What were the Aztec People’s Facial Features? (2023)

aztec people in traditional wear

Aztecs are a kind of mystery. According to some, the last Aztecs died in the 16th century. But some people still speak their language and follow their rituals. 

And when talking about their facial features, they are a bigger mystery. Just because of their uniqueness. Aztecs stay very special in their appearances. They wear different and very unique kinds of accessories and outfits.

But still, they look very beautiful because of their unique facial features. What are they and why are they a point of attraction for almost everyone? Let us discuss these Aztec facial features and explore them.

Here are the main 6 of them.

1. Their eyes

As eyes define most of our looks and make us look different from others. It is the same in the case of the Aztecs. Aztecs have small eyes. Very small. Their eyes shape stays slightly thin almond. Yet some of the females there, have slightly big eyes, but not too much. 

If you see them in just one sight, you would find their eyes closed, but actually, their eyes would be open. Whole the time, their eyes stay slightly swollen and closed.

When talking about their eye color, that stays completely black to dark brown. They do not have green or blue eyes.

2. Their lips

People that belong to the Aztec empire, usually have wide lips. In an actual manner, slightly over-wide. Yet they have wide lips, their lips stay thin. They do not have full lips in general. When you will look at their smile, that would be almost one and a half of a normal smile.

Let us discuss their lip color. As they are not too much delicate. They stay in a rough-tough atmosphere. It can be easily noted on their lips. They are not plumy and juicy. Their lips stay slightly hard and have a color of slightly peach with a little creamy. 

Aztec women like to decorate their lips very much. They usually wear a deep red color or deep pink color. Very few of them wear a light pinkish or light purplish color. And some of them wear no color.

3. Their face shapes

In the row of Aztec facial features, next is their face shape that defines their other features and is also responsible for their unique face. The shape that comes when mixing oval and square face shapes is the Aztec face shape. 

In other words, their face stays long but not too much, and from the bottom, it stays square. They usually have a chubby and healthy face. 

This face criterion is a bit different for their females. They usually have a normal oval face shape which ends up with a triangle chin. Yet all of them do not stay the same. This is the reason they have a round face with a square chin. But most of them have a decent amount of fat on their faces if they are not following any type of facial exercise.

4. Their nose

This is a fact that different cultures have different nose shapes. And according to the Aztec facial features, Aztecs have a wide, extremely wide nose. Their nose stays open and round from its tip. 

I would not agree at any cost if someone said that Aztecs have a sharp and thin noses naturally. If I give you an example that will clarify it then my example is Michael Jackson. I am not talking about his nose after those too many surgeries. 

If you will see his nose in his childhood, you will notice that he had a very wide nose. His nose is a perfect example of the nose of the Aztec people.

5. Their skin tones

Skin tone is another big thing. Tell me one thing, if you would see an extremely white and fair skin tone, what would come to your mind for the first people? I guess Korea or maybe China or maybe England. This is how skin tone tells us a lot about one’s country and culture.

Let us talk to the point. Aztec people have a brown skin tone. Males especially have not too much dark but also not too much lighter skin tone, they have medium brown tones.

And as facial standards and features stays always different for the woman, Aztec women also have different skin tones. From different, I mean light brown skin tone with a dusky touch. And half of them have a very light skin tone. 

If I tell you the exact tone, then it is a mix of olive and beige. But almost none of them have too much white or too much black skin tone. 

6. Their eyebrows

Let us discuss another Aztec facial feature which is their eyebrows. The eyebrow is a thing that depends more on the person’s choice than their culture. In today’s era, people style the eyebrows of their choice. Now, it totally depends on them whether they want to keep their eyebrows heavy or very light.

Let me give you a basic idea of Aztecs’ natural brows. 

They have natural-looking brows. It stays heavy from the start; I mean from the middle of their forehead or you can say it glabella. And it ends with a very thin line of hair.

When talking about the volume of their hair then it stays, not too much. I mean they do not have very heavy brows. They simply have a normal number of hairs on their brows and sometimes less than this normal number.

Some other Aztec facial features

In the upper article, I told you the main features that create their more half look. Let us discuss some tiny facial features that do not affect their face too much.

They have a lot of tattoos on their face. Not a lot actually, but a lot of them have facial tattoos. They usually have tattoos on their check bones and under their eyes and sometimes on the forehead.

Some other things like their females have a medium size of eyelashes. They have a good amount of gap between their both eyebrows. 

The final thought

In this article, we discussed the main Aztec facial feature. I am damn sure, these upper almost one thousand words have created a complete image of Aztecs. 

Some of these features can be found in every Aztec. But some of these depend on the person’s choice that how he or she wants to look. What we discussed were the natural features that are given to them by their elders and by their culture. Yet, Aztecs have very unique facial features but still, they look very beautiful. 

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