8 Best Male Beauty Standards that will make you “Real Man!” (2024)

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When we hear the term “beauty”, the first thing that comes to our mind is feminine beauty. But what about the masculine one? 

In actual manners, these both have their importance. We discuss less about male beauty standards, but believe it or not, we care more about it. 

As different eras have their standards. But in the next valuable one thousand words, we are going to discuss the ideal masculine beauty of this present era around the world. 

So, let us get straight into it.

A short intro to male beauty standards

In simple words, these beauty standards are a set of limitations and qualities that defines a perfect male. As these are the standards of the ideal masculine beauty, every man of young age wants to develop these in their physique to become more attractive and ideal. 

Here are the 8 major beauty standards that define a perfect man.

1) A tall height

Height always plays a big role regardless we are talking about a man or a woman. The ideal height for a man stays above 5 feet 8 inches. But why height is important?

No one has an accurate answer. But study after study has found that taller men and women are more attractive. And at some points, height is also a sign of good and strong genes and a better sexual life. 

2) A muscular physique 

Yes, it is very typical, but it is one of the main standards. 

Why a muscular physique?

Here is the answer. An ideal man is always imagined to be strong and protective. A man, with whom, his partner can feel safe. And according to the research, this gives the man good confidence and also fine health. 

3) A fair skin

According to male beauty standards throughout the world, men who have a fair skin tone are more attractive. Not only for men, but it is also same for the woman. 

Fair and clear skin. 

Here is an example, around 85 percent of men in Hollywood movies in 2013 were white. Not only in Hollywood, but you would also see in almost every country the leading actors of a movie usually stays white.

In these upper paragraphs, we discussed the typical beauty standards that have not changed a bit throughout history. But now, we will discuss some of the standards that are in today’s demand.

4) Veiny hands

Yes, it is a bit strange but yes, it looks very attractive. Today, it is a normal thing that a guy posted a story showing off his veiny hands and his female followers’ reaction was, too hot to handle. 

Let me tell you one thing, as we discussed the muscular physique, these veiny hands are also a part of that. It is proof that the man is fond of the gym and is a fitness freak. And this is all, today’s male requirements are.

5) The perfect hair

Let us discuss what comes under perfect hair.

Basically, a full head of hair because full hairs are a perfect example of his youth. And some other things are like not too much curly hair and also not too much long hair. Some other preferred things side part hair and also sometimes rectangular haircut. 

When talking about the texture of the hairs, it stays different. Because some cultures prefer thick hair with a slight touch of curliness that gives the guy a cute look. 

Whereas in some other cultures, normally thick and set hair is preferred. These are the cultures that prefer sensuality more than cuteness such as man beauty standards in America.

6) Facial hair

It is a thing that also varies culture by culture. Let us discuss all of them.

Masculine beauty standards in countries like Korea and China usually go for a clean face with no facial hair. You would have seen the casts of kdramas and cdramas and also the members of K-pop, they usually have very glassy skin with no beards. 

This is so because they think facial hair looks ugly on their face. Now, some would doubt that Koreans are not allowed to grow beards like in other countries. But nothing is like this, they can also grow facial hairs, it is their choice.

Whereas when we note the standards in countries like America, India, and almost the whole Western countries have the main preference of a good and well-styled beard. It is so because they think it is a great sign of good masculinity.

7) The ideal masculine eyes

Now what are they? Eyes that are small and sharp from the edges. It is completely different from the ideal feminine eyes. Round and oval-shaped eyes are a type of feminine eye. That is why it is avoided in male beauty standards.

The preferred eye color stays different in different countries. Like, in countries like the West ones, slightly blue eyes are proven as more attractive. But if we talk about the overall world then it is a dark brown color that is found attractive in almost every culture.

8) The king of all standards: Attitude

Now your reaction would be, what??? Is it a beauty standard?

Calm down, I know it is not, but all the upper-given male beauty standards are nothing without it. As we noticed a thing that all these standards have a similar thing which is good masculinity.

And according to the old mythologies, sweet nature is a feature of feminine nature. Now you would say why I am talking about those mythologies. In actual manners, those mythologies had the ideals as their main characters. 

So, I said, sweet and soft nature is a thing of feminine nature. Here I am not saying that masculine nature is rude and aggressive. The thing is that a masculine nature should be a little serious and very much confident. 

Yes, a decent smile suits a man but a man laughing at small things is not considered perfect according to the standards we are talking about.

In short, a man who has good self-respect and the power to make firm decisions is ideal. 

The final thought

In this article, we discussed man’s beauty standards. And as with all other ideal beauty standards, these also have some borders. 

We just discussed the scenario that measures beauty. But actually, beauty cannot be measured by any limitations. Everyone reading this article should be ideal for themselves because they are already very much beautiful or handsome or whatever you can say.

In the end, I would say your physique matters less, what actually matters is your confidence and acceptance of yourself.


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