Makeup for a Green Dress (Olive, Dark and Light Green)! (2023)

Woman is smiling and wore a green dress during christmas celebration

Are you selecting your look for an upcoming and special event? I know that you have a green colour in your mind. Green is known for symbolising glory and energy. It is awesome and, trust me, it suits you very much. It is awesome because it provides you with a lot of shades and gives you an eye-catchy look that will let everyone appreciate you a lot. Not only in the terms of evening gowns, but also in skirts, tops, and other informal dresses. 

Now you have selected the colour. But, do you feel confused about the makeup part? Do not worry, I am here to give you a guide on the perfect makeup for a green dress. Because it is a thing that will make you look complete and perfect. Read on and I will tell you a step-by-step makeup guide with a green dress.

Makeup for olive green dress

Woman is wearing a green dress and hat

Commonly  green is not usually worn on formal occasions like business meetings or conferences because it has a bright shade. But, olive green is the only shade that suits formal occasions and casual ones too. Let us get straight into the makeup part for it now. 

Olive green, this color is going to look damn beautiful on you if your hair shade is brownish or orange. If you are going to have a brown hair color then prefer peanut brown or beige brown that gives a contrastingly elegant appearance. 

When talking about eye makeup, eyeliner cannot be missed. Prefer bold and winged eyeliner. And in the terms of eyeshadow, then go for smoky eyeshadow. Eyeshadow shade can be olive green same as your dress. But if you want to go for something else then prefer black. 

For an olive green dress, the skin tone will be bronze. And if you have a dusky skin tone, then it is going to look marvelous on you. I am not saying that it would not suit fair skin, it will, but more if your skin shade is bronze. 

Now, let us discuss the lip colour that will complete your makeup for the green dress. Make sure it is not too much, I mean avoid bright shades. Go for a coral shade to make sure that it does not attract much attention. There are many options in that shade. All are suitable. And if you are a red lover, then go for it. But try to keep your lips as natural as possible.

Makeup for a dark green dress

Black woman wearing a green dress

The tone of our makeup is based on the nature of the event. If you are going to attend an evening occasion or a party then dark green is just incredible. Here I am going discuss makeup that will suit forest green, teal green, jade green, and other shades like these. 

The eyes, are the most important part to be noted in makeup. Go for a light shade to decorate your eyes I mean for eyeshadow. Because your outfit is going to be dark, your eyeshadow color should be light like beige, khaki, and white. You can also experiment with other neutral shades like black and dark brown. Smoky eyeshadow is preferred. Wide-flick eyeliner with these shades will be a great option. 

Let us discuss the lip color. The good thing is that you can also go for dark shades like deep red. But if you are going for bronze eye shadow then prefer peach lip color. The baby pink shade which cannot be ignored will be going to look amazing on your dark green dress. In short, you have a choice of a lot of colors which can be dark and light too. 

Makeup for a light green dress

Woman wearing a light green dress and hat smiling

Let me give you some advice. If you are going for a light green color for the dress on your special occasion. Then prefer mint green. I am telling you because it looks amazing and is my personal favorite, the rest is your choice. 

The eyeshadow is the focus of all the people after the dress. And its shade is most important. Prefer a light shade like beige hues. Another great option is a greyish shade but a bit light. You can go for smoky eyes. You can, but you should not. Because a light and simple makeup look will suit your light green dress. So that a bold smoky look is not able to give you your dream look. 

Let us discuss the lip color. If you have light skin, then prefer a neutral and light lip shade. Or you can simply apply a light shade of pink. Here I would say peach is also not a bad option. But try to avoid applying too dark red or other shades like this. And if you have a dusky or dark skin tone, then you can go for a red shade. 

Some other tips to consider in the makeup for a green dress

Here I am mentioning some other tips that will affect your green look in a big manner. Read it out. 

  • If you are going for a green eyeshadow, then try to match the color of your dress, and to make you look bold mix it up with black. 
  • Do not go for too much green like green eyeliner, green eyeshadow, green jewels, and so on. 
  • Highlighters that are pearl-colored will go on both skin tones, dark and light. 
  • And as I mentioned some times in the article, try to avoid dark lip color. Go for a neutral and light shade such as peach or pinkish peach. 
  • In the term of blush, go for soft pink shades like rose pink. It will enhance your beauty in both dark and light green dresses.
  • One more thing, the nail color. There is no doubt that red is the contrasting color of green. It will look elegant if you go for a shade of red. But if you do not want to look like a Christmas tree, then black is also an option with dark green. 

The Last Word

As you chose the green color for your dress carefully. Also, choose the right makeup for your green dress with the same care. Because your beauty depends on the makeup more than your dress. As different shades of green will have different shades of makeup. And to know this, you have to read the entire article. 

At the end of the article, I would say that green suits you very much. Appreciation apart, hope you found the right makeup advice for your dream look and I wish you very good luck for your special occasion.  


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