Top 9 Women’s Beauty Standards that You Must Know! (2023)

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Looking for 2023’s chic beauty trends? Then this guide is for you. 

Women’s beauty standards seem to change rapidly. From western beauty style to Korean beauty, from a matte look to a glossy one, from long hair locks to short ones, there’s been an irregular shift in this industry from time to time. 

 Celebrities are the talk of the town due to their new beauty styles. And this is definitely the reason why beauty industry standards keep evolving every year. You surely want to be in the game if you’re obsessed with beauty.

Women’s Beauty Standards

If you feel that the make-up you wear or the hairstyle you have are outdated. Then don’t worry, here’s a list 2023’s women beauty trends that have already made their way into women’s lives:

#1 Side parts again

A middle hair partition has been the first in the race as many celebrities dressed it up in their media appearance. But now, things have changed and Gen Z’s have had a backfire because side part goes back to the millennials and is said to return in 2023. You see, the trends keep repeating but with a touch of modernity. 

If you’ve always preferred a side part no matter what the trend is, then kudos to you. It’s back this year.

#2 Skinimalism

With the outburst of the pandemic and frequent lockdowns, most of us had a homemade skincare routine developed for us. We were using products of all kinds in the name of skincare. But this has to be stopped. 

The 10-step skincare routine is believed to be dropped to a 5-step one, which is more customised. Instead of using a ton of products, which do not work for your skin type, try to use a few products which perfectly match your skin and are way more effective.

#3 Cut those dead cells

What do I mean? Short nails. Yes, short nails have been captivating to the beauty influencers lately. Stop growing your nails to greater lengths, and start being hygienic by getting rid of the dead cells by cutting them off.

Shorter nails are the trend in 2023. I’ve always prioritised short nails and needless to say it’s also comfortable and clean. I think this trend should never be changed!

#4 Y2K still fits in

Y2K has been widely popular in 2022, and it continues to be so in 2023 as well. The metallic and glittery textures with pastel tints give the aesthetic vibes one cannot deny. Pastels are trendy not just in make-up industry, but also in apparels. Hence, it is no time sooner that the Y2K trend is going to vanish.

#5 Beauty Tech

The advancements in technology are being effectively utilised by the beauty brands. They are aware that their customers have changed their preferences and are now looking for customised products. Such products give the best results to your skin type or hair type. 

In beauty tech, an elaborated questionnaire is presented to the you on the basis of which, products are prepared just for you. Or in the cases of spectacles or lipsticks, your face is scanned and depending on your skin tone and shape of the lips, the lipstick which best suits you is offered. As for spectacles, then it all depends on your face shape. However, you can also try out from and choose any other while your face is being displayed on the screen. Now this is what you call perfect use of technology. And it no doubt will boom in the years to come, as customer satisfaction is a crucial part.

#6 Messy hair

Messy buns and messy ponytails have bygone, now comes messy hair. Everything’s MESSY! Along with being messy, hair is also cut into layers. The butterfly cut is being embraced by many, and when it’s given a messy look, then that makes the trend these days. The point here is that it should be face framing and look voluminous.

#7 Flaunting the NO make-up look

The young generations are switching to their natural looks as against applying layers of make-up. Whatever the women beauty standards might be, there’s no comparison to a woman’s natural beauty.

2023 is going to be a year where women are most likely to accept the way they look and go more natural. They may be seen ditching the heavy foundations and snatching a soft moisturizer, a tinted sunscreen and a tinted lip balm, giving a more natural and healthy look. This trend is the finest one, since you accept yourself the way you are.

#8 The use of the secret ingredient CHEBULA

Are you wondering what’s Chebula? Chebula is a herb grown in Southeast Asia, which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C and Vitamin K. This herb works wonders for your skin by slowing down ageing, reducing fine lines and also keeps your skin hydrated.

Natural ingredients are believed not to cause any damage to your skin, unless it doesn’t suit your skin type or is used excessively. The use of products containing Chebula are expected to increase in 2023 with more people getting to know of its benefits.

#9 Preppy Hair Accessories Are Back

Fancy headbands, bows, hair pins are back with full-swing in 2023. It’s time to revamp your hair accessory box with brooches, scrunchies. You can tie it in any style you adore. Low ponytails, french braids, crown braids are a few to dress your hair with, along with preppy hair accessories. 

Try a headband to look cute or bold. Ribbons are no less beautiful, pearl embedded hair clips are best for special occasions. Have a good hair day!


Women beauty standards keep evolving every now and then. Sometimes the look that you wear today may be outdated tomorrow and at times an old trend may again be kicky tomorrow. This is a cycle, things are expected to repeat, but with a slight different appearance. 

Alongside, it is important to note that these beauty standards don’t define you, they are merely standards. They come and go, you don’t have to follow everything to fit in. Natural beauty tops the list no matter what! Stop shattering your confidence and being stressed-out if you don’t match with the common folk. The 2023 beauty trend also encourages a no make-up look, which is when you accept yourself as is and no more feel insecure. You are beautiful the way you are! 


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