What are the Turkish Beauty Standards? (2024)

turkish woman smiling and wearing a traditional costume

Turkish beauty standards are influenced by both Western and Middle Eastern ideas of attractiveness. Light skin, long hair, large eyes, and wide lips are all ideal physical characteristics for a Turkish woman. 

Women with slim frames and an hourglass shape are likewise much sought-after. The use of cosmetics is also highly valued in the turkish beauty standards. Heavy, full-faced makeup is considered the norm for women in Turkey. 

Everything from concealer to blush, lipstick to eyeliner, and everything in between Dressing to impress is another part of the turkish beauty standards.

Women in Turkey are required to wear attire that accentuates their curves. Skirts and dresses with low necklines and plunging V-necklines are very common.

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Turkish Beauty Standards: A Brief History

Are you curious about the history of Turkish beauty standards? I will tell you about it.

Turkish beauty standards have a complex and lengthy history. Turkish women have been considered the most attractive for generations. 

However, the standards for what constitutes beauty in Turkey have changed in recent decades. The growing impact of Western culture in Turkey is blamed by some for this change. 

The more Turks see Western media, the more they begin to conform to Western standards of beauty. As a result, conventional beauty standards in Turkey have fallen out of favour.
Some people think it’s because of shifts in taste and style over time. 

What was regarded as lovely a century ago can be deemed ugly today. This is a standard that is constantly evolving, making it challenging to maintain compliance.
Turkish beauty standards have clearly evolved throughout the years, for whatever reason that may be. There has been a shift away from traditional norms towards more Westernised, liberal norms.

Turkey’s Contemporary Beauty Standards

But what about today’s beauty standards? Turkey’s criteria of physical appearance have changed. 

Many modern women would undergo extensive procedures just to feel more confident in their appearance, as this is a major concern in today’s culture.
For Turkish women, clear, smooth skin is the pinnacle of beauty. Many people use synthetic and chemical cosmetics to attain this look, which can damage the skin over time. 

Because of their naturally light hair and eyes, many Turkish women opt to darken their appearance with hair colouring or contact lenses. Turkish beauty standards also place a premium on slimness. 

Many women work out and diet relentlessly to acquire the ideal body. Many illnesses, including eating disorders, can be traced back to this issue.
The general Turkish ideal of beauty is unrealistic and harmful. A tremendous amount of pressure is placed on women to achieve this unattainable ideal.

Although Turkish women have a well-deserved reputation for attractiveness, beauty ideals and standards vary greatly across the country.

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Light, medium, or dark skin tone

Do you know about their skin tone preference? Depending on the region, a fair, olive, or tanned complexion is viewed as more beautiful in Turkey. 
Fair-skinned people with blonde or light brown hair and blue, green, or hazel eyes are typical of the Black Sea region, for example.
It’s not unexpected that cities like Istanbul and Izmir have a larger predilection for Southern European traits like fair or olive skin and dark brown or black hair because of their greater diversity.
In some parts of Anatolia, beauty means darker complexion, dark almond-shaped eyes, long dark hair, and powerful facial characteristics like a broad, arched brow, a straight nose, a well-defined jawline, a pointed chin, and laterally larger cheeks. 

The locals there prefer a curvier, more feminine physique to one that is highly toned. It’s clear that Middle Eastern traits are a popular beauty standard in these areas.

Makeup That Flatters

How do they do their makeup? The use of cosmetics to amplify a woman’s inherent attractiveness is widespread among Turkish women. 

A dab of eyeliner, mascara, and blush is all that’s required for most social situations, as natural and basic looks are often preferred over heavily applied makeup.
Despite their clear preference for lighter makeup, many Turkish women enjoy experimenting with heavier looks, particularly when it comes to celebrating events like religious celebrations, birthdays, and weddings, when many opt for creative looks that consist of heavy eye makeup, especially kohl and eyeliner, to accentuate their eyes even further.

Having quality hair is crucial

Do have any knowledge about their hair care routine? Here is your answer. Turkey’s women visit the salon at least once a week for blowouts and hair-strengthening treatments.
Turkish beauty standards place a premium on naturally curly or wavy hair as opposed to straight hair.
Different cultures have different preferences when it comes to hair colour. Lighter hair colours are more prevalent in some sections of Turkey, whereas in others, women are more likely to be natural brunettes.

Dressing comfortably and modestly

How do they dress? While standards of beauty in Turkey may vary by province, there are some universal truths when it comes to the appropriate way to dress.
Women in Turkey are known for their modest fashion choices; most choose loose, feminine silhouettes that allow them to move freely. Wearing pants or jeans to a formal event is seen as overly informal or masculine, while skirts, dresses, and blouses are the standard. 

Since rural communities value modesty and simplicity even more than metropolitan areas do today, it is common for women there to wear long skirts and cover their hair with headscarves.
Women in Turkey are known for their penchant for accessorising with multiple pieces of jewellery, especially necklaces, earrings, and rings. Women tend to go all out for weddings and other formal events, donning their most stunning gowns and ostentatious pieces of jewellery.

Dietary Focus on Regional Produce

The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in abundance in the wonderful and varied cuisine of Turkey are widely credited by Turkish women for contributing to their attractiveness. Locally grown vegetables, fish, and olive oil are staples in the Turkish diet, along with breads and desserts like sütlaç (rice pudding) and buttery baklava. 

This diet’s antioxidants will prevent your skin from free radical damage and premature ageing, making it glow.

Turkish women, like many others, prioritise a good diet and frequent exercise, yet they don’t enjoy gyms. They’d much rather be out exploring the stunning landscapes and sparkling waters that surround the country.


Since the Ottoman era, Turkey has had a tradition of praising feminine attributes. The beauty standards for Turkish women have changed over time, yet they remain rather high. 

Today’s Turkish women are held to a higher standard of personal grooming, with an emphasis on hair and makeup.

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