Top Swedish Beauty Standards That You Must Know! (2024)

Sweden woman in a white costume

When you search for the top country with the most beautiful people, you will surely find Sweden there. Now, you would have a question, what is in their country that is not in other countries?

If I give you a logical answer, they are beautiful because of their parents, grandparents, and so on who followed the Swedish beauty standards. 

Just imagine a thing, do not you want to be an ideal according to your country and culture? Of course, yes. Who does not want to be? Same here. The people of Sweden also want to be ideal, so they follow the rules and regulations that are decided by their culture, a long time ago. 

The difference is just this much, that it is easy for them to become a Swedish ideal because of their genetic traits and some nature’s gifts. To explore more, read on.

Swedish genetic traits

Let us discuss the things that Swedish people have from their birth, basically, the qualities. Here are the main of them. These are the things that can be considered as their standards. But standards, that cannot be achieved by a normal person, if someone has them, then it is a good thing, if not, then you do not have any other option to achieve them.

  1. A tall height- Height is a thing that more than half, depends on our genetics. And in Sweden, people have height above average just because of their ancestors. According to them, a tall height is more beautiful than a short one. It is their mindset. In general, women have a height above 5 feet 4 inches and men have above 5 feet 8 inches. It is actually the average height around the world.
  2. Blue eyes- It is an obvious thing that eye color cannot be changed easily, at least in a healthy manner. And I think you are also aware of the demand for blue eyes, not only in Sweden but also in the rest of the world. Swedish have beautiful big blue eyes naturally; it makes them different and also special from others.
  3. Blonde hair- By the way, it is a thing that can be changed easily. You can have it even if you have dark black hair naturally. But here I am talking about the genetic traits of Sweden, and it also includes that. Well, they have blonde hair, lightly goldish or you can also say them light brown. Their goldish hairs are ideal to half of the world because somehow, they look drop-dead gorgeous.

Swedish skin 

Skin is a thing that stays the main focus of Swedish people. They care a lot about that. They focus on skincare and prefer a simple look. 

Their skin stays very perfect, like without any of the imperfections. Their skin has a pinkish touch and a healthy glow. The biggest thing is healthy but natural. Now, what does this mean?

As we know, in today’s era, everyone wants to look beautiful ignoring their natural beauty. They continuously experiment with their delicate skin with harsh and too many products. But in Sweden, it is different.

The Swedish beauty standards do not like to enhance your beauty with makeup products. They do not hide their imperfections; they cure that by taking care of their skin with natural products. 

A slim figure

The people of Sweden go for a slim and nice figure. Now, what does this nice figure mean? Because different countries and cultures have their different ideal figures. 

But in Sweden, a figure that is hourglass or sometimes slightly straight like 34 inches chest, 26 inches waist, and 34 inches hips. It usually stays the ideal. And they work out to achieve it. They stay very regular and consistent for workouts. They do not skip it in the usual manner.

As you also know, hard work is a must for achieving your ideal look. And the good thing is that the Swedish do not go for a too-slim figure, just slightly thinner than the medium. That is why it is also not unhealthy in any manner.

But yes, it is also a dark truth that they do not like chubby people as slim people do. Every standard has some things that are not good so that this.

The ideal Swedish lips

The Swedish lips are one of the most beautiful things in them. They have very awesome lips, the biggest thing, naturally. Yet, there is little difference between the natural and ideal ones. Let me explain this to you.

Their natural lips stay, actually, I cannot tell you exactly. Because some of them have full lips while some have very thin lips. Every country has diversity in its people’s looks. If I tell you the color then it stays peach and sometimes light pink.

Let me tell you the main thing which is the ideal lips. Because here, we are talking about beauty standards. Swedish goes for medium-sized lips that look like a bow or you can say bow-shaped. The lower lip stays comparatively heavy and the ends stay sharp. Like the ideal pout lips. 

The color stays baby pink. And if you add a little glitter then it is the ideal lips.

Collar bones

Admit it or not, but collar bones really look very gorgeous. I really do not think that there is anyone in Sweden who is ideal beauty and does not have defined collarbones. This pair of bones on the end of your neck looks very beautiful. 

But what is the mathematics behind it? So basically, we know that the pack of standards stays inspired by the culture and the mindsets of our ancestors. And it was the thinking of the old people who decided these beauty standards that collar bones are a sign of young beauty.

If you have defined collarbones then it is proof that you are young and also fatless somehow. I know it is a bit illogical but what else we can do? It was their mindsets. But in actual manners, it looks nice.

The final thought

So, the conclusion is that Swedish beauty standards go for being tall, thin, natural, and effortless instead of being fake like in some other cultures.

By reading this article, you would also have an idea that these standards are not much restricting. Very easy to achieve and also healthy if you want to be a Swedish ideal. Just, lose some fat that will also improve your health, avoid wearing too much makeup, and be natural with a big smile. 


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