Top 4 Peruvian Beauty Standards That You Must Know! (2024)

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In America, a woman who is sensual having bold attractiveness is appreciated a lot. But there is an exception in the case of Peru, a country in South America. This country and its culture have a completely different scenario for beauty, unlike other American countries.

If I tell you exactly then their complete focus stays on being as delicate and soft as they can. And for men, they always prefer being strong and handsome. This thinking somehow matches some Asian cultures who prefer a delicately beautiful woman and a protective strong man. 

This thinking can also be called a bit typical and delivered from the very old decades. But whatever, let me introduce you to this article. Here, we will discuss the top Peruvian beauty standards which will give you a complete image of beauty in Peru. Read on.

1. The essentiality of curves

Yes, you heard right, Peru also prefers a curvy body. A body that has a narrow waist, like very small. And having good-shaped hips and chest. Overall, an hourglass figure. 

I really do not think that there is a country or culture that prefers anything except an hourglass body. Everyone in this world is mad at an hourglass figure. 

This Peruvian ideal figure is very tough to achieve. Like you have to work out a lot, you have to eat less, and blah blah blah. These strict rules regarding beauty make these standards extremely narrow-minded. Because it pressurizes people who love themselves as they are to get changed. It is somehow improper.

2. The ideal skin

To know this completely, first, we need to understand the natural Peruvian skin tone that they have inherited from their ancestors. In general, most Peruvians have a medium to light brown skin tone. 

Naturally, they do not have a smooth texture. It comes with some imperfections. Here, I am not talking about everyone, because there is a thing named diversity.

Well, it is the turn of the “ideal skin”. 

It is basically a skin that is not too much white and there is also not any space for shades like brown and black. The only skin that is considered beautiful is a fair and light skin tone. A slight pink glow is a must. In an actual manner, that looks nice.

When you will see any of the Peruvian ideal beauty, you will see a light skin tone with a baby pink shade. 

For example, Gladys Zender. She is a Peruvian model and the first Latin American who won the miss universe title. She has light pinkish skin with a body that I mentioned formerly.

3. Peruvian facial features 

As I told you that Peruvian beauty standards’ first preference stays delicacy and softness in their beauty. And facial features are a thing that affects our look a lot and decides whether we are delicate or bold. So, here I am sharing the main facial features.

1. Face shape

Peruvians prefer a diamond face shape that can be slightly oval but not much longer. They do not like round or too long face shapes, just a medium face shape is their preference. If you have a heart shape, then you are also not going to be criticized in Peru. 

In the matter of face shape, Peruvians not so much restricting. You can have almost every shape except too much wide or long. In short, a medium face shape. 

2. Eyes

According to these standards, the eye shape stays small and hooded. They do not have round or oval-shaped eyes. 

Now, there is one more thing that is essential for every culture’s beauty standards. The eye color. It is completely different from rest of the America. Americans usually have eye colors like blue, green, and sometimes hazel. 

But Peruvians have dark black eyes. And in some cases, it stays very dark brown, but not any of the light colors. Black is also ideal. Because it is a thing that cannot be changed easily and it reflects our culture.

3. Nose

The ideal nose is straight and slightly raised. It is not too slim, unlike Korea and Egypt. And the wide nose is criticized very much in Peru. They always like a medium-shaped straight nose. 

4. Lips

How can we forget the ideal smile? They have different types of lips naturally. But if I tell you the ideal ones, then they are slightly thin lips but also a little wide. Their smile usually stays very wide. If the upper lip is heavy or they both are equal, is a sign of perfect lips according to Peruvians’ scenario.

The ideal color is light pink or light peach. They do not like shades like red and violet at all. They are not much open to using different colors. For them, soft colors like pink are the best because it makes you look more delicate.

5. Chin

They do not like heavy chins at all. And like every country, they also criticize double chin. For them, a heart-shaped chin is the best. They also work hard for their jawline. They do facial and jawline exercises if they have a not-so-good or wide chin.

This was all for the facial features.

4. The ideal hairs

I am telling you this point at last because rules are not much strict for hairs.

Peruvians usually have black hairs naturally and it is also the ideal color. But there is not a big issue if you have brown hair. Hair diversity is common and also acceptable in Peru. 

Now, the length. It is also a main topic. They do not prefer short hair, but you do not have to grow your hair too much. They prefer long hair but not too much. You can say mediumly long.

The last is texture. They do not like too curly hair. Your hair can be straight and if wavy, then it is the best.

The final thought

We discussed the scenario of Peruvians regarding beauty. That they prefer delicacy instead of boldness.

And now, you also saw that they are not completely good and also not completely bad. Yes, they are restricting in the matter of your body shape or things like your skin. Which is not good.

But in the matter of hairs and some of the facial features like the face shape, they are allowing. Now, tell me. How you would answer the question, “Are Peruvian beauty standards too strict?”

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