What are the Scandinavian Beauty Standards? (2024)

Scandinavian woman with brown hairs

Scandinavia is very famous for its wonderful and romantic beaches and mountains. Along with this beautiful nature, the beauty of their natives is also popular.

Their gorgeous hair, skin, and figures do not let anyone ignore them. You would have seen a person standing in a group but still, the first attention goes to that person. How eye-catchy some people look. These Scandinavians are a perfect example of it. 

As these people look so beautiful, so it also stays tough to fulfill the requirements of an ideal Scandinavian. Sometimes, it stays disturbing. 

But do not worry. Sit relaxingly on your couch and read on. Because in this article, I am going to solve every possible doubt of yours regarding Scandinavian beauty standards. Let us start.

Scandinavian skin tone

Skin tone is a thing that tells a lot about the culture. I do not want to, but I automatically guess people’s country names by looking at their faces. 

You would also have an idea that people who have a very light and glassy skin tone, usually stay from Korea and people who have a dark skin tone, usually stay from Africa and so.

But if I tell you the Scandinavian skin tone, you would be shocked. Because the people of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, in short, Scandinavia have the lightest skin tone in the world. 

If I define their skin tone simply then it would be pure white skin with a slight touch of light pink.

Their height and weight

Scandinavians’ tall height is a very popular term. They do not have a short or medium height as usual. Almost every one of them has above-average height. Because according to their mindsets, tall is beautiful. 

If we talk about their weight then it stays normal or slightly less than that. They prefer a perfect figure or you can say an hourglass figure. They stay fitness conscious. They are not fond of skipping their workouts. Their weight also cannot be called unhealthy. If you have an athlete’s body, then it is the best according to them.

Now, let us discuss the shape. It is completely different from the weight of your body. They normally have a straight and lean figure but an hourglass is the ideal. They appreciate small waists and medium-sized chests and hips; I mean not too much. Genuinely saying, I am one of the biggest fans of their figure. 

Scandinavian facial features

In the pack of beauty standards, the main thing stays on their face, because it is a thing that we note for the first. We talked before about their light skin tone. Let us dig into their other facial features.

First things first, they have blue eyes. I cannot tell you exactly how much killing gorgeous they look. The size stays not too much shrank and also not too much oval. A medium shape.

If I talk about their lips, they are also very beautiful having a pink color. They have bow-shaped lips that stay slightly heavy from the bottom. The ideal color stays peachy-pink. That they do not need to achieve through lipstick because they naturally have.

Another feature is a straight nose. A straight and also sharp from the tip. In other words, an ideal nose for the rest of the world. 

They have a face shape that cannot be called round. That stays a diamond face shape. And it can also be a heart shape that is straight from the bottom. Yes, a few of them also have oval. But round, that is not possible according to me. I have never seen a round-faced Scandinavian. Have you ever seen it?

How to achieve these Scandinavian beauty standards?

If you liked these upper-described beauty standards and want to achieve them, then here I am to tell you, how to.

1. Never skip sunscreen

As I told you the ideal skin tone which is too light. But it is impossible if getting tanned from the sun is your habit. Scandinavians never forget to apply sunscreen before going outside.

Even I am suggesting, making it a permanent part of your skin routine whether you are going outside or not. Because also inside our homes, there is a light that stays, this also affects our skin.

2. A perfect workout routine

Now, if you want to be ideal in Scandinavia, then you will need to do a little hard work for sure. There is no other option. If you are overweight, then I would suggest you do a decent amount of cardio in the early morning. 

But make sure, you are not consuming even a little sugar before it. This tip will double the result. After that, I mean once you have burnt a good amount of fat, you can start doing strength training. 

3. Focus on skincare

This means, focusing on curing your skin imperfections instead of hiding the. Do not apply too much makeup. Focus on curing your skin and giving it a healthy glow. 

Are these standards disturbing?

The answer is sometimes, a yes and sometimes a no. Just imagine a thing, if you are from Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, you would have these upper-mentioned standards from the start and completely naturally, from your genetics. 

And if you are from any other culture or country, also at that time, it is not much disturbing. because in your country, these standards would not be ideal.

But as we know, in a country, not all the people are the same. Here the problem comes. It becomes pressurizing for the natives who do not have these standards. And it also stays tough for them to achieve. It is also disturbing if you are a person new to Scandinavia. 

But the thing we need to do is accept and love ourselves as we are. Because we all are already perfect and beautiful.

The final word

Scandinavians stay very beautiful from their birth. Things like a light skin tone, an hourglass slim figure, blue eyes, pink lips, and so on make them ideal. They do not like artificial beauty. They prefer skincare instead of makeup. This makes them unique.

And if you want to achieve them then scroll and read the useful tips by me.

As these are beauty standards, and every beauty standards have some limitations. If you like, you can try to achieve them because none of them is unhealthy. But, but, but, please, do not go mad for them and love yourself. At last, improve yourself, do not change blindly.


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