Top 9 Middle Eastern Beauty Standards! (2023)

woman wearing hijab showing middle eastern beauty standards

We all are so fascinated by the Arab countries. Did you ever notice why is it so? Because of the way the Middle Eastern country’s women are well aware of their elegant beauty standards that makes us fascinating about them in one way or the other.

This has been seen that something is appealing in their way of styling and showcasing themselves. What makes the part more interesting is that we know they are some controversy in the way they dress but why despite having such type of body-hiding clothes their beauty is so appealing?

Let us know this thing through this amazing piece article and reveal the most hidden beauty standards of middle eastern countries.

List of Middle Eastern Beauty Standards 

1. Big Eyes

No doubt in this fact that Middle Eastern women have large and attractive eyes which make their appearance more appealing and elegant. Arab ladies have large, almond-shaped eyes with a rainbow of glistening colors. Thick lashes that don’t need to be curled frame glistening pools of emerald, hazel, or startling black.

2. Eye Styling and Grooming

You must think that how these women must take care of their eyes and make the theme so appealing. Well, their eyes are indeed so smoky and impactful but here the secret behind them is the way they take care of it.

Kohl was a key component of the old Arabian beauty secrets and is one of the best Arabian beauty tips. Kohl was once worn by both sexes. It was used to shield eyes from any type of illness or infection. Additionally, it was thought that the shadowed area around the eyes would shield them from the sun’s damaging rays.

They apply a little large amount of kajal and mascara which adds to the sparkle of their eyes ad makes them ultimately loving and so dashing.

3. Eyebrows 

That might excite you what kind of eyebrow shape do the middle eastern women have? The average Arab woman has dark, coarse hair that necessitates many threading treatments throughout the month, whereas many women throughout the world pencil in their brows or even go as far as obtaining transplants.

Thick eyebrows are flexible and can be trimmed or tweezed to be thinner and pointier, or they may be grown out to be worn naturally, so the classic Middle Eastern beauty never needs to worry about the constant shift in trends.

4. Glowing Skin

Well, we might have seen in images or real life if somebody has seen any Arab women that their skin is too glowing and flawless. Why is it so? It can be said that the way Arabian women have got their facial features has been in their genetics which makes us fascinating about them. 

Moreover, they are also very much concerned about their skincare and wellness.

Utilizing honey is one of the oldest beauty secrets of Arabia. Ancient Arab ladies embraced honey for its numerous skin and hair advantages. It possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging qualities. It works nicely as a cleanser and moisturizer. It can make skin more supple and nicely textured.

5. Hair Styling

Arabian women have so thick hair that is admirable and attractive. This is because of the way they take care of their hair and styling. Their thick and long hair has Arabian women a unique and attractive way of styling their hai. 

Mostly they keep their hair hidden in the head cloth because of which their hair is not that exposed.

But when it comes to functions and parties their styling steals the heart.

6. Hair Grooming

The ancient Arabians dyed their hair and nail various colors of red and orange with henna.

Camel urine’s extraordinary properties for hair made it popular among ancient Arabian ladies. It is well-recognized for enhancing shine, accelerating hair development, and fortifying hair. Additionally, it was used with camel milk to increase the length of the hair.

Hammams, sometimes referred to as Turkish baths, have their roots in the Arab world. A hammam is a common bath that is thought to have a significant role in Islamic beauty secrets.

Henna was used as one of the ancient Arabian beauty secrets. When applied, henna leaves behind a vibrant color and cools the body.

7. Nose

possess a nose with a slim bridge. Natives of the Middle East have noses with wide bases and protruding points, whereas those of northwest Europe have noses that point upward. In general, compared to other ethnic groups throughout the world, Arabs have slightly larger and longer noses.

African origin may have anything to do with the form of Arab noses. Whatever the reason, Arab noses are thought to resemble African ones. They all have a rounded, fleshy tip.

8. Skin Grooming

The ladies of ancient Arabia held the view that genuine beauty emanates from the within. As a result, they placed a lot of emphasis on eating well. They ate a healthy, balanced meal that was rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

They drank water all day long to remain hydrated. Even now, Arab women only consume fresh food and steer clear of packaged or processed foods. They continue to prioritize staying hydrated. Spraying mineral water on the face in the morning to wake up the skin is another of the Arab skin care secrets.

One of the strangest Arab beauty advice is this one. To keep their attractiveness, the ladies of ancient Arabia sought to suppress their smiles. 

9. Skin Styling

Arab women are renowned for having smooth, bright, olive skin, which is highly important for complexion.

For application,  they use a flat brush or beauty sponge to get the right finish. To give a balance of highlight and contour after applying foundation, use a setting powder, a delicate blush, and under eye brightener. 


So, in the end, we have come and throughout this whole article, we came across various elegant and impactful middle eastern beauty standards that might have surprised you.

Every region of the world has a unique “taste” and “definition” of what beauty is. Arab ladies are renowned for having large, captivating eyes that are depicted as having a dark almond shape and are framed by thick, naturally curled lashes. 

Their features thick brows that are prominent and lifted, dark, long, and shiny hair, large lips, straight noses, oval or round faces, olive complexion, a defined jawline, and curvaceous bodies. Arab women are regarded as being very beautiful and attractive.

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