Korean Skincare Routine Order For Getting Glass Skin! (2023)

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This Korean skincare routine order will convince your Skin to be the most important thing. This Korean skincare routine will make you want to focus on your Skin. You may even get a little obsessed with skincare. 

There has been an interest in Korean skincare, and the popularity of Korean skincare routine order products is growing steadily. K-beauty has become a cult. Just look around the web.

Korean skincare routines can be amazing. They combine ancient techniques with modern skincare solutions that produce stunning results.

It is a skincare regime emphasizing prevention and protection rather than using products that can undo the damage. 

 We want to join the K-beauty gang, but where do we begin? We’ve got the of a Korean skincare routine down. 

What does a Korean skincare routine look like? 

Korean skincare practices believe prevention is better than cure. It’s challenging to bring the Skin back to its healthy, original state after the damage. Korean skincare practices emphasize respecting Skin and giving it the attention it needs. 

 It is important to work with your Skin’s natural ecosystem, not using too many harsh ingredients that damage the Skin’s barrier. Korean skincare follows a long-term strategy.

The steps of a Korean skincare routine are simple and include cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and protecting your Skin to ensure it thrives to its best. Although a Korean skincare routine can be more involved and time-consuming than a regular one, it has produced magical results.

Why are they so popular?  

Korea places Skin first; Koreans value Skin more than makeup and fashion. Korean skincare is based on believing that everything else will naturally look flawless if your skin is healthy and nourished. But, Korean skincare was not created by one person or one brand. It was more gradual, based on the Korean skin routine. 

 Korean skincare is extremely popular because it uses techniques and ingredients that aren’t widely used in the beauty industry. Many skincare brands and scientists are still working out the secrets of these beauty routines.

Furthermore, the Korean beauty industry and skincare are far ahead in innovation. BB Creams were introduced to the West in 2011 but have been a staple of Korean beauty and skincare for decades. Korean skincare techniques are much more progressive and efficient. 

What does glass skin look like? 

Glass skin is a commonly used term in Korean skincare. It describes a smooth, clear and profoundly hydrated complexion.

Glass skin will appear so transparent that it can make even the dewiest skin look dull. Glass skin means that your Skin is at its most healthy.

It means flawless, poreless, translucent Skin without any zits. Korean glass skincare is like a Korean routine, where the Korean skincare routine orders your skincare products. 

 The Korean 10-Step Korean skincare routine is one of the most recognizable. It’s not just a skincare routine. It’s also a lifestyle that celebrities and influencers have embraced.

Based on Korean skincare methods that aim to improve skin health and are supported by a decade’s worth of scientific research, the 10-step Korean skincare routine focuses on creating a skin-friendly routine by applying the right products in the correct order. 

 It’s about something other than adhering to a certain number of steps in your Korean skincare routine or any other skincare routine.

It’s about better understanding your Skin and how to improve it while still achieving lasting results. You can adjust the steps to suit your personal needs.


The traditional steps Korean Skin Care Routine includes the following steps. 


1. Oil-based cleaner 

 Oil-based cleansers can remove makeup and oils from the Skin. Use an oil-based cleanser for a dry complexion. You can rub it gently on your skin for up to two minutes.

This will help increase blood flow to the area and allow cells to work more efficiently. Rinse it with lukewarm running water.  

2. Water-based/Foam cleansing soap 

To remove sweat, dirt, and other chemicals, follows up with oil cleanser using foam cleaner. Apply the foam to your Skin gently in circular motions. Use a low-pH cleanser that is gentle. 

3. Exfoliant 

An exfoliant increases blood circulation and removes old Skin. You can choose to use a scrub (or a peel) or a pad. Daily exfoliation can be done with a sponge or brush. It is best to do this gently and once or twice a week.  

4. Toner 

You may notice a change in your Skin’s pH levels by the time this step is completed. A toner is a product that helps restore the Skin’s pH balance and increases the absorption of other products included in the Korean skincare program. You can apply the toner using your fingers, a cotton pad, or both. 

5. Essence 

 Essences, watery lotions containing essential ingredients, are what you would consider the heart of your Korean skincare routine. It can be applied with your fingers. 

6. Serum & Ampoule 

Ampoules and serums have high-concentration formulas, which are crucial to address specific skincare needs. Place the cream on the Skin and massage gently to absorb.  

7. Mask for the face

 The Korean skincare routine focuses on caring for and relaxing your Skin. But, Face masks of all types, including cream and sheet masks, should only be used sometimes. 

8. Eye Cream

Eye creams or lotions are created to treat the sensitive and thinnest area of our Skin around the eyes. These products are meant to keep dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles at bay. Apply a small amount of the fruit to the area around the eyes and under-eye.

9. Moisturizer 

 A moisturizer can increase hydration by sealing in moisture. It also addresses other skincare requirements. Smoothly apply it to your skin and neck. 

10. SPF/Sleeping Mask 

 A Korean skincare routine for the daytime should include sunscreen to protect the skin from photo-aging and UV rays. A sleeping mask can rejuvenate your skin during the night when you use a Korean skincare routine. 

11. Mist 

 Suppose you want to maintain that youthful glow you’ve achieved following the Korean skincare steps. You might consider spraying a mist on your Skin every so often.

Face mists can be sprayed on the face to soothe and moisturize the Skin. This step is one of the most beneficial in a Korean-style glass skin routine.

 12. Maintenance Facials 

The Korean skincare routine is over. Maintenance facials are recommended by most Koreans to be done every week. A massage and natural ingredients remain critical to this step.  


Korean skincare routine tailored to your skin type

1. Oily Hair 

 Double cleansing, a crucial step in a Korean skincare routine, should not be feared. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use an oil-based cleaner on oily Skin. You must also remember if you have oily or combination Skin, to use a lighter or less emollient toner. 

2. Dry Hair 

Oil-based cleansers may not be suitable for people with dry Skin. Your Skin’s texture may be a factor in your decision. Toners should be humectants and hyaluronic acids. 

3. Combination Hair 

When using a Korean skincare routine for combination skin, choosing a Korean skincare routine is important to order balanced products. While layering up products, pay close attention to how your skin reacts. 

 4. Acne-prone Skin 

 For users with acne-prone hair, it might be worth skipping exfoliation until your skin clears up.


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