Top 12 Korean Beauty Standards You Must Know! (2023)

Korean girl touching left hand to her chin

Have you ever questioned why Koreans have such luminous, shiny skin?

Why do people, particularly Korean ladies, have clean, natural lows on their faces?

What do all of them have in common? They meet the requirements for beauty in Korea.

This is one reason why many Koreans often experiment with new skincare and cosmetics, and why other Asians even visit South Korea.

Korean beauty standards have surpassed Western ones in popularity during the past five years, surpassing them globally.

Korea has its beauty standards, at least as compared to western ones, which are some of the harshest in the world. They are soft and gentle on the “outside.”

Let’s Jump into the obscene beauty standards of Korea

Complete List of Korean Beauty Standards

1. Korean’s appearance

In contrast to other cultures, Korea has great standards for the appearance of both Korean men and Korean women. What are Korea’s criteria for male and female attractiveness, then? The majority of them have thin bodies, perfect white complexions, petite faces, v-shaped jaws, and double eyelids. In essence, these criteria urge for an innocent appearance.

Due to this high cultural ideal for beauty, Korea has a thriving beauty business. They constantly come out with new beauty trends and Korean cosmetics that can improve one’s beauty. Because of this, Korea is renowned for having a wide variety of skincare and cosmetics companies.

2. Thin and V-Shaped face

Korean girl with red lipsticks

The face of the first standard is modest. Although it may not be a glamorous quality in Western society, South Korea and other Asian nations value it highly. The Korean beauty ideal features a thin face and a V-shaped face. It’s a characteristic of petite faces, however, V-shaped faces are preferred by Korean beauty standards. This face has a pointed chin and softly defined jawlines. There are several facial bone contouring procedures available to accomplish and flatten facial bone structure since in South Korea, having a tiny face is attractive.

3. Big Eyes

Koreans often go for a fresh, innocent appearance. Having large eyes is a component of achieving this style. It’s also known as having “doe eyes.” Surgery is typically used by Koreans to attain this appearance. Another common treatment, in addition to double eyelid surgery, includes injecting fat or filler under the eyes. Having double eyelids is one of the most well-known Korean beauty standards that every fan of Korea is aware of. The majority of Koreans were born with monoids, thus they undertake procedures like “double eyelid surgery” to meet these standards.

4. Korean Eyelids

girl with big eyes

Having double eyelids is one of the most well-known Korean beauty standards that every fan of Korea is aware of. Since most Koreans were born with monoids, they must have “double eyelid surgery” to meet Korean beauty standards. East Asian blepharoplasty, often known as double eyelid surgery, is a technique that tries to give patients’ upper eyelids a crease.

5. Nose features and Styling

Korean girl with baby pink hairs

Another refined characteristic that Korean beauty standards demand is a narrow, pointed nose. It’s interesting to note that whereas in earlier eras having a large nose was desirable, it is not so today. A tiny, pointed nose goes well with a petite face.

It also varies how makeup is applied on the nose. It is preferable to press and roll softly and apply in layers rather than pressing down to the cushion’s base, according to renowned Korean makeup artist PONY. Make sure to use a light, glossy foundation rather than a matte, heavy one.  The secret is to build it up gradually to provide a natural finish and this job is perfectly done by Korean people.

6. Pouty lips

Beautiful girl wearing brown hat

In the past under Korean beauty standards, having thin lips was the benchmark for biological beauty in Korea, but today, having full lips or lips with a heart-shaped form is admired. It is ideal for the bottom lip to be fuller than the upper one. The fact that the lip line should face upward when grinning, however, complicates matters. Adding lip fillers is one of the most common operations needed for this facial feature.

Korean Lip Styling

Have you ever noticed how Korean women’s lips resemble cherry candies? Lip tints or even lip glosses in the hues of watermelon, cherry, strawberry, or cherry are ideal for a K-beauty appearance.

Just a circle in the center of their lips blended out. They just gently soften the primary hue and add a lighter color to the borders to create a gradient lip. To create a gradient appearance, apply a little layer of foundation to the lips’ outer borders.

