What are the Top Asian Beauty Standards? (2023)

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Are you attempting to meet Asian beauty standards as well? What is it about Asian beauty standards that inspires us? Various aspects, such as historical, cultural, and social considerations, as well as the ideals of beauty, vary among civilizations. In some Asian cultures, having a petite face with delicate features like a small nose and mouth is desirable.

Skin-whitening creams are heavily promoted and utilised since having a pale complexion is regarded as desirable in many Asian nations. Asian beauty was heavily impacted by the colonisation as many Asian countries have been former colonies of Britain. Also frequently seen as attractive qualities in many Asian nations include a small build, straight, smooth hair, and clear skin.

Asian Beauty Standards for Women

Let’s discuss about the individual elements of Asian beauty standards in detail as follows:  

1. Hair

Have you noticed that there are a variety of different hairstyles donned by Asian women from a variety of countries? But, this was not the case earlier. Straight, silky hair is highly desired in many Asian nations, and many individuals will go to considerable measures to get it. In several Asian nations, the usage of hair straightening procedures like chemical straightening is widespread. Hair extensions as well as wigs are frequently used to improve or enhance one’s hair, as many Asian cultures place a premium on having thick, long, and glossy hair.

Instead of attempting to fit into any certain beauty standard, people should accept their hair’s natural texture and adopt hairstyles that inspire them to feel confident and at ease.

2. Skin

You may see that a lot of fairness creams are manufactured and promoted in Asian countries. Fair skin is extremely popular in many Asian nations, and many people will go to considerable efforts to get it. In several Asian nations, it is common practice to use skin-whitening cosmetics, which are advertised as having the ability to brighten or lighten the skin.

Instead of aiming to meet any certain beauty standard, it’s crucial to follow basic skincare routines to preserve healthy, radiant skin. Since most of these items cause irritation that might injure the skin or even have negative side effects, using skin-whitening treatments can also be dangerous and should be done so with caution.

3. Eyes

Most Asian societies admire the appearance of a double eyelid, a fold of skin over the eyelashes. If they don’t naturally have a double eyelid, some women may decide to undergo cosmetic operations to add one.

A) Almond-shaped eyes

Some Asians cultures find almond-shaped eyes beautiful because of their larger temples and narrower inner and outer corners.

B) Long, thick lashes

In some Asian cultures, long, thick lashes are generally thought to be attractive; these lashes are frequently obtained by means of mascara and eyelash extensions.

4. Nose

Several Asians think having a small, delicate nose is considered attractive.

A) Straight and distinct bridge of the nose

 a straight and distinct nose bridge is regarded as attractive.

B) Small and slender nostrils

 In some Asian cultures, small and slender nostrils are considered attractive.

5. Eyebrows

Most Asians emphasize beauty in having straight, well-defined brows.

A) Eyebrows that are neat and well-groomed

 In Asian cultures, neat and well-groomed eyebrows are thought to be attractive. To obtain this look, many people prefer to use makeup to shape and fill in their brows or to have cosmetic procedures performed.

B) Thin eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are regarded as attractive, and some people may opt to wax or pluck their eyebrows to make them appear thinner.

6. Lips

Some Asians find lips that are small and delicate to be attractive. They like large, plump lips are regarded as attractive. As a result, some people prefer to augment their lips by cosmetic treatments like lip fillers or by applying cosmetics to give the appearance of fuller lips.

7. Figure

Asians think that petite and thin forms are regarded as beautiful, and many women strive to keep a low weight to acquire this look.

Hourglass figures

They find hourglass shapes beautiful because of their proportionate curves as well as balanced waist to hip ratio.

8. Clear skin

Asian cultures value clear, smooth skin, and many people place a strong emphasis on preserving healthy skin through skincare regimens and other practises.

9. High Cheekbones

Most Asians cherish high cheekbones, as well as some folks may opt to accentuate theirs through cosmetic treatments like cheek fillers or through contouring the cheeks using makeup.

Round and plump cheeks: Round and plump cheeks are considered attractive in some Asian cultures, and some people may choose to enhance their cheeks through cosmetic procedures such as cheek fillers or by using makeup to create the illusion of fuller cheeks.

A natural-looking flush: Round, plump cheeks are regarded as attractive. Some people may choose to augment their cheeks through cosmetic treatments like cheek fillers or by wearing cosmetics to give the appearance of bigger cheeks.

Asian Beauty Standards for Men

In Asian nations, there are some typical beauty standards for men that include:

1. Clear skin

Asian individuals try having clear, smooth skin, and many devote a lot of attention to keeping their skin healthy through skincare regimens and other methods.

2. Neat and well-groomed hair

Neat and groomed hair is regarded as attractive, and many people opt to style their hair in a way that is deemed chic and appealing.

3. Fit and toned bodies

 Fit and toned bodies are considered attractive and many people engage in exercise and physical activity to achieve this look.

4. Masculine facial features

 Some Asian cultures find prominent jawlines and clearly defined brow bones to be attractive.

5. Short hairstyles

Short haircuts like buzz cuts and crew cuts are considered stylish and appealing. Many women in different Asian countries are normally spotted with short hairs that have become more popular with modernisation. 

How to achieve Asian beauty standards?

Listed below are some tips for those who may want to meet typical Asian beauty standards:

  • Put skincare first
  • Take care of your hair.
  • Keep your weight at a healthy level.
  • Use makeup to make your features stand out.
  • Accept yourself as you are
  • Make health and well-being a priority.

Keep in mind that beauty can take many different forms and has a wide range of definitions.


It’s imperative to highlight that there are various and changing definitions of beauty. It’s also important to note how beauty standards can now have unfavorable consequences, including encouraging damaging and unattainable goals, causing low self-esteem, and maintaining detrimental stereotypes.

How about we stop trying to live up to unattainable and frequently destructive beauty standards, it’s crucial for people to accept their own features and foster a good body image.


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