Top 6 Blackpink Beauty Standards that You Must Know! (2024)

Kpop model lying on a floor

We all are well aware of the BlackPink name no matter where we live and what we do. Blackpink or in short Kpop is widely famous all over the world that has etched everyone with its style icons and music labels.

They are widely and popularly followed by their fans on large scale and they have chosen them as their great admirer. This Blackpink music group is not only famous for their way of presenting versatile singles but they are being followed for another major reason and that is their way of styling and fashion.

The nation’s K- Pop womanish icons are constantly linked to the country’s beauty norms. These conditions frequently include a thin figure, fair complexion, and a” cute” look on the face. numerous womanish stars in the K- Pop community are praised for their enchanting youth and naive charm. Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, IU, and Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK are roughly well- known K- Pop womanish stars that meet Korean beauty norms. 

Due to their aesthetics and capacities, these icons have had tremendous success in the K- Pop business and have taken on the part of the standard deliverer for Korean beauty. These womanish K- Pop icons have inspired a lot of followers around the world with their distinctive styles.   

Have you ever thought about how Blackpink make themselves stylish by their beauty standards? Do their beauty norms match Korean Beauty norms?

kpop model wearing a jacket
kpop model wearing a jacket

Let us know this from this informative article and dive into their sense of beauty and styling.  

What are the Korean Beauty norms in factual terms?  

In diversity to other societies, Korea has great norms for the appearance of both Korean men and Korean women. What are Korea’s criteria for manly and womanish attractiveness,  also?

Their maturity of them has thin bodies, perfect white complexions, petite faces, v-shaped jaws, and double eyelids. In substance, these criteria prompt an innocent appearance. That ever is part of BlackPink beauty norms.   Due to this high artistic ideal for beauty, Korea has a thriving beauty business. They constantly come out with new beauty trends and Korean cosmetics that can refine one’s beauty. Because of this, Korea is famed for having a wide variety of skincare and cosmetics companies.

List of Blackpink Beauty Standards   

1. Eyes and Eyelids 

 BlackPink frequently goes for a fresh, innocent appearance. Having large eyes is an element of achieving this style. It’s also known as having” doe eyes.” Surgery is generally used by Koreans to attain this appearance. But this isn’t the case for Blackpink members, especially if we talk about Jennie and Jisso they’ve unique eyes and their styling is universal as compared to normal Korean women.   Jisoo is the member who most directly represents the Korean beauty ideal. She exudes a classic Korean beauty that the following adores. Jisoo has large eyes, aegyo- sal, straight eyebrows, full lips, a pale complexion, and a high, narrow nasal ground. She also has double eyelashes.  Her gorgeous cat- suchlike eyes give her a more swish appearance. Even though Jennie is Korean, people perceive her face as  fantastic owing to its further European traits. Jennie has a petite face, narrow and high nasal ground, aegyo- sal, straight eyebrows, and double eyelids.  

2. Rotund Lips  

Having thin and rotund lips is the standard for natural beauty in Korea, but for a moment, having full lips or lips with a heart-shaped form is respected. It’s ideal for the nethermost lip to be fuller than the upper bone. The fact that the lip line should face overhead when beaming,  still, complicates matters. Adding lip paddings is one of the most common operations demanded of this facial point. 

Blackpink members differ in the environment of having different shapes and sizes of lips which add spark to their aesthetics. Rosé is the group member that most nearly resembles the ideal of Korean beauty in terms of her figure. Her figure is long,  spare, and nicely balanced. The Australian pop star also features a pale complexion, a v-shaped jaw, full lips, straight eyebrows, and double eyes.   

3. Body Shape  

South Koreans favor spare forms rather than the curvy bodies associated with Western beauty norms. Curvy numbers are uncommon among Korean stars and celebrities. Indeed Korean men keep a  skinny figure to meet prospects for mannish attractiveness. This can be fluently seen in the Blackpink beauty norms that they have got a proper and seductive sense of body shape that makes them appealing to the followership.   still, she has a lovely face that more nearly resembles the ideal of Western beauty, If we talk about Lisa. Lisa is  constantly praised for her fantastic beauty and doll- suchlike appearance. Lisa stands out from the other girls in the group due to her petite face and lovely body form. She has a small nasal ground, a square-structured jaw, and a kindly scourged complexion. Lisa also has a big nose and slightly arched eyebrows.   

4. Kpop Height  

Women find a thin, atomic clock form, a  bitsy face, a v-shaped jaw, straight brows, perfect skin, and a height of 165 cm( 5′ 4″) or advanced to be appealing. doubly’s beauty can not be assessed in this way. This is only a rough estimate of what the Korean beauty standard calls for. Popular double member Sana Sana is the member with the sweetest charms and aegyo. Although her height has been disputed, it’s generally estimated to be lower than 165 cm. He does not use tanning products, although his skin is slithery.  So this remarks that being altitudinous is in their traits that make them seductive and attention aspirant.   

5. Overall Personality  

K- pop players find it challenging to follow strict guidelines about weight. The business is well famed for being image-obsessed, and being skinny has significant fiscal benefits.   The K- pop girl triad doubly has further than lived up to the Korean beauty standard, which is constantly used as a  standard in the beauty business. Everyone in the group had faultlessly contoured faces and radiant, glowing skin. multitudinous people constantly consider Jihyo to be the most seductive member of the group owing to her long, black hair,  indefectible skin, and extraordinary facial characteristics.   

6. BTS and Blackpink comparison  

Two of the most given pop icons in Korea in terms of aesthetic criteria are Jisoo from BlackPink and Jin from BTS. Her hairstylist noted Jisoo’s distinctive voice and thin midriff, saying that her waistline dimension is lower than 24  elevation Jin has also drawn notice due to his height and neat figure, which is significant in terms of Korean beauty norms. Due to their physical attractiveness, as well as their capacities and personality, both of these icons have increased in fashionability. 


We can say that Korean beauty standards and Blankpink beauty standards are quite similar and quite different from each other. But this makes them unique and forever a style icon.


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