What are the top British Beauty Standards? (2024)

British girl wearing black fitting costume

What might be the beauty standards of the British? Royal? Or humble?

Read this article until the end and you’ll get your answer.

The royal British family comes to our mind, whenever we think of British culture. They seem sophisticated and modest. But do all the British follow the same standards? No, beauty in the United Kingdom has evolved over the years. The concept of English Rose has now changed. Most of the women in UK are seen adopting Western beauty standards. 

Despite being close to other European countries, the British beauty standards are highly influenced by the American ones. However, some ladies in England break the stereotypes and go all natural. While others go for minimal or bold make up.

British Beauty Standards

It is apparent that London is the hub of new fashion. Many famous fashion designers belong to London. And it is not new that it has its own sense of beauty and style. But Kadarshianism is ruling young women’s minds everywhere. And this is also the case in England. The British women want to be like the Kadarshians. 

A tiny waist, big bosom, fuller lips, enviable cheekbones are some of the physical traits British women desire. Let’s get a deeper understanding of each of these beauty standards:

1. A flat tummy

With social media being a part of everyone’s life, it keeps the people updated with what’s currently going on. As a flatter stomach is being encouraged these days, more and more ladies have adopted a workout routine. 

They desire to achieve a tiny waist. The British woman also tries to pull off a flat stomach and meet the modern global beauty standard.

2. Thin arms and legs

Wiggly arms and legs aren’t attractive in the modern world. Hence, the British women are required to have thin arms and legs.

There’s no place for excess fat. It is to be burnt. In other way, these can also be called toned. There’s a trend of everything getting toned nowadays. Women have no escape from this in the UK.

3. Thigh gap

As slim legs are being promoted, so does a thigh gap. It’s like the after effect of slender thighs. Exercise can solve all these problems. 

But at the same time many women opt for surgeries to reduce fat. Such extreme decisions may also lead to the lose of life. Many British women are in the race to get slimmer inner thighs, thus getting a thigh gap.

4. Slim face

Why is everything slim being encouraged in England? No one can say when modern beauty standards would take a turn. 

A slim face is now charming in the UK. What should a person born with chubby cheeks do? 

When an English Rose is being referred, they usually have fuller cheeks. But modern beauty is to have a slim face. I think natural is what slays!

5. Big bosom and butts

Here comes the hypocrisy. As opposed to slender waist, arms and legs, large bust and bottom of a woman is found appealing. Mostly, it is a version of an hour-glass figure. This is the definition of a perfect woman according to the British beauty standards.

Breast and butt enlargement surgeries are on the rise. It breaks my heart at how the society wants a woman to flaunt those curves, just to attract attention. 

6. Fuller lips

Butox or lip fillers have seen increased demand. Fuller lips look sexy as per modern beauty. But what about its side effects? 

Young women fall prey to such illogical calls. Moreover, fuller lips are also appealing in the UK. British ladies have opted for artificial means to gain it.

7. Tanned skin

Pale skin tone may be preferred elsewhere, but not in UK anymore. A tanned skin tone is believed to be good-looking.

The young female population is more prone to getting a tanned look. It can also be achieved artificially. 

According to a study, more than half of the women in England apply self-tanners 5 times a week. This is not it, they also use tanning beds and tanning sprays to get the sunburned look. 

Note: Such methods can cause skin cancer. 

The Ideal Woman in UK

What does an ideal woman in UK look like? Well, a survey revealed that men in UK have different perceptions about an ideal woman. 

They don’t want their girls to hit the gym every day. This sounds strange because all the beauty standards are focusing on a perfect body shape. 

Nevertheless, an ideal woman in UK is to have a symmetrical face with evenly spaced eyes and high cheekbones. Blue eyes and long hair are also some characteristics.

These were the physical requirements. How should she be in everyday life? A woman who is financially independent gets more attention. Alongside, she is to be easy-going and not a person with bad temper.  

Woman, be it physically or morally, have standards set for them. They call themselves liberated, but are heedless that they are being clutched in the claws of the modern society.

UK Beauty Standards vs US Beauty Standards:

While most of the beauty standards in the UK are similar to that of US, there are certain factors where it differs.

Women in the US, tend to consider beauty of great importance. Instead of natural skincare routines, they are more into artificial fake beauty. Whereas, in the UK, women have a skincare routine and even today, most of them choose natural over artificial.

When it comes to make-up, there’s no doubt that Americans are obsessed with it. They may be seen applying layers of foundation to get the perfect finish. Meanwhile, in England, women don’t depend on heavy make-up. They may barely wear it or not. Minimal makeup looks are seen largely on the streets of England.

Teeth whitening is popular among the Americans, but not in the UK. Shiny, white teeth, or the Hollywood Smile as they call it, which purely looks fake is gaining fame in the USA.  But this is not a trend in England as of now.  

These are the slight distinctions which make UK and US beauty standards different from each other.

Closing thoughts

What do all these British beauty standards indicate? The want of a flawless woman or mostly a Barbie doll. Looking physically attractive is the mantra, without giving a second thought to her mental state of affairs. 

We hear many of them saying “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” but only to find out that it rarely exists. There are days when you may look attractive or unattractive, but at the end of the day, your ethics and your morals are what matters.


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