Top 6 Spanish Beauty Standards You’ve never heard! (2023)

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Are you aware of the fact that 18 American nations, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela, as well as Spain, speak Spanish as their official language? These nations are well-known for the architecture and cultures they have.

Is it possible that these nations have the same standards for beauty as other nations?

Popularity in Spanish-speaking nations is primarily attributed to their vibrant beauty standards.

In this particular article, you will learn about the top-most beauty standards that prevail in Spanish-speaking countries

You must have heard a thing that Americans do a lot of makeup and do a lot of effort to look good. And it is true somehow. But here, you will get to know that not all of the American nations are the same. Spanish go for natural beauty more than artificial one. 

They prefer curing their issues instead of hiding them with things like concealer and lots of foundation. 

Let’s study different and famous Spanish beauty standards


Spanish Beauty Standards Inspiration

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 Hope you are familiar with the top-notch but simple beauty standards of French women. Maintaining healthy skin is essential; French women are known for preferring to avoid heavy makeup in favor of investing time and effort in skin care that will keep them radiant. For that renowned French carefreeness, hair must be elegantly tangled yet expensive-looking, with buttery highlights and gentle layers clipped in. The finishing touch is Lipstick. Red, ideally, but bold nonetheless. This makes a french beauty standard a well-established one in the world. 

This makes us think amazingly that traditionally, Spanish beauty draws certain inspiration from French beauty, including a healthy concern for skin and a love of flowing hair, but it’s not as scary, depending more on bronzed, burnished tones that fit everyone and less on the kind of absolute confidence it takes to wear bare skin with red lipstick.

It’s a style that’s also best worn during the summer when the sun is golden, skin is more glossy, and people are more inclined to play up their eyes so that their lips are free to drink and eat anything they want without fearing their beautification.

1. Skincare and Grooming

Spanish woman wearing white top

 Well, it makes some sense that Spanish ladies don’t have the same lack of exposure to the sun as the British have while traveling, therefore they don’t adore it as much. In reality, Alba claims that Spanish women regularly take a siesta during the hottest parts of the day to avoid damage and place a lot more value on bathing in seawater for its positive effects on the skin than they do on lying in the sun to get a dark tan. Sunbathers should use plenty of SPF. Yet both of my sources strongly defended the virtues of rigorously washing and moisturizing, with Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz attesting that this is essential to having amazing skin when she told Vogue that she is “extremely disciplined” about her skincare routine which seems a true Spanish beauty standard.

2. Lip styling

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A Spanish woman at a nighttime event, for example, a small amount of red shade lipstick and this suits a Spanish beauty standard, but overall, this look is all about pouty, bare lips that don’t overpower the eyeliner that fact is never ignored by Spanish women. They Grab a nude liner (The Body Shop’s Wood is the perfect color) and fill it with nude lipstick like Charlotte Tilbury’s Nude Kate ( A Spanish makeup artist) to make the appearance more pillowy.

And if I tell you their lip care routine then it is slightly sophisticated. They regularly apply lip care products to enhance the natural look of their lips. These beauty standards do not allow any kind of chemical products.

3. Body Shape

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Spain became a truly cosmopolitan nation. Because of all those past colonies and unfettered immigration policies, Spain currently has a population made up of many different countries.

There are many Latina ladies, females of Arabic and African descent, and people of many other European ethnicities. Finding a Spanish female that fits into a single set of expectations and traits is challenging. Nonetheless, it is simple to identify certain common traits that are inherent in all Spanish women, regardless of where they are from. Spanish ladies tend to have broad hips when it comes to body types. Most of them are trim and in good health. Although Spanish females come in a variety of looks, you can always rely on that.

4. Skin Grooming

Spanish women don’t suffer from a lack of exposure to the sun, therefore they diligently adhere to a skincare regimen that shields them from sunburn throughout the summer. For them, maintaining good skin requires being “extremely rigorous” about adhering to a skincare regimen. Also, they spend a lot of money on natural skin care products and place a high value on massages using essential oils. This implies that they scrub and massage their skin until it glows brightly from within which makes their skin more natural, appealing, and attractive.

5. Hairstyling

Spanish women are well aware of how to attract someone with their hairstyles. You know Spain is diverse because it is divided into 17 different areas, each of which has its own traditions and fashions. This also applies to hairstyles. Traditional Spanish hairstyles for ladies frequently have three elements: a bun, a center part, and some decorative accents (often floral). Spanish hairstyles have traditionally been pinned up and away from the neck, reflecting the requirement for the culture to keep the hair out of the way during the hot weather.

6. Eye styling 

The Spanish eyeshadow is a bold, patriotic Latina style that will completely wow their relatives and friends. Also under Spanish beauty standards, its shades complement skin naturally, especially if they have a darker complexion.

A straightforward red and green eyeshadow that can be applied in any direction will help you create this fantastic look. Spanish women adore such adorable beauty standards that they seem like a beauty queen or anything when they have a pair of eyelash extensions and they are appreciated for their natural but elegant look throughout.

What are the hidden beauty secrets of Spanish people?

It surprises me sometimes how Spanish women have so spotless and flawless skin. It really works only when they follow some natural techniques or the best hygienic products that are fully suitable for their face.

Spanish ladies don’t cover their faces with thick base makeup or use tons of foundation. Yet, they always use water-based products and properly prepare the skin before applying makeup. They never smother their faces in creamy powders and liquids.

We can say that Spanish women focus mostly on being naturally beautiful and flawless. When it comes to “natural” products in Spain, image is more important than their use of natural components or how they affect the environment. This fashion trend has managed to coexist with other, seemingly incompatible trends like extravagant haircuts and embellished nails. For instance, 4 percentage points more consumers now use professional manicure services than there were a year ago.

Glance At the End

Sincerely,   In no way they are especially inclusive. For instance, if a runway casting in another nation exclusively features white models, it will face intense criticism. That is essentially all you see here. Slowly but surely, something is happening. People in Spain are still a little bit racist and such.

placing more value on culture and less on how they look. Realizing that our minds, not our bodies, are what connect us. But this cannot hide their vibrant and over-the-top beauty standards and get apart from other countries all over Europe.

But there is one thing that must be appreciated in these beauty standards their effortlessness and their try to look as natural as they can.


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