What is Patrick Bateman’s Morning Routine ? (2023)

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It gives us sometimes immense satisfaction to get to know any novel character so deeply and easily. It is might sure that you may have heard about Patrick Bateman. Well, if you don’t know let me tell you in short that he is a major and important character in “American Psycho”, a book by Bret Easton Ellis that was subsequently made into a movie.

A question might arise in your mind why this character is so important and in what terms? Why people are mad to know about his routine? What makes him special in this book or movie? 

Let us clear your all doubts in this amazing and informative piece of article.

Who is Patrick Bateman in brief?

It will surprise you that Patrick Batman is a famous character in the novel ‘American Psyco’ in 1991 that blew the minds of people with its most popular and elegant character Patrick.

This book was later transformed into a movie.

In the book, Patrick is an investment banker who is living a perfect life with a strict and rigid morning routine which has made many readers its fan.

Why people are crazy about him? No doubt he has handsome but this is not the main reason for attraction for movie viewers and readers. His way of living with strict life rules and rigid morning routine has encouraged many to read and even watch fantastic movies. This routine is usually popular as an American psycho skincare routine.

Now let us discuss the major part that is Patrick Bateman’s morning Routine 

Early wake-up and Exercise

Every day at 5:00 am, Patrick Bateman gets out of bed and starts his morning workout. He thinks that doing out in the morning keeps him in shape and provides him with the energy and concentration he needs to face the day. He is so strict with his routine that he never skips it at any cost.

The idea is supported by research, which shows that morning exercise enhances mood, energy, and memory retention. Bateman prepares for a successful day by getting up early and exercising.

Shower and Getting Ready 

After being elegantly indulged in exercise and morning sphere, he gets ready for the shower and groomed for work. 

He delicately shaves, cuts his nails, and combs his hair. This focus on detail is not simply for show; rather, it helps you appear polished and professional to others.

According to studies, those who maintain a good appearance are seen as more successful, knowledgeable, and reliable. 

Bateman unconsciously conveys to people his success and competence by taking care of his appearance.

Breakfast with news (7 am)

The very next step in Patrick Bateman’s morning routine is his breakfast with the news.

For up-to-date information on trends and happenings, he reads newspapers and magazines. This keeps him current with events and keeps him one step ahead of everyone.

A key characteristic of successful people is their knowledge, which enables them to make wise judgments and foresee developments in their business. 

Bateman is setting himself up for success by consuming current events first thing in the morning.

Ready for work

The journey to work is an important component of Bateman’s routine since it gives him time to mentally get ready for the day. He plays motivational CDs on his commute and prepares his meetings and presentations in his head. This enables him to maintain his composure and self-assurance under duress.

Anyone may benefit from using the commute to be ready for the day ahead, whether it’s by listening to a podcast or mentally going through your to-do list is the best way to have full control of your daily activities which makes you more confident for the long run. 

Bateman may arrive in the office ready to go by using this time to get in the correct frame of mind.

Workplace and Lunch

Patrick is so dedicated to his work that even during his lunch break he utilizes that time in meeting his colleagues and clients which helps him to build relationships that are important for a successful career approach.

Let us now go through and learn the way he has set his workout routine in the morning

Workout Routine 

Patrick Bateman practices a rigorous fitness regimen. Stretching exercises are done first, then weights and cardio are added. He does a variety of activities, such as:

Bench press: This workout works the shoulders, triceps, and chest.

Squats: The quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes are worked out with this exercise.

Bicep Curls: That focus on the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings including deadlifts and 

exercises for the biceps include bicep curls.

Running on a treadmill has positive effects on the heart and burns calories.

Patrick Bateman’s exercise program efficiently tones muscles and reduces body fat, but it might not be for everyone. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete his demanding exercise. There are other methods to maintain an active lifestyle than weightlifting and cardio, as these activities may only be appealing to some people.

Inspiring Routine of Book 

This book has given a reason for its readers of falling in love with the character and the way its morning routine has been set.

Bateman is presented as a character who is obsessed with perfection in “American Psycho,” both in terms of his looks and his everyday activities. The book “Confessions of a Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella is among many that Bateman alludes to in the story. 

Bateman makes many references to the book throughout the narrative and even quotes passages from it as he gets ready in the morning.

For someone like Bateman, the book—a breezy comedy about a young lady with a shopping addiction—might seem like an unusual pick. But Bateman is lured to the book’s theme of striving for perfection and the notion that everything is possible with enough commitment and effort. 

When discussing his daily ritual, Bateman frequently targets the book and suggests that he sees the inspirational source for his perfection.

Glance At the End

So, in the end, you might have gotten a full descriptive idea of how Patrick Bateman’s morning routine has influenced a large number of readers and movie watchers. The way in the book this character has been described is immensely admirable and inspirational.


Anyone understanding this character will get a boost in his/her ability and will encourage himself/herself to follow the same routine head in their life.

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