What are the Top 9 Mormon Beauty Standards? (2024)

brown haired mormon girl wearing a pink top and black jeans

Deep Down, every beauty standard differs on a large scale from one community to another or one place to another it depends upon us how we are taking into account these all beauty standards. If talk about the world, there are huge versatilities in one’s beautification.

Knowing about Mormon is very interesting because most of the audience sometimes gets confused that Mormon is a place or something else.

Let us clear this doubt and also get a deep insight into what Mormon beauty standards are and how they are different.

Insight about Mormons

Mormons are a community that belongs to the Mormonism religion and belongs to Christianity. Mormons live usually in the U.S.

List of all Mormon Beauty Standards 

1. Clothing Style

Mormons choose their attire, which is both stylish and conventional, to fit their style while still adhering to the rules. But, you could note that there is a difference if you were to look at a group of young LDS teens as a whole. No low-cut or stomach-baring shirts will be worn by these gals. Their outfits will be knee-length and will cover their shoulders.

Their clothing sense is quite remarkable as people can easily recognize their place and community.

On the other hand, if we talk about boys, they won’t wear underwear-barely loose clothing or have low-hanging waistlines. Their attire is made to protect them rather than display them, and they also have their shoulders, stomachs, and chests covered.

We sometimes make things stereotypical that foreign people must be fond of having tattoos but in the case of Mormons, no tattoos are their priority.

2. Hair and Makeup 

Mormons are specialized in their way of makeup and hair styling which makes them look unique and elegant. Although there is no set length, color, or style for hair, it should be beautiful, conservative, simple to manage, and natural. This shows that Mormon women are not very conscious about hair color.

Women cannot “distract from your message” or draw attention if they want to use accessories like clips or headbands.

Although not necessary, the advice says that makeup may help women appear their best. Women should be “neutral and conservative in style and color” if they wish to apply cosmetics. With nail polish, the same holds.

3. Accessories

We’ll cover flats, casual shoes, heels, boots, athletic shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and bags in this section.

Women should wear closed-toe and closed-heel footwear for safety reasons. Also, only one earring can hang lower than an inch from the earlobe for security and safety reasons. Tattoos, nose rings, other body piercings, and toe rings are not permitted.

For Mormons, backpacks are not the top priority as they usually avoid having backpacks or shoulder bags.

4. Men’s Fashion sense

The way men are fashioned in Mormon is very interesting to know. Men in Mormon are strict about the color of the shirts they wore and choose. This shows how committed they are towards their color collection women. 

They should stay grey or brown if they want to wear a brighter hue. Under suits, only white shirts made of a polyester blend are acceptable. Sweaters and vests are also acceptable in chilly climates.

Males must also put on matching socks and formal shoes with a closed toe and heel. No cowboy boots or suede footwear. No hoodies or backpacks, either.

Relatively short and uniformly tapered hair is maintained. It’s not acceptable to have a faux hawk, a crew cut, a mullet, spikey hair, or untidy makeup. Their hair cannot be colored or bleached. Furthermore, eyebrows cannot extend past the middle of the ear.

5. Facial Expression 

Guideline said that these outcomes are a result of the healthy lifestyle led by many Mormons, which includes refraining from drugs, alcohol, tea, coffee, and smoking. Mormons live an average of seven to 10 years longer than the typical American due to their healthy lifestyle.

According to the study’s findings, while a higher percentage of Mormons could spot other Mormons in a crowd, just 60% of non-Mormons could do so. According to Rule, these findings are statistically significant.

6. Blondeness and Features

Even though Mormon teenage girls do not wear clothing, this modesty conscience is enforced almost as strictly for them. The only information available was focused on how female Mormon missionaries should look, including what to wear, how to style their hair, and even how to “properly” apply makeup. Sometimes girls struggle to find shirts that cover their stomachs even if they raise their hands and dresses and skirts that are long enough but don’t make them look like old ladies.

Nonetheless, the Church has more recently included similarly thorough guidelines for male missionaries’ appearance

7. Makeup Grooming

Wearing cosmetics is seen with skepticism by many women. For many individuals, applying mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation may be a nuisance. But, applying cosmetics may significantly alter how you seem. The American definition of beauty includes the use of little, appropriate makeup.

Every society has a certain sense of what beauty is. While some individuals believe cosmetics to be a necessary component of the standard, others do not. It all depends on how society defines beauty and if wearing cosmetics is necessary to achieve it.

8. Skin Tone 

Whiteness has always had the privilege in American beauty standards, while anti-blackness pervades society. Yet in recent years, there has been a rising push to change the balance of power and give underrepresented groups like people of color greater authority.

Because the majority of Americans were Mormons, we are hunting for American beauty standards.

Those with light brown skin tones were not even permitted to enter society since they were thought to be the least attractive hue in many civilizations. White is a universal color. In certain cultures, it denotes innocence, confidence, and knowledge. Nonetheless, due to its lightness, a light brown skin tone is most desired in America.

9. Long Hair

Long hair has always been associated with elegance and beauty, and the appropriate hairdo can make it a true statement piece. Yet, to obtain any desired appearance, having healthy hair is necessary. Your hair’s thickness and luster are important signs of its health, making it feasible to style your long tresses in an ideal way. With healthy long hair, various styles are possible, from buns to loose curls to braids, making it simple to stand out in any setting.


This full article has given you a deep understanding and knowledgeable insights about Mormon Beauty standards of which lots of people are unaware. This will help you to understand their culture and way of living as well. In short, Mormon beauty standards are quite different from others in the world which make them unique, and appealing which attracts the readers’ interest to know more about them.


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