Exploring a Top 9 American Beauty Standards [2024]

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Every culture has its beauty standard, but it seems different when talking about American ones. The traits that usually define feminine beauty ideals are body shape and weight, skin tone, facial features, style of clothing, and the style of hair. 

Though the ideal specifications in the USA change over decades, currently, it is a specific set of requirements like being young and thin. Blue eyes and white skin tone are considerable.

It is hard to meet that set of requirements but still, it is very much popular. 

Want to know more about the ideal beauty standards of America? Well, you are at the right place. Here you will find every single piece of information regarding American beauty standards. Read on.

Difference between Asian and American Beauty Standards

There are many differences between different cultural standards. But Asian and American norms contain the biggest difference across the globe.

Asian favors innocent and delicate beauty while Americans look for sensuality and an hourglass figure with big breasts and large butts while Asians look for slim physiques.

In America, an oval face shape is ideal while in Asia, a triangular or heart shape is preferable. 

According to the stats, Koreans have most of the plastic surgeries in a big manner. Korea is the most concerned country regarding beauty standards.

But American beauty is not the least, it has its popularity throughout the world.

The ideal American beauty Factors

Beauty standards vary not only by culture but also by decades, the history. Beauty standards in America have strict rules and restrictions.

Their expectations regarding beauty are a bit hard to achieve. Let us discuss some of the American ideal beauty factors that are important to consider. 

1] Slim body

A thinner body is the first requirement of American standards. Why it is so? Let us discuss this. Generally, people relate a thinner body to young age and it is true also. As we age the metabolism goes slow, and it becomes hard to lose weight in old age. it is judged that being overweight is a sign of oldness.

The ideal American woman possesses a thin and slender body with very little fat. Thinness is attractive because we equate this to youth. It is a strong indicator of fitness and sometimes being healthy. 

2] Long and thick hair

Long hair with a healthy shine and thickness usually defines beauty. There are a few reasons behind it. The first is that expert believes long hair is more attractive than short ones. The thickness and the shine define the health of the hair. In the case of long hair, there are too many hairstyles that can enhance the beauty of hair. Some hairstyles are not possible in short lengths.

There is another reason too. According to experts, women who have long and healthy hair, have a good ability to have children. It is representative of evolutionary health in women. Not only in American culture but also Indian and Korean culture, it is found attractive to a good length of hair. By both men and women, long hair is rated high and attractive in many cultures. 

3] Wearing makeup

Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but wearing light and suitable makeup is a part of American beauty standards. Makeup never hides someone’s beauty. Even it enhances the beauty of someone’s face like cheekbones and eyelashes.

Some say that makeup never defines your beauty, it is true also in some means. But it is the current requirement of an American beauty ideal. It is so because makeup is a thing that makes us feel more confident. Makeup covers blemishes and other concerns of the skin which let us feel more secure. 

According to American standards, light makeup that suits you is important. 

4] Being tall

Height is a factor that is considered in every beauty standard. In America, the ideal height for a woman is 5’3 to 5’11, and for a man is 5’8 to 6’3. Many studies proved that tall height is considered more beautiful, and more attractive. There is a fact that a tall man gives the feeling of being more protective, and stronger.

Taller women are conventionally more attractive than shorter ones. There is another fact too that height never defines beauty. Somehow it is true. But having an average or tall height is mentioned in the American standards. 

5] White skin tone

In the history of America and also in modern trends, white skin tone is always preferred. Different colors have different feelings and different positions in our minds. The color white is considered as purity, trust, and wisdom. This is the reason; a white skin tone is most wanted. 

Yet light brown skin not looks bad. It is preferred in many other cultures, but in America, white skin is preferred. 

6] Flawless skin

A skin without any blemishes, or marks and with s healthy shine is preferred in every culture. There is research at the University of Bristol that defines that people with healthy skin are healthier and more attractive to the opposite sex. 

Radiant skin is always good and more beautiful than oily or matte skin. The characteristics of flawless skin are a healthy glow, smooth texture, and an even tone. 

7] Blue eyes

American model in white top showing american beauty standards

Blue eyes are a notable beauty standard in America. Different people have different eye colors, but the blue one is the most charming. Along with the color, the size of the eye pupil also affects beauty positively. 

By breaking down in gender, men having blue eyes are more attractive while for women, green and hazel are the best colors. Because blue eyes are rare and hard to find, they are proven to be more attractive. Only 8 to 10 percent of people in the world have blue eyes. The reason for blue eyes is the deficiency of melanin in the iris. ‘Melanin’ which is also responsible for our skin tone, decides the eye color. 

8] Small waist 

A small waist is an essential part of modern American beauty trends. A woman having a small and low waist than the ratio of hips usually looks more attractive. In short, an hourglass figure is a requirement of the American beauty standard. 

According to modern research, a small waist is a signal of sexual maturity and a woman who has not got pregnant yet. The ideal figure for women is 36-26-36 and for men is 41-33-40. In both genders, a small waist is preferred. 

9] Having a nice smell

A good and fresh smell is a factor considered in every culture and every beauty trend. A good smell makes us feel more comfortable and more confident. A good smell influences our life and productivity positively. It always remains a good impact on the people around us. A bad body odor remains a negative influence on our close contacts. So, make sure to consider it while talking about American beauty standards. Our diet and cleanliness affect body odor in a big manner. Drinking plenty of water also leads to a good and healthy natural smell. 

How to achieve American Beauty Standards

Some of the beauty standards, I mentioned can be achieved, but some of them like eye color and height are not in our hands.

So, at some times we should accept our body as it is. But losing weight can be achieved easily, I mean with a little hard work, and also good for a healthy body.

As we know the skin is the mirror of our inner body. It is directly connected to our health.

A fit body, skin, a good natural smell, and healthy hair are the ideals. And to achieve it, a proper and healthy diet is a must.

To have a perfect body shape, a regular workout is important. You can go for cardio on an empty stomach. A nice perfume can help you in a big manner and the most important thing is water.

Drinking plenty of water is a basic need of our body. It leads to radiant skin and shiny hair. 

A healthy lifestyle and some small factors can help you in achieving your dream fitness and ideal beauty.

The last word

In this article, we discussed the standards of beauty in America. But please let them only standards, do not make them limitations or boundaries of beauty. The thing is, we should accept ourselves as we are. But if the change makes sense or it is important for a healthy body, then go for it.

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