Why Does my Makeup Look Bad after a Few Hours? (2023)

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Makeup is something amazing that provides you self-assurance when you interact with others, as well as a sense of beauty and fulfillment, especially for ladies for whom makeup is their priority.

But when things don’t turn out the way they desire, they tend to doubt themselves because of bad makeup

Products like blushes, bronzers, highlighters, contours, foundations, and concealers are designed to make your skin resemble better.

However, using them simultaneously is equivalent to having too many chefs in the kitchen lose your natural shine as a result of the skin being layered with each product rather than getting benefits from them.

“I believe in multitasking products, and I don’t think that every woman has the time to experiment with so many products in the morning,” says the cosmetics expert Poulin.

He advises prepping the skin with a primer and a foundation that contains skin care after doing a normal skincare routine of cleaning and moisturizing.

Factors that  results in makeup looks bad after a few hours

Not Blotting it properly

Usually, too much oil is to blame for your makeup deteriorating. If you have oilier skin, you are probably all too familiar with the agony of glancing in the mirror around 3 p.m. and seeing that a bright light has taken over your face.

Instead of reapplying makeup over grease, you should wipe it to remove that extra oil. 

Wrong color choice for makeup

Since no one makes this error knowingly, it might be hard to identify it as your own. Only having someone else select your color for you will help you to avoid this.

Your best choice is a makeup artist, and many beauty sales representatives are also makeup artists.

 Makeup experts claim “The incorrect color might also occur from picking the incorrect cosmetics for your skin tone. He advises   “Errors occur when the incorrect foundation texture is selected.

When your skin is dry, for instance, go for a matte long-lasting finish. A shade that is too dark always makes you seem older, while a shade that is too light makes you look ashy.

Usage of too-light concealer

Your concealer beneath your eyes is too thin. There is a difference between gently enhancing your under-eye area’s brightness and giving it an unflattering shine.

Make any shadows disappear using a peach-colored concealer (this shade is universally flattering and helps cancel out blue tones).

Add a liquid concealer that properly matches your skin tone and has light-reflecting particles on top of that. If your under-eye makeup is prone to drooping during the day, cover it with a translucent, flesh-toned powder.

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You skip your ears

When you apply makeup, you skip your ears knowingly or unknowingly. One of the reasons which makes your makeup looks bad and awkward after some time is the unevenness of foundation on your face which loosens its shine.

Run your foundation brush over your ears when you’re out, whether you have your hair up or down, to make your skin match the rest of your face.

Flashes, for instance, catch every inch of exposed flesh when celebrities are on the red carpet, giving them a more even appearance.

Applying false lashes on the eyes

Your fake eyelashes are quite evident. False eyelashes may soon go badly. Apply the band of lashes as near to your lash line as you can if you’re not having them professionally done and want to use a complete strip; when they’ve dried, go over them with eyeliner.

This will make it harder to see where the fakes start and stop. Otherwise, they always seem more natural if you’re excellent at applying individual lashes.

Choosing the wrong eyeliner color

Your eyeliner has a brick brown color, which gives you a worn-out appearance. You shouldn’t use a reddish-brown liner since the red tones in it might make you look more tired or unwell and make your eyes appear red.

If you don’t want to wear black, choose a navy, gray, aubergine, or genuine brown liner instead. These colors will bring out the color of your eyes and the whites of them, giving you a wide-awake appearance.

Very importantly your smokey eye needs to be blended better. You don’t need to have eyes that seem like a map for others to locate you. Yes, you may use several shadow tones, but be sure you disperse them with a brush.

Epic solutions for good and long-lasting makeup

Give your skin a few minutes after applying the foundation

This implies that you should wait five full minutes after applying toner, moisturizer, or anti-acne treatments for them to fully seep into your skin.

Products can combine with the foundation and increase its dissolution if they are not given enough time to dry completely.

Hide the flaws by using concealer

Apply concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone and blend carefully if you have any discoloration, such as dark bags under your eyes, acne, freckles, or scars.

If there are any remaining flaws after mixing, dot and dab them on rather than rubbing. Use a color-correcting powder if you have a lot of flaws to cover up.

Apply a transparent matte face powder

If you want your makeup to persist all day, you must do this step! Applying a matte and oil-absorbent powder will significantly slow down the pace of makeup breakdown because skin oils are the source of makeup deterioration.

Use a powder puff on your whole face once your makeup is on. To set the foundation completely and prevent streaking, massage the powder onto your skin in small pieces rather than rubbing it in. You may use a fluffy brush to softly run over your entire face to remove any extra powder after patting it onto your skin.

Final Words

It’s usual for your makeup to look a little dissimilar after a few hours. It’s because the makeup has been seating on top of your skin for that duration, and it’s leaching out into the pores of your face and clogging them up. This can cause getaways, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are two kinds of make up 

waterproof  non-waterproof. Waterproof formulas will last all day, while non-waterproof formulas will only last a few hours before they start halting down and making you look like you’re dissolving  in sweat all over again.

To prevent this from occurring, try using a primer before using any kind of liquid foundation or powdery base product like setter and blush. This will help build a barrier between your skin and the cosmetic itself, which helps your makeup to  stays on top of your skin instead of being absorbed into your pores and make it clogged.


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