Top 8 Portuguese Beauty Standards That You Must Know! (2024)

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The famous navigator Vasco da Gama in the past and popular football player Christiano Ronaldo have made Portugal famous on the global map. But, have you ever closely noticed Portuguese women and their beauty that is unique to other countries? 

When you will search for Portugal, there will be culture, culture, and culture. Let me ask you one question. Do you know what is the most beautiful thing about Portuguese beauty? 

Well, it is their beauty standards, their scenario for beauty, and their mindsets that are completely inspired by their culture, and their traditions. They do not feel shameful for following their traditional beauty norms. They do not get affected by the sensual trends of some other countries.

Society has always set beauty standards for men and women to follow. There is a defined way that a person has to look to be entirely accepted by society. Although these beauty standards differ from country to country based on traditions, women have been at the centre of this notion. 

There are Egyptian beauty standards, Asian beauty standards, African beauty standards, etc. Notably, in Europe, every country has a unique set of beauty standards, like Portugal. It has been one of the most significant powers in Europe in the past. Also, it shares its common geographic and historical influences from northern Europe. So, the beauty standards of this sparsely populated country share some resemblance with its neighbouring countries. 

If you want to know about the unique beauty standards of Portugal, we are here to tell you about it. In this article, we will notify you about the top 5 Portuguese Beauty Standards you must know. 

5 Unique Portuguese Beauty Standards 

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Similar to many other countries, the beauty standards in Portugal differ across several regions and cultures. But, we have listed some of the most common beauty standards of Portugal that are as follows:

1. Natural Beauty 

If you closely look at any posters, videos, or films of any Portuguese film or ad, then you will notice that there is no excess makeup on the models. Yes, you won’t find them donning heavy makeup or bold eyes. Culturally, Portuguese women focus on minimalism to enhance their beauty with soft makeup. 

For this reason, you will see that models and actors highlight their natural features rather than putting bright makeup on their faces. 

2. Polished Grooming 

In Portuguese culture, tremendous stress is made on taking care of oneself. Women are particular about their personal hygiene and Grooming. They will sport neat haircuts, clean nails, and crisp looks. Portuguese women are always tidy and presentable. 

This polished Grooming reflects in their clothing and body language too. For instance, they wear ironed and wrinkle-free clothing. Alongside, their body language is in accordance with their well-groomed appearance.  

3. Slim or curved figures 

There is no strict preference or standard when it comes to body shape. Portuguese women have varying body shapes. So, they can either be slim or have a curvy figure. Both of these shapes are associated with beauty in Portugal. 

Also, people appreciate the modern outlook of not judging women over their body shapes. They have grown to accept the body positiveness notion that has reduced the emphasis on body shape. 

4. Youthful skin

Similar to many other cultures worldwide, youthful skin is considered desirable in Portugal. Women try various skincare products and treatments to maintain Youthful skin. Also, they try to keep it fresh and glowing. So, there are a lot of popular tips and remedies used in Portugal for this purpose. 

Although, aging gracefully is also accepted in society. With the changing time, people have grown to accept aging in society, decreasing the rigidness of beauty standards. 

If I tell you the exact logic why youthful skin is appreciated. It is not exact actually. But one reason can be their preference for delicacy and purity. Just tell me one thing, would you like to prefer a new thing or a second hand or an old one which is almost to expire. It is just an example to simplify things. Do not take it the wrong way.

Logics apart, the thing is that Portuguese also prefer youthful, wrinkles and other blemishes-free skin.

5. Strong eyebrows 

We mentioned above that Portuguese women are highly considerate towards personal hygiene and polished Grooming. Consequently, they prefer a well-defined eyebrow that gives them a neat and robust presence. 

If you have seen new eyebrow trends on Instagram on TikTok, you might have seen the brow tinting and microblading techniques. So, modern techniques are getting popular in Portugal to maintain strong eyebrows. 

After understanding the interesting Portuguese beauty standards, let’s know about the skin tone, nose shape, and hair preferences among Portuguese women. 

6. Portuguese Skin tone 

In most of the countries located in northern Europe, women genetically and culturally have a lighter complexion. But, this is not the case with Portuguese women. 

Traditionally, Portuguese women have olive-flavored or tanned skin tones. So, a sun-kissed and tanned skin tone is common among Portuguese women. By olive skin, we mean that their skin tone has a slight tint of greenish-yellow color like an olive. 

This skin tone is famous in Mediterranean countries, and Portugal experiences a similar climate and cultural resemblance. Also, the depth of tanned skin can vary from culture to culture, which is considered an attractive feature for women. Moreover, they have freckles and sunspots that make them more beautiful. 

7. Portuguese Nose shape 

There is a wide range of variations in nose shapes of Portuguese women, like other beauty features from region to region. But, commonly, they have noses with a relatively straight nasal bridge or a gentle curve vertically. However, their sizes can vary from average to medium. 

At the same time, they have slightly rounded noses that add to their natural beauty and make them unique from women of other countries. Moreover, they apply less makeup to their noses and less their natural nose shape to stand out from other facial features. 

8. Portuguese Hair preferences 

Due to the changing time, the variety of hairstyles and color choices among women has changed tremendously. Still, specific common characteristics are traditionally linked with Portuguese Beauty Standards. 

Most of the women in Portugal have dark-colored hair, which is different from several other European nations. Furthermore, women prefer to embrace natural color rather than changing it. Also, women use several hair care products and homemade remedies to keep their dense, dark, and healthy naturally. 

Alongside, they prefer to keep it neat and well-groomed, which is considered attractive. In the case of hair texture, women have different kinds of hair textures, from straight to wavy, depending on their genetics. 

Summing up, 

We have reached the end of this article, and now you know about what the common Portuguese beauty standards are. However, you need to know that these beauty standards differ across regions and cultural groups in Portugal. These are the most common traditional beauty standards in European countries that have evolved.

With new beauty trends and preferences, these Portuguese Beauty Standards have become more flexible. The influence of globalization and exposure to different beauty styles have evolved people’s perspectives towards beauty. They have become more versatile and diverse in approach.  So, Portuguese society has grown to accept and embrace a wide range of appearances. 

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