Top 14 Indian Beauty Standards that You Must Know! (2023)

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India is a definition of culture, rituals, traditions and so among the rest of the globe. It is very diverse and very beautiful. This diversity and beauty are also found in its beauty standards.

The beauty standards in India, are some of the most unique and interesting in the world. From the traditional standards of fair skin and long, black hair, to the more modern standards of slim bodies and sharp features, there is a wide range of looks that are considered beautiful in India.

And, with such a diverse population, there is no one “type” of Indian beauty. Whether you’re looking at Bollywood stars or everyday women on the streets of Mumbai, you’ll find a variety of different looks that are all considered stunning.

So, what exactly are the beauty standards in India? Well, it depends on who you ask. If you ask a traditionalist, they might say that fair skin and long hair are key ingredients for a beautiful Indian woman.

On the other hand, if you ask someone who is more modern, they might say that slim bodies and sharp features are what makes a woman beautiful.

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Either way, there is no one right answer. It really depends on personal preference.Interestingly enough, the Indian beauty norms have changed quite a bit over the years. In the past, fair skin was highly prized because it was seen as a sign of wealth and status. 

However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards celebrating darker skin tones. This is likely due to the increasing popularity of Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, who have helped to change the perception of what is considered beautiful in India.

Anybody can find an unrealistic standard of beauty for that body part in our society. It is obvious how the Indian standards of beauty are completely unattainable when a tropical nation makes an annual profit of 24 billion yen from a skin-lightening cream.

These are the few standards we list out about Indian beauty:- 

Complete List of Indian Beauty Standards

1. Body positivity

Body acceptance refers to the idea of seeing our bodies as completely magnificent objects that are not just socially acceptable but also completely acceptable to us.

People are urged to question traditional notions of beauty and to embrace the diversity of people’s physical characteristics and body types.

The perception of distinctive physical characteristics is positive rather than as a departure from what is deemed appealing.

Discussing the body standards of beauty in specifics seems immoral because they are so absurd and disturbing. The aim is to have an hourglass figure. 

But another goal is to become lean and thin. Height should have been tall and not too tall so even though then how could we ever find our destined to be partner.

These physical criteria not only pass the finish line, but also sprint as far as they can away from it. They produce a variety of skin and hair products and treatments that may contain harmful chemicals and have dangerous side effects, in addition to lowering self-confidence and arming everyone with the right to make comments.

Men – The majority of men in India have lean, athletic bodies. I have also observed many men with large bellies (during puli kalli).Most men are also between 5’5″ and 6’2″ tall.

If I tell you exactly then in women, a height around 5 feet 3 inches is preferred whereas in men it is around 5 feet 8 inches. Actually, it is the same as the average height of both genders in the whole world.

2. Skin Tone

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In India, however, there are various standards for beauty. Every woman is deemed beautiful in her own manner, and in India, having a good heart while being brave are regarded as among the most essential qualities. In actuality, this is what beauty is.

Yes, a person’s inner beauty is more apparent than their outside attractiveness. However, India has its own beauty criteria, which are very important:  India “was” fascinated with fair skin but is no longer following this concept of beauty.  

Earlier when discussing Indian norms, both North and South India had the same essential characteristic.  We used to believe that skin that is white or pale is lovely, healthy, and feminine. Any skin tone is appreciated in India now but still there are some place where fair skin tone is preferred more. Indians seem to be particularly fixated with Korean beauty ideals. Like, Pale skin is a requirement! You need to be thin, huge eyes, slender nose bridge and the list goes on.

It is only a crime to remain silent regarding Indians’ strong preoccupation with fair skin. You can see how our culture views darker skin tones by the lengths Indian mothers will go to dtan their children by trying everything and everything that might work. 

The aforementioned factors alone should indicate why the skin-lightening market is still thriving in our nation. All of the females you would see on the big screen up until the past five years were the perfect shade of fair. 

Very few actresses with darker skin tones are still chosen for important and leading parts. In films, we have also witnessed how a person’s skin tone affects their financial situation employment prospects, and even romantic connections!

3. Hairy Body

There is a reason that the market is flooded with shaving and waxing products; the level of hatred for our own body hair is simply too great to be disregarded.

Body hair shaming wasn’t exclusively used against women. For instance, it served as a means of class separation with the ancient Egyptians; having abundant body hair was a sign of social inferiority.

However, body hair began to be seen as inherently masculine and so unfeminine over time.

In Indian culture, body hair is strongly disliked.  In order to avoid an untidy appearance, women are supposed to wax their arms, legs, brows, face, armpits, back, and private areas.

Body hair is strictly forbidden in Indian culture! Waxing is recommended for your arms, legs, brows, face, armpits, back, and intimate areas to prevent an untidy appearance.

There are many different shaving and waxing products on the market for a reason—the level of hatred for our body’s hair is also too great to be ignored. 

You can choose to shave or wax your body hair, but we find it incomprehensible when people make fun of it or represent it as unattractive.

4. Face

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Even if not everyone in a nation of 1.37 billion people could have that facial form, the unneeded enforcement doesn’t stop it. 

A strong jawline but fat cheeks in a symmetric roundish face are thought to be attractive. Indians have different standards for facial attractiveness than people in other nations.

The majority of them enjoy having large eyes. Additionally, married Indian women cover their foreheads with a scarlet powder known as “bindi.”Additionally, Indians heavily rely on makeup to make them appear fair.

