7 Best French Beauty Standards that You’ve Never Heard Before! (2024)

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Want to get fit in French beauty standards? If yes then okay but it can be very challenging but not much if you read this entire article. As we all know and we should know that beauty is what we like, what we are, or what we want to be. But different people have different scenarios for beauty and so that the countries. And the scenarios of cultures regarding beauty are called beauty standards. 

These beauty standards have different styles and different limitations inspired by different histories. But the French beauty standards are unique. Because they prefer natural and effortless beauty. This is the reason people from all continents are fond of French beauty. But what are these standards and how to achieve them? Let us discuss this.

The French beauty standards

Beauty standards in France are evolved and improved century by century. But here we will discuss the beauty standards of the 21st century.

1. Skin tone

The ideal skin tone in France is not light. Shocking? But true. A tanned skin tone is preferred in France. Because it is proof that you can afford the cost of a long summer vacation where you enjoyed the beach a lot. Anyways, olive skin tone is a top priority in the beauty standards of France.

Fun facts apart, actually in France, a skin that is olive or even darker than that is preferred. Here I am not saying that light skin tone is criticized.

You can have any kind of skin, there are no restrictions. No one is going to comment on your skin tone. But if I tell you the ideal then it’s a medium to tanned skin tone. According to the French, dusky is more beautiful than bright white.

2. The ideal French lips

First, talk about the size. The preferred size of lips in France is big. Big lips also have another benefit of a chic pout. And when you will decorate them with a tinted lip balm, they will become the ideal French lips that you want, I think.

They also care a lot about their lips. And the good thing is that they avoid chemical products not only for lips but also for their whole body. They use natural and light products.

And if I tell you the shades that the French prefer the most then it would be red at the first position. You can see it by searching with your own hands. Just go and search French lips, more than eighty percent of the images would be of red lips. Another color you can go for is punch pink. But please try to avoid colors like hot pink and so.

3. Small breasts

In France, now big breasts are a part of the vulgar category while small breasts are more loved and more comfortable too. 

If I tell you the exact size then it stays 32 inches to 34 inches. More than 36 inches is considered not so good-looking according to these standards.

4. The ideal makeup

Makeup is an inseparable part of beauty standards in the west, Korea, and many more. But when it comes to France, then makeup is not preferred. A simple look with light makeup or sometimes no makeup is considered more elegant by French beauty standards. French goes for natural beauty instead of makeup. But if you are fond of makeup, then do but simply and lightly. And make sure that it is matte. 

5. The importance of skincare

French do not love to do makeup but they are very conscious of their skincare routine. They do not like to hide their skin imperfections with makeup, they like to heal them. But their skincare products are far away from the chemical ones. As they believe in natural beauty, they prefer natural skincare products which are not a bit harsh, unlike other countries. If you want to become an ideal according to France then follow a natural and continuous skincare routine. 

6. The naturality of the hair

Without naturality, French beauty is incomplete. This rule goes on everything does not matter if it is skin or hair. Letting the hair air dry and free and sometimes in a low bun with some waves is preferred. French try to make their hairstyle as natural as possible. 

7. The preferred body shape

As in almost every culture French beauty standards also prefer a slim and fit body. A body that is well-shaped and skinny, also in an hourglass shape, is best according to these standards. 

Do the French prefer surgery to enhance their beauty?

The answer is almost no. as I have mentioned again and again in this article the French love to stay as much natural as possible. They like to maintain their fitness with things like exercises and so on. When talking about skin, they go for natural and continuous skin care routines instead of surgeries, unlike in Korea. Because Korea is known as the strictest country regarding beauty that has the most surgeries in the world. 

In short, the French do not prefer plastic surgeries to glorify their beauty the way other cultures do. 

Want to achieve these standards?

If yes, then here are some things mentioned that will help you in achieving these standards and will let you become an ideal beauty according to France. 

The ideal skin

To attain the ideal skin according to French. You should have become natural and regular in your skincare routine. Now, what it is? The main steps of French skincare are cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizing, and facemask. 

But be careful while choosing these skincare products. The requirements are that the product should be gentle on your skin, and should be natural and chemical-free. For products that are harsh on your skin, avoid them. 

The ideal French hair

Here, the requirements of products stay the same as the upper skin products. They should be chemical-free and if organic then it is the best.

Rest, tie them naturally, and let them fly in the air. In every hairstyle, prefer the waves that will give you a nice look. Do not go for straight hairs, it would not match the standards properly. Focus on the quality of your hair and keep them light.

The ideal frame

I think it is the toughest one to achieve. And more if you are overweight. But nothing is possible. You will need to follow a perfect workout and most importantly continuously. If you want to lose fat then go for cardio with an empty stomach. But if you are underweight then it is not that tough for you. Because the French prefer slender and skinny bodies. 

And when talking about the body shape then it is an hourglass with small breasts, unlike other countries like America. 

The closing thought

The French beauty standards are damn unique because they prefer naturality. This is the reason that almost every country wants to follow French beauty standards. And when it comes to attaining these beauty standards, then it stays easy in comparison to countries like Korea.

The main beauty of these beauty standards is they do not go for artificial beauty like plastic surgeries. They love to look as much natural as they can. They accept their bodies as they are. And that is why these standards are demanded all over the world. now tell me a thing, do you like these beauty standards? I am asking because I love it. 


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