Top Western Beauty Standards for Men and Women! (2024)

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Western beauty standards refer to the set of physical characteristics that are considered desirable and attractive in Western cultures, particularly in Europe and North America. These standards often prioritize a particular look that includes a slim body, clear and smooth skin, symmetrical facial features, and other physical characteristics that are deemed ideal.Westerners often place a high value on symmetrical, proportionate facial features, clear, smooth skin, and a young appearance.

Women Characteristics as per Western Beauty Standards 

  1. Skin that is clear and smooth: Women are urged to use cosmetics to obtain clear, blemish-free skin because it is frequently seen as a symbol of health and beauty.
  2. Symmetrical characteristics: Symmetry is sometimes thought of as an indication of genetic fitness and is regarded as attractive. Therefore symmetrical facial characteristics are frequently thought to be more beautiful.
  3. Huge, bright eyes: Large, bright eyes with long lashes that are spaced far apart are frequently seen as a defining goals in Western beauty standards.
  4. Tiny nose: According to Western beauty standards, a nose that is small, thin, and proportionate to the rest of the face is attractive.
  5. High cheekbones: High cheekbones that look “model-like” and are prominent are frequently seen as attractive.
  6. Full lips: In Western beauty standards, full lips with a distinct Cupid’s bow and symmetrical are largely viewed as attractive feature.
  7. An excellent figure should be thin and toned, according to Western aesthetic standards. A small waist, toned arms and legs as well as a flat stomach, are frequently included.
  8. Long, thin legs have frequently been viewed as an appealing character and are highlighted in style and the industry.
  9. White, straighter teeth are frequently regarded as an attractive trait, and women are promoted proper dental hygiene and utilise cosmetics to obtain a radiant smile.
  10. Long, shiny hair: Long, shiny hair that is well-maintained is often considered a desirable feature. Women are encouraged to use hair care products and styling tools to achieve this look.
  11. Youthful appearance: Western beauty standards often prioritize a youthful appearance, and women are encouraged to use cosmetic products and procedures to achieve a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion

Global conceptions of beauty are significantly influenced by Western beauty standards. These standards are promoted by the worldwide media and the fashion sector, and they are frequently viewed as a mark of progress and modernity. This has led to an increase in the adoption of these aesthetic standards by individuals worldwide, especially among the younger generation, which can have both beneficial and negative repercussions.

On the plus side, a more inclusive and diverse definition of beauty that takes into account persons of various racial, cultural, and physical characteristics may be encouraged by the acceptance of Western beauty standards. It can also aid in removing cultural barriers and fostering a more accepting attitude towards others with various cultures and identities.

On the other hand, the incorporation of Western beauty standards could also encourage hazardous behaviours including severe dieting, plastic surgery, and the utilization of potentially toxic cosmetic products. Also, it might maintain a limited concept of attractiveness and exclude those who don’t meet these requirements.

The ideal male appearance according to Western standards of attractiveness includes a symmetrical face, a fit and strong body, and clear skin. However, the precise physical traits that men find attractive can be different from those women find attractive. 

Men Characteristics as per Western Beauty Standards

  1. Athletic physique: In Western beauty standards for men, a lean and muscular physique is frequently viewed as a desirable trait. This can be demonstrated by having well-toned arms and legs as well as shoulders with defined abs.
  2. Having clear skin In Western beauty standards for men, clear, spotless skin is frequently viewed as an attractive quality. For this appearance, men are advised to just use beauty products and practise good cleanliness.
  3. face characteristics with symmetry Much like with women, men frequently find symmetrical facial characteristics to be more alluring. For example, a strong jawline, symmetrical eyes and brows, and a straight and proportionate nose can all contribute to this.
  4. Well-maintained facial hair: In Western male beauty standards, a well-maintained goatee or scruff is frequently regarded as an attractive feature. A well-groomed goatee or moustache can be part of this, as well as a defined jawline and neatly cut facial hair.
  5. Cheekbones that are clearly defined: In Western male beauty standards, wide cheekbones that are high on the face and clearly defined are frequently regarded as attractive features.
  6. Thick, thick hair: In Western ideals of male beauty, full, thick hair that is kept up and styled is frequently regarded as a desirable trait.

It’s essential to comprehend that standard of beauty for males, just as for women, can have detrimental effects by encouraging inflated expectations, a negative self-image, and feelings of being inadequate. It’s crucial to advance a broader, more varied concept of beauty that honours each person’s distinctive traits and qualities.`


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