What Are the Main Dominican Beauty Standards? (2024)

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The term beauty has different meanings in different cultures. For some of them, it is being fitted in strict criteria by surgeries and other things like makeup. And for some,  it is a being natural and effortless.

Some care about the physique more than the person’s nature; for some, being a good person is the first step to being beautiful. Different cultures have different histories, these histories lead to different mindsets and eventually, a big difference in the beauty standards of every country.

And in this article, we will discuss a very unique culture named Dominican. It is very known for its beauty. If I tell you simply then Dominicans stay very conscious about their beauty. So, to discuss thoroughly, let us get straight into the Dominican beauty standards. Read on.

The ideal body for Dominican

1. Height

First, let us start with their ideal height. As height is a thing that more depends on genetics and our childhood lifestyle, sometimes it stays a disturbing thing for those who have a short height. 

But no matter, how restricting these standards are, the perfect height is better than others. It is about 5 feet 3 inches for a woman and 5 feet 8 inches for a man. And Dominicans have this height on average, so they, do not need to face much stress regarding their height. So, basically, the average is ideal here.

2. Figure

In an actual manner, there is nothing like an ideal figure. It is just a stupid thing or you can say shrink mindset results.

But whatever, in straight words, Dominicans appreciate a slim-thick figure. Some of you would have knowledge about it, but for those, who do not know this slim-thick term, let me explain.

It has a lot of definitions, but here, I am telling you the original one. It is a body type that has a very small and flat waist. If I tell you the chest, then it is not so sure but you can assume it is a medium size or an average of the waist and hips. In the slim-thick figure.

Now, the hips, stay the main focus. Very large hips. Like 36 inches or more than this. 36 is the minimum.

If I summarise these words, then a medium chest and a small waist with large hips is called a slim-thick figure. And Dominicans are mad about this figure and they also do some surgeries to achieve it.

The ideal skin

1. Skin tone

The skin complexion tells a lot about the culture. Sometimes we guess people’s nationality by looking at their skin. Because it is a natural thing that we have inherited from our ancestors. 

Well, if I tell you their natural skin then it stays a dark skin tone like dark brown. Yet, the natural skin varies from person to person, family to family. So, it is not a sure thing. but dark skin is the skin that most Dominicans have. 

If I tell you the ideal skin complexion. Then it is the deep olive skin tone that Dominicans praise a lot. yes, it can also be a bit darker but not black. Some of Dominicans have this skin but some do not. But the Dominican is not a country that prefers white skin.

2. Skin texture

Skin texture stays very smooth, without any dark spots or things like blackheads or whiteheads. They prefer healthy skin. Not only then, but even every country also prefers smooth and clear skin. This is because the thinking regarding skin imperfections has not developed completely.

Naturality or artificiality

This is a very sensitive topic actually. We discussed some of the Dominican beauty standards. Now, we will discuss some other beauty standards that will prove that Dominicans do not prefer a natural and effortless look. They somehow go for an artificial look. 

1. Dominican hair

Naturally, Dominicans have curly hairs whose growth sometimes stays lesser than normal hair growth. But, but, Dominicans always prefer straight and long hair. They stay very strict about their hair. Which is not good a bit.

Let me show you the dark side of these standards. Women who have curly and short hair are criticized a lot. there is a term named pelo malo. Now, you would say what is this? This actually means poor and unpleasant hair. 

Now, the people like me, who like shoulder-length curly hair, get criticized every time they walk in the local streets. It is not good at all. People who cannot manage long hairs or do not like them, get pressurized because of the narrow mindset of their people. Women need to use a lot of chemicals to make their hair ideal.

It stays very disturbing. this needs to be changed for sure.

2. The trend of surgeries

Because people of Dominicans do not stay satisfied with their natural looks, they go for harmful surgeries. Dominican is a country that has most of the plastic surgeries throughout the world.

They do surgeries to have nice, round, and large butts. They also want a perfect chest. Other things like smooth skin and how can I forget the hairs. Dominica’s main focus stays on their hair. They do many surgeries and other treatments to reduce grey hair and to make their hair long and straight.

Surgeries are okay. But the procedure is not. In today’s era, most people have surgeries. But the procedure of surgeries in the Dominican been proven dangerous a few times. A good expert will never recommend you any surgery from the Dominican. There, you can have surgery at a very cheap cost but the quality also stays cheap. 

Money is not the most important thing, returning home is more important. There are a lot of people who got fascinated with the prices of surgeries in the Dominican, but unfortunately, they lose their lives.

The final thought

If you read this article carefully, you would have a knowledge that the Dominican beauty standards are somehow dark.

They never accept their natural beauty. they are never satisfied with their god-gifted look. Most of the time, they take help from things like harmful surgeries and other treatments to become that typical, “ideally beauty”.

But in today’s modern and improved atmosphere, the people of the Dominican have started accepting their curly hair and natural figure. But most of them are still mad behind those too-strict, slim-thick figures. 

The thing that is essential to understand is that Dominicans are already ideal, they do not need to go for those cheap surgeries that sometimes lead to end.

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