What Color Makeup to Wear with a Grey Dress? (2024)

black woman wearing grey dress

Wearing a grey dress creates a subtle impression. The makeup you wear along with this dress should create a subtle look and feel too. You need to make sure that the makeup that you apply is in alignment with the shades of the garment and the accessories that you have adorned. Since grey is a color which is an embodiment of sobriety and elegance, you need to pick and choose your makeup with care, so that you look perfect once you are all dressed up. 

To know more about what makeup goes with a grey dress, read on.

Choose a Natural Eye Shadow 

When wondering about the type of eyeshadow that you should apply when wearing a grey dress, you should opt for shades that look natural. Natural eyeshadow will create a simple yet elegant facial appearance, giving the area around your eyes, the perfect shape that it needs to draw attention. 

What makes using natural eyeshadow the right thing to do while wearing a grey dress, is the neat look that it imparts to your face. Your appearance overall seems genuine and well put together if you opt for a natural eyeshadow when wearing a grey suit or a dress. 

It would be good to opt for a high-end palette when doing up your eyes with eyeshadow, while wearing a grey dress. A high-end makeup palette comes with a wide range of subtle eye color shades to choose from. There are numerous natural textures and tinges that you are certain to come across in such a palette. 

Do up your Eyes with Black Eyeliner or Kohl 

Doing up your eyes with black kohl or eyeliner would be a good step to take, when wearing a grey dress. This is certain to accentuate your eyes, giving your face a very beautiful look and making the grey color of your dress all, the more pronounced. 

The use of black eyeliner is certain to impart your face with a bold and vibrant appearance, and which is certain to complement the grey dress that you are wearing, making you the center of attention no matter where you go. 

Use Cat’s Eye Makeup 

If you are thinking of what makeup goes with a grey dress, remember that opting for cat eye makeup can prove to be a wise idea. Cat’s eye makeup is well suited for all occasions, so regardless of whether it is a formal or informal event you are attending, adorning your eye with cat’s eye makeup while wearing a grey dress will make you look splendid. 

Wear Blue Eyeshadow 

You can also consider wearing blue eye when wearing a grey dress. Blue is certain to complement the color of your grey dress, and will give you a formal yet casual look, that would be ideal to carry off, especially at an outdoor event. 

Ideally the eyeshadow and the eye makeup that you apply should be lighter than the color of your dress, unless the eye color is black. Eyeshadow shades such as blue for instance, can truly create a compact yet striking look, making your grey dress stand out, while doing so. 

Choose a Green Eye Shadow for a Vibrant Appearance 

If you are attending an event in sunny weather and are thinking what makeup goes with a grey dress, then you may consider creating a green shadowy look underneath your fines. This is makeup that is sure to complement your grey dress. 

Both light green as well as dark green colors can be used to shade the areas above your eyes. Make sure that your lips are colored with a light shade and not a dark one in order, to avoid a stark look and appearance after having applied green eye shadow. 

Wear Burgundy Lipstick for a Bold Look 

When it comes to choosing lipstick, with a grey dress you must remember that burgundy is the most suitable shade that you can opt for. Burgundy is a robust and deep shade of red, and it helps to create a vibrant and moody atmosphere. 

Such a lipstick will be certain to add a lot of glitz and glamour to your grey dress, making you stand apart from the rest in the crowd. If you want to create a bossy, classy and bold look all at the same time, you can apply a burgundy lipstick with your grey dress to do so. 

Choose a Nude Lipstick for a Subtle Appearance 

Opting for a nude lipstick with a grey dress can be a good idea too, if you want to ensure that your look remains dignified and sober, and not too loud. Nude tones are sure to complement your skin tone and your grey dress. 

The peachy and pale colors will lend a lot of warmth to your look and will create a certain aura around your lips, making you look and feel more appealing than ever. 

Select an Appropriate Shade of Blush 

It is necessary to choose a blush of an appropriate shade or color when wearing a grey dress, especially if it is a formal occasion that you are attending. A blush that is dark red or brown in shade would certainly go very well, with a grey dress, and will complement your look overall in a beautiful and bold way. 

You need to make sure that the color of your lips is of a darker shade as well, so that your face seems neatly done up instead of looking messy and shapeless. When wearing a dark red blush and dark colored lipsticks, ensure that the foundation on your face or the powder you have applied is blended well in, for the colors on your face to look evenly balanced out. 


Thus, if you are contemplating about what makeup goes with a grey dress, there are many considerations that you can make to create a look that complements your personality, and makes you the cynosure of all eyes, at the event you go to. Grey is a color that symbolizes class and sophistication so you must ensure that the makeup you use is well aligned with this color shade, and that it helps in creating a smart and chic look. 

Are you still wondering about what color makeup to use when adorning a grey dress? Feel free to comment or post your queries if you are.



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