The Slavic Beauty Standards that No One Knows! (2024)

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Beauty is appreciated differently around the world. In some places, being sensual is beauty and in others, being delicate. In some of them, having a white skin tone is beautiful whereas in some, having a dusky tone is more perfect.

But what is the word “beauty” mean in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, and so on? Basically, the Slavic nations.

Here we are to discuss the major differences between the beauty of Slavic states and the rest of the world. The meaning of the word “beautiful’ in Slavic nations. In short, the Slavic beauty standards decide who is beautiful and who is not.

Here, a thing that is a must mention, everyone is beautiful. Just the scenario regarding beauty is different in different cultures. 

So, without any further delay, let us get straight into it.

The makeup in Slavic states

Makeup, this term plays a vital role in your look. Different cultures have different makeup requirements. Like in South Korea, it is having makeup that gives you glassy skin and juicy lips. Whereas in America, makeup that gives you a bold and matte look is preferred.

And the makeup of Slavic nations is mentioned as under.

  • Color- In Slavic nations, it is common to experiment with colors even blue. they do not hesitate to try different colors. The preferable colors in Slavs are shades of grey and sometimes beige also. They also go for bold colors like black and purple.
  • Makeup that looks natural- As Slavic believes in natural beauty more than artificial one, unlike Korea. They prefer going for makeup that is not too much.
  • Uniqueness- This is a thing that reflects in every Slavic native. They create their trends and try to look as unique as they can. 
  • Clean makeup look- This is the beauty standard that is my personal favorite. Their makeup does not look a bit messy. They prefer looking classical rather than too casual. Yes, they experiment with colors, but in a clean way.

The preferred skin complexion 

In Slavic states, having a fair or you can say a slightly dusky skin tone is preferred. Yet a light skin tone with a rosy glow is also fine. 

When you will see a Slavic woman who is perfect according to their beauty standards, you will find a slightly brown skin tone. But a very clear one. They do not go for glassy skin, but yes, skin that does not have blemishes or any other kind of imperfections. 

The perfect body type according to Slavs

As in most countries, a skinny body type is preferred. According to Slavic beauty standards, having a thin figure which is hourglass is beautiful. 

Women in Russia and other states of Slavs stay very conscious about their diet. And if you also want to fit in their standards and become beautiful according to Slavic states, then you should also follow the right diet and workout routine, so that you do not gain weight or become fat.

Collar bones

Collar bones are a thing that is appreciated in almost every country. But in Slavic states, it is a must if you want to prove yourself as beautiful. 

Now, some people would have the question, why collar bones? Well, collar bones are a piece of evidence that you are skinny or you do not have too much fat. It is evidence of being young. 

Now, admit it or not, collarbones that are definable, look awesome. Let me give you an example. The actress Lily James in that Cinderella gown, having those so good collar bones was looking drop-dead gorgeous. 

The perfect height 

Slavic beauty standards prefer a tall height. Because according to them a girl, having a thin figure and tall height is beautiful. 

Now, what is the meaning of this tall height? A height of around 5 feet 8 inches or more than this is considered as perfect.

Facial features

When talking about beauty standards, we cannot forget the face. It plays a vital role. Here I am mentioning major facial features that should be in a woman according to Slavic beauty standards.

  • A slightly broad nose- Yes, it sounds a bit strange. But yes, they prefer a nose that is not too much, but slightly wide.
  • Round face- Oblong and oval face shapes are not much preferred in Slavs. Face shapes that are round or a little square at the same time are considered pretty. Long-face shapes are not much appreciated in the Slavic nations. Yes, the heart face shape is also well. The main motive stays to keep the length and the breadth almost equal.  
  • Eyebrows- Mainly, dark-colored brows are preferable. When talking about the shape, then it is S-shaped and arched from the end. 
  • Long eyelashes- Eyelashes that are long or you can say as long as they can are perfect in Slavic nations.

The perfect hair

Hair is also a thing that lets us know, which country she belongs to. Some cultures prefer coily hair whereas some prefer a straight one. 

But Slavs have a simple concept of natural-looking hair. And if they are blonde, it is a plus point.

When talking about hairstyle, it can be anything that looks classy. Remember, Slavs do not prefer a messy look. If you have normally highlighted brown hairs that are blonde and open, then congrats, you completely fit in the Slavic beauty standards.

The perfect teeth

As teeth are a factor that is a must in every beauty standard. But in Slavic ones, it is defined more. 

Basically, Slavs believe in a perfect smile. Who does not? But Slavs look for perfect teeth that are completely clean and white. 

Dressing sense

The style of getting dressed says a lot about us. And Slavs especially, Russian admit it. So, they invest a good amount of time in selecting the right clothes for them. 

Slavs are fond of looking classy and elegant, which is why they dress very classically. 

As I am mentioning again and again, Slavs avoid looking too much. They prefer wearing some dark colors such as black and also some light shades. What they avoid are too much bright colors.

The final thought

As we discussed the major Slavic beauty standards, you would know that these are a perfect mix of delicacy and sensuality. These are different from other standards. As they prefer effortlessness and being as natural as they can.

Yet, they also experiment with colors and are open to trying bold ones, but they always look for a clean and classy look.

Being perfect according to the Slavs can be a little challenging, but not too much. Because all you need is to develop a clean and classy style and accept your flaws. 

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