Top 9 Russian Beauty Standards You’ve Never Heard Before! (2024)

Russian Girl wearing Denim blue jacket sitting on the steps

Athletes like Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova, who are tall, slim, blonde, and have blue eyes, come to mind when one thinks about beautiful ladies in Russia. Even if both of the women are gorgeous, people frequently overlook the fact that Russia is a multicultural nation. Russians make up 77.7% of Russia’s population, Tatars 3.7%, Ukrainians 1.4%, Bashkirs 1.1%, Chuvash 1%, Chechens 1%, other 10.2%, and undetermined 3.9% (2010 est.), according to the CIA.

This broadens the definition of what is attractive in Russia for various regions of the nation. Different ideals of beauty result from Russia being the world’s largest country by area. Women in Northwestern Russia are likely to have traits from Eastern and Northern Europe, women in Southern Russia are likely to have darker features similar to those of women from Southern Europe and Central Asia, and women in Eastern and Central Russia are likely to have more Asian features.

Russia is a part of Asia, but in some manners, they do not follow Asian beauty standards. I am saying so because most parts of Asia appreciate the delicacy of looks, style, and nature. But you will note that Russian women are popular for their sensuality and kind of their boldness. Russia is completely a Western country, also by its culture. To find out more, read on.

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List of 9 Russian Beauty Standards

1. Colours of eyes

russian woman wearing grey top showing a russian beauty standards

Hispanic women are recognised for having honey eyes while Nordic countries are known for having blue eyes. Russians do indeed have it all. The exquisite features of Russian women are enhanced by every hue of green, blue, or brown. These are considered the sign of elegance as per the beauty standards in Russia

The next is their eye shape. They actually, do not have small eyes. They have almond-shaped and sometimes, round eyes. The size stays medium. Naturally, they have normal eyelashes. But who does not like long eyelashes? So that they use makeup to enhance their eyes on special occasions.

\Overall, they have extremely gorgeous and “the ideal eyes”. Russians are very strict while taking care of their overall skin. Especially for their eyes they use retino eye stick to clear dark circles and puffiness under the eye. or they use under-eye patches for dark circles and puffiness.                                                             

2. Style

Style is one of the most significant features of Russian women. They are extremely conscious of their appearance and always wear outfits that are expertly coordinated. They are so stunning and lovely because of this. Style successfully enhances Russian women’s look. The majority of them resemble models. However, they cross streets rather than podiums.

3. The Forms

Additionally, Russian women have all recognised facial forms. Anywhere you go, people with oval faces, rounded profiles, and square fronts stare at you. Picking out just one stunning woman is twice as difficult with such tremendous diversity.

4. Thin Lips

Particularly in Caucasian Russians, small lips are another distinctive feature of the semi-typical Russian.

Eyes that are typically lighter in tone and slightly narrower than those of other Europeans help cover up these small lips. Thin lips frequently go along with the blonde hair, blue eyes, and gene. Russians usualy go for lip care cream to have the best anD healthy lips.

5. Different Hair Shapes

russian model showing hairs and one eye

Russian hair typically runs from blond to brown, and is frequently combined with blue or mixed eyes. However, due to the diverse factors that make up the Russian cultural profile, the shape of hair varies widely.

Russians make up about 80–90% of the population and have a wide range of length, volume, and hair shapes. Women typically have very sparse eyebrows, whereas men typically have shorter sideburns. Both are considered worth admiring as per the Russia beauty standards.

6. Russian fashion preferences for colours

The colour and theme preferences of Russian men and women differ noticeably; whereas the males typically do not appreciate displaying bright colours in apparel, the women do. The guys want to maintain their appearance “quiet” and favour sober, earthy tones.

Black and white are considered to be quite lovely by many Russians. They choose dark hues mostly because of the amount of mud and dust present; this is a realistic choice that has been made down the years. Even if the Russians occasionally don other colours, the ones they pick seem to reflect their way of life! There is no denying the fact that Russians put in a lot of effort, and their modest appearance also reflects this.

7. White skin

Fairer skin is another characteristic shared by many Russians. Many of the ancient tribes and ethnicities that make up the Russian phenotypic had fair skin, although there are also born and bred Russians with darker skin. Very fair complexion to slightly tanned skin are common skin tones, though they might vary from generation to generation.

But if I tell you from my experience, darker tones are a little criticized there. If you want to fit in the Russian ideal look, then you must have to be white. Personally what I think is that this rule is quite strict, restricting, and unfair.

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8. Moscow styling

russian woman wearing a frock and carrying a purse

Russia is a huge country, so it seems to be the reason that the apparel one would find at Moscow’s specialty shops would differ greatly from that found in Siberia. Russia has a penchant for leather. Moscow’s capital city’s fashion trends are quite similar to those seen in Europe or New York.

Since the winters in Russia are undoubtedly challenging, the winter gear varies a little. Russian clothing is clearly unique. Designer Russian apparel can be purchased from a variety of reliable and committed retail and online vendors. In truth, all it takes is a click to find out more about Russian clothes and get genuine stuff! The majority of clothing sold as Russian in other regions of the world is typically adorned with traditional Russian themes which is an important part of beauty standards in Russia.

9. Russian Fashion Sense and Taste

Russian ladies are among the most attractive and stylish in the world. They stay informed about happenings in the fashion sector and consistently monitor industry trends. Beautiful people understand how to combine various clothing pieces in a balanced way and select outfits that flatter their body shapes. Even though Russian women are gorgeous and enjoy wearing designer clothing, they dress properly and beautifully to avoid looking tacky.

Russia is the nation with the most advanced cosmetic industry. Russian women are the greatest at doing hair, cosmetics, and nails compared to those in the US and Europe. Each lovely Russian woman has a sense of fashion ingrained in her, which explains why they are so successful in the field.


Russian women’s perceptions of beauty are influenced by international beauty norms, as each nation has its own cultural quirks. According to international standards, Russian women are the most attractive women. While girls in other nations may not place as much emphasis on appearance, Russian ladies place the most value on looking stunning. The majority of nations in the globe have a lengthy and diversified history. This is particularly true for Russia, one of the biggest nations on earth. The majority of stunning Russian women have forebears from all races and ethnicities, making them truly global citizens and living embodiments of numerous civilizations.

A Russian woman would never dress shabbily or inappropriately. A stunning Russian woman will choose the nicest outfits and create a lovely hairstyle before leaving the house. The fact that Russian women can look stunning and natural while also looking time is crucial. They don’t overdo the cosmetics and don’t have a rebellious appearance.

As with Russian stereotypes, “beauty” goes hand in hand with “vodka” and “hot drink.” While I was planning to go to Russia, someone with domestic experience told me that American girls can’t find dating. This coincides with my experiences in Moldova and Azerbaijan, where my relative attractiveness compared to the women around me fell short.

Of course, studying abroad is more than just attractive. For starters, all the charm I missed was gained by enjoying being a stranger.

But in a culture where your grandma comments roughly on how your clothes show off your legs and what your friends do first, Friends tells you that beauty isn’t an easy fashion if you have pretty eyes.

Beauty is in the culture of thought. Women’s beauty standards are different in different places and times. Still, modern Western culture has the ideal of a tall, white European woman with an hourglass figure, long straight hair, and high cheekbones. You can really see this in Russia.

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