Top 15 Arab Beauty Standards You Should Know? (2024)

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In the Arab world, beauty standards might vary from culture to culture and nation to country, but in general, they place a premium on having a curvaceous body, clean complexion, and thick hair of a dark color. Other facial characteristics that are seen as appealing include a well defined nose, plump lips, and large eyes. The practice of using makeup is often seen as an essential component of arab beauty standards and enhancing one’s natural beauty, and modesty in one’s choice of clothing is highly prized. 

These norms have been shaped not just by historical and cultural forces, but also by the depiction of those forces in the media and by the process of globalization. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that the concept of beauty is subjective and individual to each person, and that individuals should never feel compelled to conform to cultural expectations of how they should see their own attractiveness.

List of all Arab Beauty Standards

1. Physique with curves

A curvaceous physique is considered to be beautiful and feminine in many Arab cultures. This is especially true of women. Women who have a body like an hourglass or who have hips and buttocks that are well defined are often seen as lovely.

2. Clear skin

In the Arab culture, clear, glowing skin is considered to be one of the most coveted aesthetic characteristics. Acne, dark bags under the eyes, and other forms of skin discoloration are considered to be unattractive.

3. Long Thick & black Hairs

In many Arab civilizations, attractiveness is correlated with having long, thick, black hair. A hallmark of youthful vitality and attractiveness is hair that is glossy and in good health.

4. Well-defined nose

In many parts of the Arab world, a beautiful nose is characterized by the sharpness of its features. A pointed nose that stands out from the face is often considered an attractive trait.

5. Full lips

In many parts of the Arab world, beauty standards place a premium on full, thick lips. To draw attention to their lips, many women may apply lip liners and cosmetics that swell their lips.

6. Big eyes

In many Arab civilizations, attractiveness is measured by the size and brightness of one’s eyes. To draw attention to their eyes and accentuate their natural beauty, many women use eye makeup. Common types of eye makeup used by women include eyeliner and kohl.

7. Tan or olive skin tone

In many parts of the Arab world, attractiveness is associated with having a tanned or olive skin tone. Women who want to attain a skin tone that is more to their liking should either use self-tanning products or spend time in the sun.

8. Lengthy eyelashes

In many parts of the Arab world, a symbol of attractiveness is eyelashes that are long and thick. To improve the look of their natural lashes, some women choose to have eyelash extensions or fake lashes applied.

9. High cheekbones

In many Arab cultures, having prominent cheekbones is seen as an attractive facial feature to possess. To draw attention to their cheekbones, some women choose to apply contouring cosmetics.

10. Nicely groomed eyebrows

In many parts of the Arab world, attractiveness is measured by how neat and well-groomed one’s eyebrows are. To acquire the form they want for their eyebrows, women might either pluck, thread, or wax them.

11. Henna tattoos

Henna tattoos, sometimes referred to as Mehndi, are a popular type of body art in the Arab world. Mehndi is another name for henna tattoos. The application of henna tattoos, which are seen as a symbol of both beauty and elegance, is something that is often done on special occasions, such as weddings. Temporary tattoos may be created by putting a paste prepared from the henna plant to the skin in order to create a henna design.

12. Modest dress

The practice of dressing modestly, such as by donning a headscarf or an abaya, is highly regarded in a variety of Arab cultures. When women go out in public, it is often required of them to cover their hair and dress modestly as a demonstration of respect for the culture and religious beliefs of the community.

13. Make use of the traditional cosmetics used in Arabic culture

In the Arab world, traditional Arabic beauty items like kohl, henna, and rosewater are utilized extensively in the beauty routines of many people. These items have been used for a very long time, and they are widely regarded as being crucial for improving attractiveness and preserving the health of skin and hair.

14. Enhanced sense of femininity via one’s choice of attire and grooming

Accentuating a woman’s femininity via her choice of dress and personal care is highly valued in many Arab cultures. Women often choose to dress in a way that emphasizes their curves and use cosmetics and accessories to accentuate their already stunning appearance.

15. Jewellery based on traditional Arabic design

In many parts of the Arab world, women often accessorize their attire with pieces of traditional Arabic jewelry, such as bangles, earrings, and necklaces. Jewelry is often worn to draw attention to the wearer’s natural attractiveness, and it is also frequently seen as a sign of riches and prestige.

Advice on how to keep up with Arab standards of beauty

Here are some tips listed below to keep up with the arab beauty standards- 

1. Hydration

Consuming a sufficient amount of water is critical to the maintenance of good skin as well as general wellness. Dehydration in the body may make the skin seem dull, dry, and flaky. This is because dehydration causes the skin to lose its natural moisture. Aim to consume at least eight glasses of water each day in order to maintain beautiful and moisturized skin.

2. Skincare

A proper skincare regimen may go a long way toward preserving the appearance of young and healthy skin. This involves thoroughly washing, toning, and hydrating the skin, as well as protecting it from the sun. Choose skin care products that are formulated for your specific skin type, and stay away from those that include harsh components that might irritate or harm your skin.

3. Exercise

It is essential to engage in regular physical activity in order to keep a toned and healthy physique, both of which may add to overall attractiveness. In addition, regular exercise encourages good blood circulation, which may assist in imparting a natural shine to the skin.

4. Sleep

The ability of the body and skin to renew and revitalize when sleeping is one of the reasons why getting adequate sleep is essential for preserving attractiveness. The appearance of dark bags under the eyes, puffiness, and poor skin may all be caused by a lack of sleep. Aim to obtain between seven and eight hours of sleep every single night.

5. Diet

Because it supplies the body with the resources it needs to operate correctly, a diet that is both nutritious and balanced is crucial for keeping one’s natural attractiveness. In contrast, a diet that is heavy in sugar and bad fats may lead to premature aging and damage to the skin, while a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can assist to keep the skin healthy.

6. Shade from the heat of the sun

It is essential to use sun protection on the skin in order to delay the aging process and minimize the risk of skin damage. When the sun is at its peak intensity, it is important to protect yourself by using a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF), wearing protective clothes, and seeking cover.

7. Hair care

Taking proper care of your hair is essential if you want to keep it healthy, bright, and full of vitality. To maintain your hair in healthy condition, it is important to use hair care products of a high quality, such as shampoos and conditioners, and to have frequent trims.

8. Makeup

Makeup, when used sparingly, may bring out a woman’s innate attractiveness. Select products that are a good match for your skin’s tone and type, and stay away from thick or cakey makeup, which may make the face seem lifeless and older.

9. Relaxation

It is essential to make time in your schedule for self-care and relaxation in order to lower your stress level and improve your general well-being. Activities that help the mind and body relax, such as having massages, doing yoga, or meditating, are great for fostering an inner beauty that shines through.

10. Confidence

It is essential to have self-assurance in order to have a sense of beauty; thus, it is essential to concentrate on the aspects of oneself that one appreciates and to embrace the distinctive features and characteristics that one has. Put yourself in situations where you may feel confident and joyful by surrounding yourself with positive people and participating in things that bring you joy.

11. Personal grooming

Maintaining a clean and well-groomed look may be aided by engaging in routine personal grooming practices such as shaving and waxing. This may also add to an overall sense of attractiveness and confidence.

12. Typical ways of doing things

In certain Arab societies, natural beauty may be enhanced by the use of traditional rituals such as the use of henna. These customs, in addition to having both cultural and historical value, may also be a fun and distinctive method for an individual to show their sense of style.


It is essential to keep in mind that these ideas of physical attractiveness are not etched in stone and might be quite different from one Arab culture and nation to another within the Arab globe. Everyone should feel comfortable embracing their own unique conception of what constitutes beautiful, since this concept is very relative.

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