a lot of types and colors. 

Types of Concealers

One of the most expected questions people ask when they are straining to figure out what kind of concealer to use is – 

“what is the favorable type of concealer?” 

Our answer is:- 

It depends!

Concealer is the go-to creation for anyone looking to hide blemishes, discoloration, bruise and even dark circles. There are a few different types of concealer available on the market today, including:-

  • Liquid 
  • Pressed powder 
  • Cream 
  • Stick.

And what are they? 

Let’s discuss detail about the types of concealers come in market. 

  • Liquid concealer

Liquid concealers come in fluid form, meaning they are easy to apply directly to the skin. They are also oil-based and tend to be more expensive than other types of concealers. Liquid concealers are most common and can be suitable to almost all skin types. 

  • Pressed powder concealer 

Pressed powder concealer have a more natural feel but plus point is it provides excellent coverage. They’re great for coating up large areas of skin such as blemishes, scares or acne marks and makes the skin flawless by its power of smudging.  

  • Cream concealers 

Cream concealers provide a consistent layer of coverage across immense areas of skin that can be applied with your fingers or concealer brush depending upon your preferences. Creams are also great for covering up larger blemishes, blotches and even old scars so that they blend in with your overall face complexion instead of standing out like a sore thumb when wearing cosmetic every day.

  • Stick concealer 

Stick concealer is the perfect way to cover up scars and imperfections on your skin. It’s easy to use, delivers great coverage and can be used commonly to even out any skin tone. Stick concealers are also great for making a natural look, as they blend easily into your skin without looking cakey or heavy. With its long-lasting quality and natural finish and, super handy to carry, stick concealer is the perfect choice for any makeup look!

Where concealer goes on your face, under or over foundation

This thing has confused a lot of people. Some people use concealer before the foundation and some use it after the foundation, but I will tell you the right way.

Sometimes it depends on the occasion and the skin. But if you want a proper look then use concealer over the foundation.

Once you have applied your foundation in the right way and quantity and smoothened it, now it is the turn of concealer. First, the foundation will clear some imperfections and create an even canvas. Now, concealer will come to conceal the other blemishes. Concealer will cover the areas that need extra coverage. 

But if you are going for a no-makeup look or a very simple student look, then prefer avoiding foundation and using the concealer directly. This way is my personal favorite and also amazing. 

Where to use concealer for a perfect look?

First, draw vertical lines and blend them all over your face. Prefer blending it with a sponge it will be clearer than the brush.

But if you know the technique of using the concealer brush, then go for it. Now a basic base is created on your face and most of the spots and blemishes are hidden. But still, there would be some places on your face that need more coverage. Now layer those spots. 

Under the eyes is the area which cannot be ignored while using a concealer and when you have dark circles, it becomes a must. apply a slightly lighter shade on your under-eyes area and dab it to conceal dark circles. 

Other areas are the high points on your face like the tip of your nose and chin, and the middle of your forehead. Now pick a lighter shade of concealer than the shade under your eyes and apply it back towards cheekbones but in a lifted effect. 

Some other things need to consider while using a concealer

Concealer is a makeup product that can make or ruin your look in a big manner. So, it is important to apply it carefully. Here I am mentioning some of the tips that are important while using a concealer. 

  • Hydrating your skin before concealer is a must. Prefer to apply a lightweight moisturizer before makeup. Make sure your skin is ready for the makeup. Going for CTM (Cleansing, toning, moisturizing) will be a good thing to prepare your skin for makeup. 
  • Shade is an essential thing in concealer. Go for one shade lighter concealer than your foundation.
  • After applying the concealer, make sure to use the setting powder. It will help your concealer in lasting long even in the heat. 
  • Use your concealer before the expiring date. Yes, it is a basic thing but it becomes more important in terms of concealer. Your product will start losing its texture after the expiring date.

The last line

Concealer is a product, without which the makeup term is incomplete. It helps you in hiding your skin imperfections. The work of a concealer depends on its style of application and the way of blending. And rest all the things depend on the quality of your concealer. 

If you want to know the right way of applying concealer, you need to read the entire article. And last, I would say, invest time in choosing this essential makeup product named concealer. 

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