Is Concealer Bad for your Skin? (2023)

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Concealer is a product which is similar, to foundation, but which is thicker in its texture. It helps you to hide your dark circles or age spots, or any blemishes that you may have on your skin. The pigments are hidden and the imperfections are blended into your skin, making it look free from any defect or scar. Concealer is usually applied after having applied foundation first, so that there is no smudge created. If you use concealer on a regular basis and are wondering if concealer is bad for your skin, read on. 

Advantages of Using Concealer 

1. Helps you to Cover up Blemishes 

Concealer is not essentially bad for your skin as it helps you to coverup the marks that you may have on your face because of acne and other skin infections. The salicylic acid which is present in concealers makes it possible for you reduce the appearance and the size of the acne. 

A natural look is created with the help of the concealer, making it seem that there is no blemish on your face, and that your skin is naturally flawless. The best way to apply concealer would be by using a concealer brush or a sponge, as by doing so, you can prevent any oil from getting onto your face from your fingertips. 

2. Complements your Look 

Concealer is beneficial because it helps to supplement and complement the look that you create using makeup like lipstick and eyeshadow. By applying concealer over the eyelids and on the lips before you apply your makeup, you will be able to make the look last for a longer time. 

You need to remember to dab only a small amount of the concealer prior to applying eyeshadow or lipstick so that it looks natural, instead of making your face seem full of smudges. Apply your favorite colors on your lips and eyes after adding a dab of concealer, and you will end up creating a marvelous look. 

3. Makes your Skin Appear Tight and Compact 

Concealer can make your skin look tighter and more compact and hence it is not always bad for your skin. If you want to highlight your cheekbones for instance, you can apply concealer over them. You need to opt for a shade that is slightly lighter than the natural tone of your skin, after which you can sweep on the concealer and blend it in. 

Cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose and brow bones can also be easily highlighted with the help of the concealer, making your skin seem light, beautiful, and desirable. 

4. Creates Contours, Blurs Fine Lines and Covers the Dark Circles on your Skin 

Blurring fine lines, creating contours, and covering up the dark circles that you may have under your eyes because of lack of sleep and stress, can all be easily done with the help of concealers. This is a product which adds a considerable degree of freshness to your skin, and which gives it the vitality and the glow that it needs for your skin to look beautiful and for you to feel confident from within, as you go about your daily activities. 

Disadvantages of Concealers 

You need to be careful about how much concealer you apply on your face in order, to keep it from harming the health of your facial skin. While it is true that the blemishes over your face can be easily covered up with the help of a concealer, there are side effects associated with concealer application, which you need to be aware of. 

1. Creates More Acne on your Face 

The harmful toxins and the chemicals that are contained in the concealer are likely to be absorbed right in, by your skin. By penetrating through the skin’s outer layers, the chemicals in the concealer can clog the skin’s bores, creating more acne on your face than concealing them. 

2. Makes your Skin Dry and Parched 

If you apply concealer on a regular basis, then it is possible that your skin quality may just get hampered because of this. The harshness of the chemicals that are contained in the concealer can leave your skin feeling dry and parched.

 A crusty surface may develop over your facial skin, and you may be prone to developing wrinkles soon, needing more and more makeup to cover this up. You must remember to be careful therefore when applying concealer on your face, and never overdo how much you apply, to keep your skin safe from harm. 

3. Can Cause a Burning Sensation 

If you are wondering if concealer is bad for your skin, do remember that the salicylic acid contained in the concealer can create a burning sensation at times. This is likely to happen if you have sensitive or problematic skin that is prone to acne outburst. 

When using a concealer to cover your blemishes, you must remember to remove this from your face before you go to bed at night, ensuring that all the chemicals are removed and do not remain in your skin for longer than necessary. 

4. Imparts a Redness to your Facial Skin 

There is a redness that can appear on your facial skin if you are using concealer too often. The dryness and the itchiness that is caused by the application of concealer may just end up hampering your skin tone and compelling you to reduce your concealer application. 

Engaging in the application of a minimal amount of concealer would be the best thing to do, to keep this from happening. However, if the use of the concealer is frequent, your skin can end up becoming cracked, dry and ugly to look at. Hence keep the use of this to a minimum and remove concealer from your face, with a moist cloth, every night. 

How to effectively apply a concealer

We all are aware of the fact that concealer is widely used by almost every woman to look more glowing and dashing. The implementation of concealer varies from person to person but it takes a clear eye on how to apply concealer in the best possible way so that your face’s appearance looks more appealing and naturally glowing.

Although a thick formulation would seem like the best option for camouflaging even the darkest of circles, a creamy consistency is preferable.

While it may seem obvious, we frequently choose shades that are far too light, too peachy, or too yellow, making the concealer stand out. Instead, follow Gerstein’s simple advice: “If you have fair skin, go for pink hues; if you have medium skin, salmon colors; and if you have olive or darker skin, peaches, and oranges.” A decent general guideline is to choose a shade that is one to two shades darker than your actual skin tone.


Thus, while a concealer may be a marvelous product to use in order, to prevent the blemishes on your facial skin from standing out and looking prominent, you need to regulate its use, to keep the quality of your skin from being adversely impacted by its application. Now you must have understood that whether concealer is bad for your skin or not. 


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