What Color Lipstick to Wear with a Green Dress? (2024)

Girl is wearing a green dress sitting over a road

A green dress can look so beautiful on a woman on a warm summer’s day or evening. You are sure to make heads turn when you walk into a party or an event wearing a green dress, but you need to wear the right shade of lipstick to complement your appearance. There are many shades and colors which complement green, and which you should consider before picking the shade that is right for you. 

To know more about what color lipstick with green dress goes well, read on. 

Choose a Brown Shade of Lipstick 

A brown shade of lipstick is certain to go well if you are wearing a green dress, regardless of the nature of the event that you are attending, be it formal or informal. Brown is an earthy color and complements the color green, which also represents nature. A brown lipstick shade is therefore a color that you can opt for, when doing your makeup, while wearing a green dress. 

The combination of green and brown creates a casual yet fun look, making you seem chirpy and vibrant when you go to any gathering. A point to remember about this color combination is that it is well suited for the outdoors. Hence if you are going on a picnic or a launch party and are thinking about the perfect shade of lip color to go with your green dress, then picking a brown lip color would be the right thing to do. 

Select a Dark Red Lip Color 

Wearing a dark shade of red on your lips can be a wise thing to do if you are adorned in a green outfit and are set to make heads turn. Red is a color, when applied correctly, can make your green dress stand out all the more, especially if it is an event which you are attending in the evening. 

If your skin shade is brown or on the darker side, it would be better to go for a deep shade of red, in order, to create a look that is more pronounced and bolder and less subtle. 

Go for Green Lips 

Opting for a green colored lipstick is a thought you may consider when dressing up in a green outfit for a party or a social event. While this may seem strange, green when used as a lipstick has a sophisticated and metallic look and feel to it. If you are wearing a dress that is light green in color, you should ensure that the shade of lip color that you adorn is of a dark green shade. Such a combination is likely to balance out the color of your dress with the color of your lipstick.

 Since green when used as a lip shade is also unusual, you will be sure to make people look at you and wonder about this fashion trend, creating all the more appeal for your appearance and your outfit, in the process. Green is a beautiful summery color and can add a gentle touch to your facial features, when applied in a subtle and sophisticated way. 

Choose a Golden Rose Shade 

You can opt for the golden rose shade of lip color when wearing a green dress, as this is also certain to make you feel beautiful and glamorous. This would be the right color combination to opt for when attending a family dinner or a small social get together. 

The golden rose lipstick shade would look ideal on fair skin, but it is also certain to suit you if you have a brown skin tone. You need to apply it gently and evenly on both your lips, creating a soft yet significant look while doing so. 

You can opt for Nude and Subtle Shades 

If you are wondering about what color lipstick to wear with a green dress, remember, that choosing a nude lip color can be a good idea. Nude shades go with every skin tone and color, and never look out of place. If you wish to avoid looking overdone and over the top, and want to create a simplistic look, then wearing a nude lip color with a green dress can be perfect for you. 

When wearing a nude lip shade, you need to ensure that your green dress is not too ornate or gawdy, else such a combination of colors, can make you look strange and out of place.

Choose a Shade of Bright Pink  

A bright pink lip stick would be a lovely color to opt for if you are thinking about what color lipstick to wear with a green dress. A pink color can be especially suitable with a green dress when it is worn to an event which takes place in the outdoors and when there is sunshine falling over your face, creating a glossing and resplendent look for you. Since pink is a color which casual, it would be ideal to wear this color along with a green dress, when going out for a movie with friends or venturing out for a cup of coffee. 

Select a Dark Peach Shade 

Wearing a dark peach color with a green dress can also be a good thing to do if you are attending a social event soon and wish to create a unique look. A dark peach color would suit you if your skin tone is on the lighter side and also if the color of green in your dress, is of a lighter rather than a darker shade. Ensure to apply the lip color evenly across both lips, allowing it to blend in with the color of your skin. 


Thus, if you are wondering about what color lipstick with green dress goes well there are many considerations that you can make before you choose a shade that goes well with your outfit as well as your skin texture and tone. Since green is a simple and natural shade, it would be best to opt for nude shades or lighter colors for the lips, unless you are attending a formal event in the evening and want to apply bold colors like red and dark brown to complement your green dress.

If you have more questions and queries, about the color lipstick to wear with a green dress, feel free to ask and get them answered.


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