Want to Know All South Korean Beauty Standards? (2023)

South korean girl in the garden of white flowers

Have you ever tried to know about South Korean beauty standards? Have you ever wondered why  South Korean people seem so different from other people? Within a few years, South Korean dramas and songs overtook Western culture. People like to see South Korean people, and they also like their make-up and looks. Apart from this, South Korea is famous all over the world for its cosmetic and plastic surgery.

There is no doubt that South Korean people always put their beauty standards ahead. Some things like small faces, and sharp chin etc, are the identity of South Korean womens, for these women resort to surgery. Not only this, there is a lot of demand for face wash, moisturiser, make up etc, that is why Korea is at the top in cosmetic sales. South Korean people also use insects to maintain their beauty. Overall, the things used by  South Korean people are quite different from other countries.

Friends, today I will tell you through this article how the South Korean beauty standard is so different from other countries? And how much have beauty standards in south korea changed from past to now?

List of South Korean beauty standards.

Women South korean beauty standard.

1. Small face

The main distinguishing feature of South Korean women is the small face, which is the most important part of the South Korean beauty standard. And those women whose face is not small, they change the shape of their face with the help of plastic surgery.

Apart from this, surgery is also used to give a V look to the face. It gives a sharp and nice look to the face. This is what makes the their beauty standard different from other beauty standards.

Women from other countries prefer to keep their cheekbones round, while the South Korean face style is completely different.

2. Short, pointed nose.

According to the South Korean beauty standard, a protruding nose gives a good look to the face. People who have small and pointed noses look more beautiful and attractive. And now the pointed nose has become very important for the South Korean people. While in the past, more importance was given to the big nose, which is completely opposite from now. Women avoid sunlight to give a yellow tone to their skin, and use sunscreen.

3. Yellow skin

Western people use different types of products daily to give a glow and golden look to their skin. But South Korean women are completely different from this, they consider yellow skin more beautiful.

This is because yellow skin represents the upper class in South Korean mythology. These ideas  started from the time when the rich people of  South Korea did not go out to work. They used to believe that by working outside, the colour of the skin becomes black. Since then, yellow skin has been given more priority in South Korea.

4. Big eyes

Having big eyes is also the first and foremost in the women’s South Korean beauty standard. It is believed that big eyes are a symbol of innocence and youthfulness. South Korean women are famous for having big eyes, they also undergo eye surgery. There are still some South Korean women who have small eyes but they are not considered beautiful because they do not match the beauty standard of South korea.

Many Korean celebrities such as Black Pink, Twice, etc. are included. Also South Korean women want to get a highlight under their eyes. This can be achieved with the help of makeup. But some women also take the help of injection or surgery for this, which is called double eyelid surgery.

5. Plump lips.

Along with small mouths, South Korean women also resort to injections and surgery to make their lips thicker. This is a complete reversal of previous  South Korean beauty standards as thin lips were previously the trend in South Korea. Now South Korean women have to make their lips thicker and their lower lip is thicker than the upper lip.

6. Slim body.

Slim bodies are a characteristic of South Korean women’s beauty standards. It has a slim body as well as straight shoulders, and long legs. South Korean women are much slimmer and taller than women of other countries. South Korean women change their diet to slim their body. It is believed that tall and thin girls are a symbol of beauty, you will be surprised to know that 70 percent of women in South Korea are thin.

Apart from this, South Korean people also take the help of doctors to become slim, and consume different types of diet. Many diet pills are also now available in the market which can help you in getting a slim body. Plastic surgery and pills are a popular option to get a slim body.

South Korean Mens Beauty Standards.

1. Thin face

Where other boys try to show themselves tall, and fat and also go to the gym for that. But  South Korean boys are just the opposite, they feel themselves to be smart with a thin face and a thin body. He also gets surgery done to make his face thinner.

2. Double Eyelids

Like South Korean girls, South Korean boys also have thick highlights under their eyes. That is, he shows to be bisexual in some way, for which he takes the help of surgery, and makeup.

3. White skin.

In Western culture, some men are white and some are black, but they do not take any surgery or claim to change their colour. Most of the men in South Korea have fair skin, they take various measures to make their skin more fair, smooth and shining.

4. Colourful dyed hair.

One of the main identities of South Korean boys is their colourful hair. South Korean boys give different colours to their hair, which is 95%. According to South Korea, having different colours in the hair is a symbol of being young, due to which the young boys there colour the hair.

5. Hermaphrodite Body

In Western culture, men do not like to look like girls at all. He likes to stay away from girly things and is in search of getting a fit and good body. South Korean boys are the other way around; they present themselves as thin, and bisexual. He wants a face without a beard, moustache, which makes him look smooth and soft like a girl.


Friends, as you know, South Korean beauty standards are quite different from Western and European beauty standards. South Koreans are known to have the most surgeries in the world to match themselves to South Korean beauty standards. If some women do not match their beauty standards they are not considered beautiful and attractive. Apart from this, she also has to face a lot of problems getting outside. Beauty should not be in the face or body but in the heart. Hope you guys liked all the information related to South Korean beauty standards.

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