6 Taiwanese Skincare Products That You Can Try! (2024)

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Seems like you are also obsessed with the skin of those Taiwan ideals. If you also want to have the same skin, you are at the right guide. 

As we know, every country in this world has a different weather and climate. Their unique atmosphere and the level of delicacy and hydration in their skin are the major reasons that we cannot use the same skincare products throughout the world.

And choosing the right skincare products that suit your skin perfectly from this 571-billion-dollar market is too frustrating. 

Keeping all of your confusion and problems in mind, today, I am here with the 6 best Taiwanese skincare products that will give your skin an ideal glow. Read on.

1. Narüko facial cleanser

The first thing that stays the essential step in a skincare routine is cleansing. If your skin is not clean properly, then applying other skin care products is meaningless. 

An ideal cleanser should be chemical-free, natural, and suitable for your skin. 

Here, the facial cleanser I am suggesting has all these qualities and is full of natural goodness. This Narüko facial cleanser is a clay mask and cleanser that is made of tea tree. 

You can use it as a cleanser and also as a clay mask. It is specifically made for the oily skin. Yet, it can also be applied on normal or combination skin. As it contains the goodness of tea trees, it prevents acne and other flaws. It can be a suitable option for you.

2. Dr. Wu hydrating essence toner

We have cleansed our skin. Now, it is time to apply a lightweight toner. Some people skip this step. But I would suggest applying a toner for sure just after you have cleansed your skin. 

Let me give you the reason for it. Our skin becomes tight and a little dry when we wash our face. And in Taiwanese skincare, the main focus stays on hydration. To hydrate our skin, a toner or essence is a must. It will refresh your skin and make the pH level right.

Here, I am suggesting Dr. Wu’s essence toner which contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates our skin deeply. If you apply it on a daily base, it will nourish your skin in a big manner.

3. Annie’s way aloe mask

Taiwanese skin looks so soft and supple because it hydrates their skin regularly. Because does not matter whether your skin is oily or dry, it needs hydration for sure.

Taiwanese stay fond of face masks. And the one that I am recommending is full of the goodness of aloe vera and seaweed. 

Along with hydrating your skin, it will also cure stubborn acne that is very much disturbing. I have mentioned the link, what else do you want? Go for it.

4. My beauty diary’s brightening mask

After hydration, brightness is the next thing that is a must for ideal Taiwanese skin. When you will search for Taiwanese beauty, there would be girls with too light and bright skin tones. 

This black pearl brightening face mask will help you in achieving bright skin. Along with brightening, it will repair your skin. It will help you in continuing your journey of having Taiwanese-ideal skin. 

5. Neogence hydrating essence 

In my opinion, essence is a wonderful thing. One of my favorite products. If I tell you my experience then sometimes, I do not like to apply heavy or too many things, at that time, I simply apply a hydrating essence. I also skip the moisturizer.

Only applying an essence after cleaning your face, will give you a light and hydrated glow. It also cures our skin if we apply it on a regular basis. But you can also apply more things like moisturizer and all if you want to give your skin a little extra care.

Let us talk about the Neogence hydrating essence. It contains hyaluronic acid which is the king of hydration. The best thing is that it is suitable for every skin type. Does not matter if you have too oily or too dry skin.

6. Lovemore mask sheets

In this article, I have recommended you some face masks and now I am recommending more. But you have to make a habit of hydrating sheet masks if you want to follow a Taiwanese skincare routine.

These masks play a big role. You can say that the ideal Taiwanese skin does not exist without face masks. 

I am recommending you Lovemore because it is one of the most popular and trusted brands in Taiwan. Along with it, you will find several varieties of sheet masks here. All are made of natural materials. 

Lovemore mask sheets-

  • Lovemore loofah and aloe vera hydrating sheet mask
  • Lovemore rosa Hybrida brightening sheet mask
  • Lovemore pearl barley and milk smoothing sheet mask
  • Lovemore pearl and red pearl barley brightening sheet mask

Taiwanese skincare tips

The first thing that is a must for skincare and even every culture admits its importance, is cleansing. For applying other things like toner or moisturizer, first, you have to clean your skin. And Taiwan does not like a little dirt on their skin while performing their skincare routine.

And as I told you many times that in T-beauty, hydration plays the biggest role. I suggested you some hydrating masks so, you can use that. 

Now, the main thing is a happy stomach. If you are eating healthy and watery foods and so, your skin will be fantastic. As there is an old cliché that our skin is a mirror of our inner body. It is true, what you will eat, will reflect through your skin. You should eat light foods. Avoid too much junk food and sugary drinks. Drink plenty of water. You will see the difference over time.

Last but not least, protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen every time you go out. It will prevent blemishes and dark spots and will also heal them.

The final thought

I mentioned some products whose ingredients are completely natural. It will hydrate and cure your skin. Now, if I tell you the Taiwanese skincare routine in one line then you have to hydrate your clean skin. 

The other thing is that Taiwanese also keep an eye on their diet. They eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals that make their skin glow and at the same time, it makes their body fit. 

To achieve the ideal Taiwanese skin, you should eat well, and follow the right skincare routine with the right skincare products with a big smile, because positivity is also important. 

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