Is niacinamide good for oily skin?- Oil Control Miracle! (2024)

woman using niacinamide serum on her oily face

Who does not want healthy and glowing skin? Who does not want clear skin, completely free from acne and other blemishes? 

Everyone, right?

So, today I am here with an excellent chemical, niacinamide. It is loaded with lots of skin benefits. But I know you still have a question, is niacinamide good for oily skin

So, for you, in the next upcoming words, we will be discussing everything regarding niacinamide for oily skin. read on.

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What is meant by Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 also known as nicotinamide. It has properties that help maintain oil in the skin, besides, it also hydrates the skin.

Apart from dermatological use, it is also used for other pharmaceutical purposes. It is typically found in food and used as a dietary supplement.

Is Niacinamide good for oily skin?

Answering this question, I would say it is made for oily skin. people with dry or sensitive skin should care about its side effects, not the oily skin ones. If your skin is dry then you can find out whether niacinamide good for your dry skin or not.

I am saying so because if you look at its characteristics, it seems wonderful for the oily skin community. If you are having problems with your oily skin, you must consider it in your skincare routine.

As we know oily skin is very tough to maintain because a slight mistake or ignorance can cause skin issues like acne. This vitamin not only controls the oil on your skin but also fights the germs that cause acne. It also reduces the extreme production of sebum.

So, yes, niacinamide is good for oily skin people.

In which product you should use niacinamide?

In my opinion, there are two good ways to use niacinamide. First in a moisturizer and second in a serum. Now, because you have oily skin, I would suggest you go for the serum. Talking by experience, serum stays better and easier.

Now what kind of serum you should go for?

A serum containing 2 to 3 percent of niacinamide. Do not go for more concentrated than this amount. Because high concentration can make your skin sensitive.

Make sure that the serum is completely colorless and better if odorless too. Does not contain any of the following chemicals-

  1. Parabens
  2. Alcohol
  3. Phthalates
  4. Perfume
  5. Synthetic colors
  6. Lead
  7. Sulphates
  8. Mineral oil

This is not only for your niacinamide serum but also for every kind of skincare product.

The right procedure to apply Niacinamide serum?

Step 1- First of all, clean your face with a suitable cleanser. For oily skin, you should go for water or gel-based cleanser. 

If you have faced lots of pollution and other environmental damage and had a long day, also apply decent makeup, then wash your face twice. first with a gel-based cleanser and then with a foam-based one.

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 Step 2- Now use a toner. If not feeling like it, then simply apply some drops of rose water. I personally use it and it works exactly like a toner. Let it absorb in your skin.

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Step 3- Now grab your niacinamide serum, take 2 drops, and gently dab it.

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Step 4- Massage it on your face by using your fingers, gently, for about a minute. Make sure to massage in a circular motion and upwards. It will increase blood circulation and also help prevent aging signs.

Step 5- It is time for moisturizer. as different people have different opinions. Some say moisturizer is necessary irrespective of skin type and in my suggestion, oily skin people can also skip this step.

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It is completely up to you. Your skin is already quite hydrated by niacinamide. But still feeling for moisturizing, then use a water or gel-based moisturizer in a small amount.

The upper given procedure is very simple to follow. I described every single thing in detail. Now just follow it every day twice, once in the morning, and once right before going to bed. But please, be consistent, in the end, it is your skin and it majorly affects your first impression on others.

Benefits of niacinamide for oily skin

Now that it is proven that niacinamide is good for oily skin types, we have also discussed the right product and the right procedure in detail. Let us talk about the benefits that you are going to achieve by continuous use of this vitamin on your skin.

It is amazing if you are someone facing premature aging. This serum will make your skin more elastic which will result in youthful skin. With continuous use, wrinkles and fine lines will start disappearing.

If your skin is dehydrated, it can be a blessing for you. First, let me clarify that oily skin can also be dehydrated. It will moisten your skin deeply and will also lock the hydration for hours. 

If your oily skin also has acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, you must use it. It reduces the germs of acne and also slows down the production of oil and sebum in your skin.

It has other benefits too like preventing environmental damage, and makes your skin glowing and healthy. 

One more thing, it lightens down your skin making it shinier and glass-looking.

Does Niacinamide have any side effects?

However, it does not have many side effects when you have oily skin. But still, there is one thing to beware of. Too much of anything can be harmful. So, just use niacinamide only in one product. Do not go for a whole niacinamide skin care routine. 

If your skin is sensitive, then first do a patch test and then apply it on your whole skin. if it irritates stop altogether.

Rest, the procedure and amount I have mentioned would not harm your skin at all.


I wish your questions like “Is niacinamide good for oily skin” and “Is there any side effect of using it” and etcetera are answered. 

There is no doubt that niacinamide is good for oily skin or not, it is made for this type of skin. if used in the right procedure (after toner and before moisturizer) and right amount (2 drops of a 2-3% niacinamide serum), you can unlock all of its benefits. 

It will prevent premature aging and will hydrate and moisten your skin fighting the germs of acne. But do not use it in bulk. And most importantly be consistent to grab all of the benefits. You can thank me later.


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