7. Teeth Alignment

Another Korean beauty criterion that Koreans adhere to is having well-aligned teeth. This is the cause of the widespread use of braces among Korean children. In Korea, wearing braces as you age is not ideal. Especially when you smile, having properly aligned teeth are ideal for achieving a youthful, innocent appearance.

8. Thigh Gap

Thigh gaps are the final component of Korean beauty standards for women. Some people have a thigh gap, or a space between their inner thighs, while they are standing straight with their feet touching. This is a 21st-century definition of beauty. There are several workouts you may take to develop a thigh gap, and they are all available in many exercises. Naturally, several practices and methods adhere to these criteria.

9. Long Legs

In South Korea, having long legs is preferred over having thin bodies and facial characteristics. The length of your legs should exceed the length of your upper body. An “8-headed body figure” is what they have. This indicates that the size of your body should be equal to your facial length times eight. In terms of beauty standards in Korea, this is the ideal body size for Korean women from their beauty perspective.

10. Body shape

South Koreans favor lean forms rather than the curvy bodies associated with Western beauty standards. Curvy figures are uncommon among Korean stars and celebrities. Even Korean men keep a slender physique to meet expectations for masculine attractiveness. Despite the abundance of delicious food accessible,

South Korea has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world.

11. Attractive Features

 When it comes to diets,  Koreans either turn to specialized weight loss clinics or attempt well-known diets endorsed by internet celebrities.

Dieting pills, which are widely available in drug shops, are also frequently utilized by people who want to fulfill their notions of flawless beauty.

Plastic surgery is another option to have a small body that looks amazing with any type of fashionable attire.

The most often-used procedure for weight loss in cosmetic surgery is liposuction.

The most popular methods to reduce body volume are fat-burning injections, which were made popular by Korean pop artists.

While being slender is fashionable in Korea, it’s important to avoid seeming excessively thin because it’s considered unpleasant.

12. Slim Figure

The majority of South Koreans follow a rigorous diet to keep their figures in check, especially celebrities, and idols. The fact that these K-pop artists fight to keep such wonderful bodies behind their amazing physiques is something that people respect about them. The Korean makeup industry has been in existence for a long time. To keep this physique, idols battle eating disorders and other health issues.

Additionally, Koreans go through many treatments and operations only to keep their thin physiques. Liposuction, fat burning, and injections. These are the methods used the most frequently to lose weight and reduce body fat which provides them with a slim and attractive figure.

Red Velvet Korean Beauty Standards 

Before Blackpink, do you know which girl’s group was popularly known in the world? Well, it was Red Velvet whose existence and way of delivering music gave others inspiration and who emerged as the most influential singing group of all time.

No doubt that nowadays the spark of Red Velvet has not been the same but in which way they had acquired their beauty perspectives?

Lets us know more about the way they style themselves

Their face possesses every attribute that the Korean beauty standard values. The leader of Red Velvet features large eyes with double eyelids and an aegyo-sal, a high, narrow nose bridge, a tiny face with a v-shaped jaw, a pale complexion, full lips, and straight eyebrows.

Korean Beauty Standards for Females

It always makes us wonder the Koreans are known for their flawless skin, but why is it so?

The Koreans are especially the female ones they are even born with that lovable skin or they maintain it so much which makes us attracted towards them and their face.

Well, apart from this, have you ever thought that Koreans use any natural components to make their skin too flawless and evergreen? Are they secretly have something in their hands and mind which makes it so glorified and awesome skin?

If this occurs in your mind then yes, Koreans use some effective natural products that are purely based on nature’s goodness. Let us know what these are that Koreans are obsessed with

1. White or Pale Skin

Having perfect, light skin is considered to be one of the most important Korean beauty standards. While a tanned or bronzed complexion is viewed by Westerners as being attractive, porcelain white skin is preferred among South Koreans. During the early Korean era, this norm was already in place. This standard has a strong cultural foundation in Asia.

