Top 5 Ukrainian Beauty Standards That You Should Know! (2023)

Ukrainian woman wearing hat

The beauty of Ukraine is ideal for all females around the world. it is because of their perfection. And as we know, perfection cannot be achieved without limitations. 

This thing sometimes increases the pressure among girls to achieve these perfections which stays sometimes disturbing. 

But the main thing that we need to understand is that everyone is beautiful. These standards are just scenarios of looking at the beauty that comes from different cultures. 

In the upcoming words, we are going to discuss the scenario of beauty in Ukraine. Here, I will tell you the main Ukrainian beauty standards that come from their culture and mindsets. Read on.

List of Beauty Standards in Ukraine 

1. A tall height

Height is a thing that people note first. And in Ukraine, a good height is a must if you want to be an ideal. Short and medium heights are less preferred. If you have any doubts, you can check out the ideals of Ukraine. 

Now, what does this good height mean? 

Basically, a height more than the average height around the world. the average height of women around the world is about five feet four inches. And in Ukraine, the ideal height is above this average or above five feet six inches. And if this height is around five feet eight inches, then it is the best.

But the thing to be noted is that height is a thing that cannot be increased after a certain age. Height depends more on genetics and physical and mental health during childhood. So, it is tough to change your height when you are grown up.

2. A thin body

The next beauty standard in Ukraine is a fit and slim body. The culture of Ukraine and around the areas prefers a female full of femineity and who can be considered as delicate. And a lightweight is a sign of being delicate and young.

This is the reason why Ukrainians go for thin beauty. 

And when talking about the body shape, then it stays an hourglass body shape. As we know the ideal body around the world has 36 inched chest, 24 inched waist and 36 inched hips. And somehow, Ukraine also follows this. 

Sometimes, people doubt why these measurements are ideal. The answer is not so sure. But it can be because it looks more sensual in comparison to a straight figure. Hourglass body shape is considered to be more feminine and hotter. 

3. A healthy skin tone

A healthy skin tone has been given more importance in Ukraine. But now the question is, what does this healthy skin tone mean?

If I talk in general, skin that does not have any disease and which is not sun burnt or anything like that is a healthy skin tone. It can be anything from a white to a black skin tone.

But here, the Ukrainian healthy skin tone has a different meaning. Here, healthy means, a skin tone that is not too much white and not too much black or dark brown. Basically, a medium skin tone to an olive skin tone.

Actually, Ukrainians go for a light skin tone in comparison to warm ones. A skin that is light and flawless. There should be a healthy shine on the face.

4. The ideal color of the eyes

Eye color is a thing, whose requirements vary from culture to culture. Some prefer black whereas some prefer light brown. But in Ukraine, the preferred eye color is blue and sometimes green with a touch of sea color.

Here, a good thing is that most of the Ukrainians have this type of eyes. They do not need to do anything. But if they do not have, they cannot do anything because it totally depends on nature and genetics. 

Yet, brown eye color is also not criticized there. Some people also have dark brown eyes. And some of them have mixed color which is light brown and blue at the same time. I think you got my point.

5. Ukrainian genetic traits

The thing that we discussed was the Ukrainian beauty standards, which means the ideal beauty in Ukraine. But as we know, no one is born perfect. Not all Ukrainians have these upper-given things. Yes, they work hard to achieve these. 

Here, we will discuss the things that Ukrainians have inherited from their ancestors, things, and characteristics that they naturally have. Basically, their genetic traits.

Some Ukrainians actually have these upper-mentioned standards naturally and inherited from their parents. In other words, they are born perfect. They do not need to do much hard work. They have things like blue or green eyes naturally, a tall height, naturally, light skin, naturally, and sometimes a good and slim figure too.

Other things are like dark hair, I mean their hair’s natural color. It is a thing that have from their genetics. They have healthy hairs that do not get grey easily. 

The next is their nose. They have slim and pointed nose that looks drop-dead gorgeous. Most of them have these types of noses naturally. It is a thing that they inherit. 

But here is an exception. Some of them do not have this type of nose naturally. They make it pointed and sharp by doing facial exercises. Yet it stays a bit hard. But Ukrainians are really attentive regarding their beauty. They spend a good amount of time in their beauty routine.

Some other physical features that they have from their genetics. They have round heads. But sometimes it gets hidden by their heavy hair. And one more thing that you will note in Ukrainians is their high foreheads. Not too much high, but they also do not have small foreheads.

The final word

As we discussed that Ukrainians stay conscious of their beauty. But we cannot call them too strict. They are still less strict than Koreans and sometimes Americans. 

Ukrainians actually have a lot of traits that they have inherited and have some things naturally. It is their biggest quality that they are born beautiful. Things like blue and green eyes, a tall height, dark hair, and a medium to light skin tone, they have naturally.

But achieving these Ukrainian beauty standards can be tough for you if you are not from Ukraine. But whatever, at last, we have to admit that Ukrainians are really beautiful and ideal to the rest of the world. 

Genuinely saying, I am jealous of them, and I think, you too. 

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