What Are The Taiwanese Beauty Standards? (2024)

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Beauty, over time has evolved. Back then, a round figure was praised, but now, a slim and curvy body is preferred. Society’s expectations from women are endless. From being attractive to being tough emotionally, she’s got to be perfect. You find no beauty standards for men, but in case of women, there are plenty. Let’s explore the beauty standards of one such country, where women are obsessed with beauty.

Taiwanese Beauty Standards

Do Asians always want a white skin tone? As an Asian, I can say that this is true to this day. In Asia, a fair skin is held high and is promoted. A woman with fair skin here, means she is privileged, rich and beautiful. Dark skin tone in some households in considered a calamity. 

Likewise, in Taiwan, an East Asian country, white skin tone is the head of all beauty standards. It is the first thing that women want to achieve in terms of attractiveness. 

But, Taiwanese beauty standards are influenced by Chinese, Japanese and Korean beauty standards. They are a mix of all the three countries, but are also Asian. Let’s have a look at their beauty standards:

List of Beauty standards in Taiwan

1. Tall bodies

Taiwanese women want tall bodies. This doesn’t mean they want abnormally tall bodies. But desire a height of around 165 cms. Tall women are thought to be more good looking and lovely.

2. Small face with v-shaped jawline:

A tiny face with a v-shaped jaw is considered the most beautiful in Taiwan. And don’t forget that the chin should also be pointed. Sad to say that a cute, chubby face isn’t attractive here.

3. Tiny nose

A tiny and thin nose is a woman’s most charming feature in Taiwan. This can be addressed as a global beauty standard. Because everybody now needs a slender and pointed nose.

4. Large eyes

Bigger eyes of women turn the eyes of men towards them. Larger eyes with double eyelids and long lashes would make wonders. Such are the eyes preferred in Taiwan. Big, nice and hypnotising.

5. Long, thin legs

Slim, long legs are also a part of Taiwanese beauty standards. A thigh gap can also be added to it and would be a bonus. Bumpy thighs are to be got rid off.

6. Large bosom

Women are considered appealing when they have big bosom. The first thing that is noticed in a women’s body, is the size of her boobs. There’s a big no to a plumpy body, but yes to a large breast.

7. Slim body

A slender body with small butts and a thin waist defines a Taiwanese woman. They always try to get a slim body shape, but with a big bosom.

8. White Skin tone

As Korean and Japanese promote a pale white skin tone, so do the Taiwanese desire it. A white skin is the most attractive feature in a woman’s whole body. It is fancied by all the Asians, let alone Taiwanese.

What Is Taiwanese Skincare Routine?

Apart from the rise of T-beauty, Taiwanese skincare routines are also taking rounds on social media. Their herbal Taiwanese skin products are gaining popularity in the rest of the world, especially in the United States. They have a 4-step simple routine; cleanse, tone, moisturise and sheet mask. Do you want to follow their natural skincare routines? Check out the points below:

#1 Cleanse

To begin with, Taiwanese women clean their skin and rinse off the make-up, dirt or any oils formed on it. They have to ensure that they clean their skin properly and there’s no dirt left. 

The natural secret ingredient they use to clean their skin is soy milk, white tea or extracts of bamboo. It not only purifies your skin, but also makes it softer and more elastic.

#2 Tone

Using a toner after cleansing is a very important thing. Toning helps to rejuvenate the skin, hydrate it and prevent breakouts. Their herbal toner is the tea tree oil and various other plant extracts.

#3 Moisturise

A moisturiser nourishes your skin. It keeps it soft and hydrated. Taiwanese women use products rich with vitamin C for perfect moisturising. Also, another reason they moisturise is to prepare their skin for the sheet mask. They only use a pea sized amount of moisturiser.

#4 Sheet mask

Do you know the reason behind their glowing skin? It’s the sheet mask. They leave it for 15 to 30 mins on their skin. These are very gentle, and are made of cotton, cellulose and other plant materials. The sheet masks are soaked in serums packed with nutrients.

These are the simple steps that they follow to get pristine beauty.

Taiwanese Skincare Products

The age-old skincare products used by the Taiwanese are now becoming popular worldwide. You might have used these products for various other reasons, but have not known its wonderful effects on your skin.

1. Gua sha

It a traditional Chinese practice. This technique involves rubbing a flat jade or rose quartz with round edges on the skin. It reduces fine lines, improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and evens the skin tone.

2. Super foods

Chicken soup, black sesame, mushrooms are consumed by Taiwanese, because they’re rich in proteins and nutrients. Burdock root helps to reduce acne, mulberry improves your skin complexion, a luffa removes toxins from the skin, and pearl barley smoothens and hydrates the skin.

Taiwanese Women

Women in Taiwan, mostly follow the trends going on in Korea, Japan and China. Slim bodies and white skin tones are the main beauty standards followed. 

Nevertheless, Taiwanese women don’t have an obsession with make-up. They tend to go natural or may sometimes wear minimal make-up. Moreover, most of their cosmetics also contain natural ingredients. And now their products are finding place in the markets of America. The small T-beauty industry is climbing the ladder of success.


Taiwanese beauty standards are greatly influenced by the Asian culture and background. What society considers to be beautiful, is the definition of beauty in Asian countries. Though the young generations believe that beauty lies within and outward appearance is just temporary. They are still being pressurised to get barbie-like looks. Such appearances will assure them of fitting in. 

But no matter what, real beauty is having pure intentions and a clean heart.

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