2. Straight Eyebrows

People tend to dig in on Western because of his “eyebrows on fleek” appearance. However, having straight eyebrows is a desirable trait in terms of Korean beauty standards. This is another technique for keeping a fresh, innocent appearance and makes the look more attractive

Somehow most of the South Korean region has indulged in plastic surgeries to make their appearance look attractive and appealing but this, on the contrary, has made them dissatisfied with their physical looks and made them grab into self-doubt hurting their self-esteem of any person.

No doubt, Korean females are beautiful and acquire beautiful skin which has remarked and a unique presence of their beauty standards.

Korean Male Beauty Standards

However, so far we have read so much about female Korean beauty standards. Have you ever imagined that males in Korea also have been indulged in beauty standards?

It might make us surprised that males are more confined to their looks as compared to women in Korea.

Let us look briefly at how males have their beauty standards fixed in Korea.

1. Pale and Flawless skin 

The desire to “look beautiful” in society led to the popularity of pale skin among Koreans. As a result, it also became one of the various standards of beauty that exist for both men and women today. However, one has to be free of obvious imperfections, an uneven skin tone, and skin damage in order to have flawless skin.

Therefore, the majority of Korean men spend money on skincare and cosmetics to acquire pale and beautiful skin. Korean guys are the top consumers of beauty goods and services among men worldwide.

2. Small Eyes

It makes us very excited to know what makes Korean boy’s eyes so wandering small.

Koreans love wide eyes with little faces because it gives them a more youthful appearance overall, even though they are born with small, charming eyes.

Through cosmetic surgeries or makeup tricks and methods, larger eyes can be created. Even Korean male stars use eye makeup to not only make their eyes look larger, broader, and more awake but also to complement their theme or clothes.

3. Hair Styling 

The Korean guys have really attractive hairstyles but what makes them look attractive is surprising to know. Since the K-pop business became well-known, hair coloring has ingrained itself into Korean society. To emulate their favorite celebrities, Koreans began coloring their hair in a variety of hues.

Korean guys may pull off a distinctive and entertaining hairdo by selecting from a selection of haircuts and then coloring their hair to add style. 

North Korean Beauty Standards

It gives us always excitement that how people in North Korea must be styling themselves or how they have set their own beauty standards? Well, in every region and every country, people have their own way of styling and beautifying themselves. Our interest goes deep into the manner in which North Koreans style and beautify themselves.

Let us know some of the really interesting and awesome beauty standards of North Korea and the way they make themselves and their appearance look different from other beauty standards.

1. Small V-shape face

A tiny face is seen as attractive since it makes you appear youthful and childlike.

Then, because of the variations in facial bone structure between Asians and Westerners—who have a flatter facial bone structure—facial bone contouring procedures are rather common. The V-line and cheekbone reduction operations are frequently used to alter the Korean face shape.

The forehead of a v-shaped face has to be proportionate to the face and, ideally, not too tiny or angular.

2. Sharp-Pointed Nose

A narrow, pointed nose is another essential facial feature in terms of North Korean beauty standards. It’s a really attractive and appealing feature of North Koreans

Small faces and angular noses are associated with elegance and sophistication.

It’s interesting to note that, contrary to present Korean beauty standards, which emphasize tiny, sharp faces, large noses were once considered a sign of attractiveness.

3. Plump Lips

One has to have a tiny mouth in addition to the Korean ideal of beauty, which includes a small face with v-shaped jawlines and a small sharp nose. Although the lips must be full, the mouth must be tiny.

Additionally, the bottom lip needs to always be fuller than the top lip.

Moreover, the strict North Korean beauty standards demand that the lip line always look upward, as it does when you smile.

Glance At the End

Without a question, Korean beauty standards are significantly more constrained than those in the West.

Through the prism of an American or European beauty standard, Korean beauty demands are either “insane” or “unachievable.”

But let’s not forget that Western beauty ideals are as, if not more, restrictive: tanned complexion, symmetrical face, tiny upturned nose, huge cat-like eyes, full lips, high and defined cheekbones, sharp jawline, thin or curvaceous physique…

the list continues.

Even if they may seem strange to you, try not to criticize the Korean beauty standards and instead attempt to appreciate its deep historical and cultural roots.

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