Top 5 Argentina Beauty Standards that You Should Know! (2023)

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Different cultures have different qualities and limitations according to their scenarios of looking at beauty. This is a definition of beauty standards.

As I am damn sure, you have heard about the strictness of these beauty standards, especially about the beauty of Korea and America. They have a lot of restrictions regarding the term “beauty”. Like a perfect shape, a perfect color, and things like wearing a lot of makeup and so.

But when we talk about Argentina, it is completely different. They do not have any tough restrictions and limitations. Their main focus stays on natural beauty. As natural as they can. They do not have any doubts regarding their body shapes and skin tone. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Argentina beauty standards that will increase your knowledge and improve your scenario regarding the popular term, “beauty”. So, without any further delay, let us get straight into it.

List of Beauty Standards in Argentina

1. Body shape

Yes, indeed, they do not have many requirements about their body shapes. They usually accept themselves as they are. In Argentina, everyone is beautiful because of their beautiful mindset. 

But if I talk about the ideal body shape that is preferred slightly more than the others then here it is. 

A body size that is not too much thin and also not too fat. In short, a medium body size. If we talk about the shape then if hourglass it is best. But body shapes like a rectangle are also not bad. They actually, do not love extremely small waists like other countries. A medium chest, a medium waist, and a medium butt. 

Now, I will say again that any type of body shape or size is not considered ugly there. No one is compelled or pressurized there to have a particular body shape. 

2. Skin tone

The people of Argentina again do not care much about skin tone. They love themselves as they are. 

But if I talk about a particular skin tone that will give you an idea of Argentinians’ skin complexion then it will also be a medium skin tone. Medium like olive or darker than that. It can also be lighter. But not too much. 

Skin complexion is a thing that depends more on genetics than other factors. And the skin tone that Argentinian have inherited from their ancestors is light brown to a decent brown. It is their natural skin tone. And they are not a bit uncomfortable in showing it.

3. Makeup

We hear a lot about makeup trends in countries of the West. They apply a lot of makeup to look more beautiful and enhance their facial features. They apply makeup in their daily and usual life. 

But in the main Argentina beauty standards, there nothing like makeup requirements and essentiality are mentioned. Argentinians do not apply makeup in their normal life. When you will walk in the random and local streets in Argentina, you will find them having no makeup on their face. 

For them, it is not too much essential. They think they are beautiful as they are and they do not need to use a lot of things to enhance their beauty. 

Yet, they also wear makeup on special occasions. And if some of them wear makeup in their daily life because of their professional or daily working life, then they keep it very light. Like they use only essential products like the base, concealer, and a little eye makeup with a touch of lip color. Basically, a no-makeup look.

When you will see an American lady walking in the normal streets, you will find them wearing a good amount of makeup that shows clearly. But in this case, we are talking about; things are different.

4. Hair colors

Argentinians love to stay natural. But in the case of hair, they are a bit choosy. How? Let us discuss this.

First, the natural hair color.

The hair color that they have inherited from their parents or ancestors. In another language, their natural hair color. It is dark brown or slightly light than black, a light black. I think you got my point. Yet, a thing that we all know is that there is not a single country that does not have hair or skin color diversity. 

This rule is the same hair. The hair color that you will see the most is dark brown. After that, people also have colors like blonde, but a few people. Some of them also have very dark black.

Now, let us talk about the ideal hair. The ideal hairs are blonde with a little highlight. It can also be medium brown with golden highlights.

5. Facial features

First of all, the nose. This facial feature is a “should be noted” thing. Argentinians do not have wide noses. They usually have slim and well-shaped noses. Or noses of medium size but you cannot say them wide. The ideal is a sharp and slim nose with a short and cute rounded tip. 

The next is eyes. Wow, I am telling you the main Argentinian beauty standard, at last. Sarcasm apart, eyes also stay of two types, first the natural ones, and second, the ideal ones.

The natural color usually stays dark brown or black. Some of them also have light brown colors. But if I tell you the ideal one, then it is sea green or light blue. 

For other things like lips, they prefer natural shades like light pink and so. Lips shape that they have is a lower heavy lip. Now, eyebrows, they prefer thin and slightly s-shaped from the last.

The final thought

If you read my upper given words then you would have an idea that Argentina’s beauty standards prefer being natural. As real as they can. According to them, there is no need to hide your imperfections or enhance your beauty artificially.

They do not mind if they are fat. They like to lose fat not for beauty, but for health. Applies a little amount of makeup and most of them do not apply makeup. They prefer showing their real skin tone and their natural features instead of achieving them through makeup.

I do not know about the beauty standards but this feeling of accepting yourself as you are should be ideal. Rest all is a game of mindsets.


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