5. Forehead

Evidently, people also have an opinion regarding the size of your forehead. A big forehead is much more attractive, claims one Quora member. We totally get it if reading this made you want to symbolically slam your forehead against the wall. 

But in some areas, it is the opposite. As a native of north India, I can prove its surety. Here, medium to small foreheads are preferred more.

6. Slim Nose

Many people have different ideas on what makes a nose attractive, yet most people agree that sharp, narrow noses are attractive.

Nobody likes button noses. Noses shouldn’t bend in any way. These characteristics are founded on the Indian conception of beauty, which is currently becoming more strongly affected by Korean beauty, particularly in terms of face and nose forms.

The Ideal nose is the dream of many Indians to have a sharp nose. For not a sensible person it’s a big dream for all Indians.  However, if you are excessively pointed, you will not finish the race. (A big nose is also not preferred so many people get rhinoplasty).

7. Big Eyes

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Big eyes are thought to be attractive by many people even across the world. The eyelashes should be thick and long. Indians frequently prefer European culture over American culture.

Women with large, almond-shaped, or even round big eyes are considered to be attractive as per the Indian beauty standards. They shouldn’t be shorter unlike a woman’s lips because many people believe they represent the most significant feature on her face.

There are many attractive ladies in every culture, however, Indian women have the most attractive eyes in the entire globe. They have a universe of tenderness behind them, yet they almost resemble daggers.

They appear to be peering directly into your soul. They are hypnotic. Women’s eyes are some of the most lovely, captivating, and fascinating you have ever seen, regardless of age, appearance, if they’re wearing cosmetics or not, as well as the colour they are.

A lot of people find almond-shaped eyes to be really beautiful. Additionally, people will probably consider your tropical eyes as seeming more angelic the lighter their shade.

But if it’s too blue or green, people will start calling you a witch or a cat. Not only that, but people will call you insulting, racist insults if your eyes are also too big or too little, and they could think you’re stupid or naïve. In India, larger eyes are viewed as more attractive, as are longer eyelashes.

8. Beautiful long hairs

In India, long, thick hair is seen as a gift from nature, reflecting the great wealth of the land. People adore having long, lustrous, straight, black or brown hair.

Black curls or thick, lengthy, straight hair on women are viewed favorably. Straight hair is regarded as fashionable and esteemed.  

9. Plum Lips

girl is the example of indian beauty standards

vibrant lips Smaller than a girl’s eyes is considered appealing. Lips that are soft, full, and red are beautiful in Indian society.

People experiment with the strangest techniques to increase their size and plumpness due to their obsession with beauty standards. 

Having a good-looking ,soft, and rosy lips is a delight .lips are main thing which denotes your facial expressions and says about your attitude People try the strangest techniques out of desire to make it bigger and plumper.

10. Eyebrows

It is thought that thick eyebrows are aesthetically appealing. But avoid getting too hairy, as that will make you appear menacing. And a resounding NO to UNIBROW! If you have it, you will undoubtedly hear advice to get rid of the brow bridge.

11. Voice

The voice also plays a small part in the definition of beauty. Less people favour a deep, bass voice than a higher, more feminine one. Though it is more common in the South than the North.

12. Long neck

Long neck people can look elegant. Obviously a gorgeous neck is one of the body part which makes people more beautiful, so the neck is one of the other things you have to keep in mind.

When you have a long neck and do not have a double chin, this is very much appreciated. I have experienced it with my eyes many times.

13. Big bumps

As I am aforementioned that an hourglass figure is preferred. And in this figure, your hips should be around 36 inches. Less than this is considered not good-looking. And one more thing, hips larger than 40 inches are also considered vulgar.

So, in this, I would suggest you a figure having a chest and hips of 36 inches and the waist can be 24, 26, and even 28. But avoid more than that.

14. Thick thighs

Having large thighs is cool but having fatty thighs may not allow you to participate in competition.


The issue concerning beauty standards now in india is that they represent an impossible bar for women to reach, according to indian society.

Women are expected to alter them in order to match the stereotype of what it means to be “beautiful” or “attractive” while they also age.

Every woman must stop following these unattainable beauty standards since they are impossible to maintain. Women should be able to choose to be naturally attractive if they so choose, or to just leave the house without applying cosmetics and yet be deemed lovely.

Different people require different types of skincare. Among the many characteristics that show the diversity of people are skin tone, religion, culture, gender, and nationality. There are no rules. Everybody can and must feel beautiful because it exists.

According to factors like class, area (urban vs. rural), and ethnicity, different standards of beauty exist in India.Although having fair skin is largely and widely favoured, an increasing percentage of people do not value this characteristic.More often in women than in men, fair skin is determined to be a significant indication.


1] What  is the height mentioned for beauty standards in India

The current average height for men in India is 5.8 feet (177 cm), while it is 5.3 feet for women (162 cm). The age range included in the definition of a reference Indian adult has also been altered to 19 to 39 years.

2] What are the indian beauty Standards?

The ultimate Indian woman has long, straight, black hair that is usually curly or straight, large eyes, and full red lips. She also has a slim waist but broader hips and breasts.

3] What is the indian beauty concept?

Although the physical aspect of beauty is often discussed in Indian culture, the focus is placed primarily on inner beauty. All physical beauty will eventually fade away because Time will rip it to bits. Therefore, timeless beauty is the focus.


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