No Matter What I Do My Foundation Looks Bad: Why? (2023)

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How to make your foundation look smooth and not patchy and dry will be the prime concern for a makeup wearer.

Whether you do the makeup yourself, go to a beauty parlor, or call a professional makeup artist for doorstep service, all you seek is cosmetic make that must last longer without making the foundation look patchy and dry.

In this beauty and cosmetic article, I have described why do my foundation looks patchy and dryand its solution.

Know your Skin Type

Today, you have the best foundation cosmetics to match your skin type and do flawless makeup. When you hire a makeup artist, they will use the right foundation after checking your skin type.

Yet, they will need to tell you what type of foundation cosmetic you need for beauty. You must expect something different from a makeup specialist from a branded beauty salon. Here, I have detailed skin types and the proper foundation necessary for such skin.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin have fewer issues with foundation makeup. Yet, the external weather conditions, the way they travel, and the place they are present matters for a foundation to look flawless or become dry and patchy later.  

  • Regardless of skin tone, people with dry skin must use liquid and semi-liquid foundation cosmetics.
  • It will help if you use the sponge and synthetic brush to begin from inside out makeup to avoid your foundation looking patchy and dry.
  • It is advisable to use those beauty cosmetics brands that do not cause any burning sensation or are skin friendly to your dry skin.
  • If you are going to a venue with HVACs, put the foundation in a room with an air conditioner.  

If you do self-makeup, it will help if you use mild shades if you have a fair skin tone. The foundation cosmetics and accessories you use must be branded cosmetics.

When you use cheap cosmetics for foundation works, it is why my foundation looks patchy and dry. It will annoy you when you find your photos and videos later of an event where you last went with costly foundation makeup.

Oily Skin

Most people come under the oily skin type. Yet, it will be worse to do foundation makeup during summer than in the winter for such skin types.

It is advisable to follow the below-mentioned steps to hold your foundation on the skin to look good for a longer time.

  • First, rinse your skin with glycerin face wash or glycerin soap.
  • Next, apply fresh lime solution or lime scrub and wait 10 minutes before cleansing them.
  • Make use of branded dry cosmetics to put foundation makeup.
  • Mix with water and alcohol to be applied and pulled by your oily skin to the base.
  • Make use of organic brushes while laying the foundation.
  • Spread the dry foundation cosmetics with mild touch and spread evenly.
  • Stop applying foundation makeup when you get the desired color, shade, and texture.

Rinsing with lime is the answer to the question of why does my foundation look patchy and dry. When your skin is lime-washed, you will not find any oily stuff on your face and neck.

You can make use of herbal scrubs, too, for oily skin. They give the best result to apply chemical-based cosmetics.

Normal Skin

People with normal skin are the best to apply foundation makeup, lasting longer than the other skin types mentioned above. It is sporadic to find herbal or chemical-based cosmetics that look patchy and dry later with an average skin person.

  • Apply the best skin foundation cosmetics, which you feel better or do not have any side effects.
  • People having normal skin types can apply liquid and powder-based cosmetics. They can use a combination, too, to get the best makeup result.
  • It will help if you apply mild to medium foundation cosmetics to get the desired result.
  • You can use your figures, brushes, and sponge to absorb the foundation strongly under the skin.

It is advisable to wash your skin with lukewarm water to cleanse away dust and dirts on your face and neck area. Make them dry before you apply the foundation.

Why does my foundation look patchy and dry?

There are many reasons for foundation makeup to look patchy and dry. I have explained here in detail for beauty-conscious people.


People doing makeup themself are the best learners to do it like a professional makeup artist. You will use many cosmetic brands and accessories and find the best one later.

Yet, you will learn lessons from those cosmetic brands and the way you applied later. The main reasons to avoid such makeup style are due to patchy appearance and becoming dry very soon.

Doorstep Makeup Artist

Hiring a makeup artist is best if you are a busy person. Yet, they will use what beauty care cosmetics they have and then prefer the best one according to their skin type.

In this case, your foundation will be patchy and dry within a few hours of doing makeup. Please tell your skin type and any preferred brand of cosmetics and accessories you need to d foundation by a makeup artist at your home.   

Beauty Saloon

The makeup specialist in a beauty salon will use those cosmetics which is the best for your skin type. Taking their package or foundation methods is advisable to avoid looking patchy and dry after the makeup is over, and you will find such blemishes later.  


The question of why does my foundation look patchy and dry is answered through this article for all skin types. 

The main reason that your foundation look bad after few hours is because of the clogging pores. May be the foundation is not have been chosen properly or it may not have been worned well. You may also face acne problems due to the sweat or oil on your face which may not be removed properly by the water or soap used during washing.

Humidity is another factor that affects how long your foundation lasts on your face. Humidity makes water evaporate from your skin’s surface much faster than when it’s dry, so makeup will wear off faster if you’re in an area with high humidity.

To solve this problem we wrote this article so that after reading the given information you will not meet the same issues related to foundation. Even this article works esoteric to those who do self-makeup at home. By following our guide we are confident that you will not going to face any patchy foundation issues ever.


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