Top 7 Guatemalan Beauty Standards You’ve Never Heard Before! (2023)

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The beauty of Guatemalan is becoming a trending search term for lots of people. Why? I think is because of their uniqueness in their features and their mindsets. 

I guess you would have an idea of American beauty standards. Usually, their main focus stays on sensuality and the use of matte and bold colors. But Guatemalans are completely different from the rest of Americans in the matter of beauty standards.

In the upcoming next paragraphs, we will be talking about the main Guatemalan beauty standards that make Guatemalans stand out of the ordinary line but still very beautiful. Read on.

List of Beauty Standards in Guatemalan

1. Their unique eyes

How their eyes are unique? Actually, they do not have ordinary eyes like other Americans. They have very small eyes that stay really very small. Eyes that are winged slightly from the last but not much in length. They usually do not have oval-shaped eyes. 

Almost every one of them has puffy eyes. Their eyes stay swollen from the bottom. It seems like they have cried a moment before.

Their eye color normally stays very much dark brown or black or any other family color. They do not have blue or green eyes. They always have dark and deep eyes having small pupils. Their eyes look very pretty just because of the unique and happy shine in their eyes.

2. Their physique

Normally, when you will see the beauty standards of a country, you would find they prefer slim bodies. But in the case of beauty standards in Guatemalan, it is completely different.

Most Guatemalan girls have a body that is not too fat but also not too much slim. They have a decent amount of fat on their bodies. They usually do not have a waist that is too small. 

They have rectangle-shaped bodies. Yet some of them have hourglass-shaped bodies. But the ancient standards prefer a chubby body that is not too lean. They have fat on their arms, shoulders, and waist.

These standards are not for everyone. In Guatemalan, some females also have athlete and hourglass bodies with a low amount of fat, but very few.

3. Their face shapes

A face shape is a factor that decides almost half of the look. In Guatemala, the ideal face is a little chubby face. Their face usually stays round face shape. They also have shapes like oval and square, but still, it stays round and fatty from the bottom.

One more thing is their double chin-like thing. They have fat under their face and chin. But not everyone. If I give you a rough idea then it would be almost half of the women of all ages who have a double chin. 

Nowadays, this thing is becoming very low. Now, people of Guatemalan also started following other cultures who prefer a nice jawline with a nil amount of fat. But if you would see the old aged women in Guatemala, you would see they all have fat at the bottom of their faces. 

In short, naturally and according to cultural preferences, chubby and round faces are preferred more than slim and fatless faces.

4. Their lips

Guatemalans have lips that can be proven as the most beautiful lips. Why it is so? Just because of their unique-looking lips that are not too full. 

Basically, their lips stay very thin. But also, very wide. Not too much. They have long and thin smile. 

If talking about the shape in detail, then it stays bow-shaped thin lips that also stays sometimes downward. Their smile looks larger than a normal smile. Their upper lip has a heart shape at the top.

The natural color of their lips is baby pink with a slight strawberry touch. It is their natural lips shade. But their ideal lips shade is dark pink and sometimes red.

5. Their skin tones

Skin tone is a thing that varies from person to person. But here we are talking of the skin tone that the largest number have in Guatemala and which also comes under Guatemalan beauty standards.

If we talk about the average then it would be a medium skin tone. They do not have white skin tones in general. They have fair to light almond skin tones. Most of them have an olive skin tone that stays warm. In other words, they have a dusky skin tone.

6. A natural blush

As we know very well how demanding blush is in today’s era. It is somewhere a sign of shyness and delicacy in girls especially. And if you have a natural blush then it is a plus point. 

Guatemalans do not need to apply artificial blush. They have a decent amount of blush on their cheeks, not on their cheekbones, they have this blush slightly under the eyes, on the area which stays raised.

But there is a thing that should be noted. As we know, too much blush does not look good. It looks like we have an infection or rashes on our faces. Yes, some of them or you can say a few of them have a blush that does not look normal. But the ideal is a light and natural pink blush that most Guatemalans have.

7. Innocence

Now you would say that it is not a beauty standard. But actually, it is. Guatemalans go for innocence on faces, unlike other Americans who prefer sensuality and boldness on faces. 

Guatemalans always prefer a feminine delicacy and innocence on their faces is an important or essential part of it. 

The biggest thing that is popular regarding Guatemalan beauty standards is an innocent and big smile that comes from the bottom of the heart.

When you will note their face, you will find a happiness that is so so delicate and you will see a shine of childhood on their face. It is the biggest and essential standard, because, only because of it Guatemalans’ beauty is popular and ideal around the world.

The final thought

After reading these upper given words, I guess, now you have an image of the ideal Guatemalan beauty. Let me summarise this article. 

According to Guatemalan beauty standards, the ideal beauty has small eyes, a not-too-thin body having a big but thin smile on their round dusky face with a natural blush and innocence.

According to me, these standards do not have many limitations, what about you?

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