Top 10 Kpop Beauty Standards You Should Know! (2023)

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We wonder if we are genuinely viewed as beautiful or merely presentable in the minds of Kpop beauty experts and industry professionals since Kpop makeup and beauty are making enormous strides in the market. Some of them—glass-like pale skin, a strong jawline, and large, doll-like eyes—you may already be familiar with. If you want to obtain the ultimate Kpop beauty look, you might want to pay attention to some of the Kpop beauty standards for ladies listed below.

The 10 Kpop female beauty standards are mentioned below, from ideal body type to ideal face traits. So let’s continue if you’re interested in learning what the ideal Kpop woman looks like.

List of kpop beauty standards

1. Size of Head

The majority of Kpops want smaller heads. The better, the smaller your head should be. You’ll notice that most well-known Kpop celebrities have small heads hidden by thick, bold hair if you look at pictures of them. Although some may find the ideal head-to-body ratio of 1:8 to be a bit high, in terms of Kpop beauty criteria, this is what is effective. Men and women are both affected by this.

2. Forehead

Leave contouring behind! A full and round head is considered gorgeous according to Kpop beauty parameters! Specifically, a prominent brow bone on the forehead.

3. Eyebrows

The ideal distance between your eyebrows and eyes is greater. Kpops want to have a wide gap between their brows and their eyes. Although high eyebrows are attractive, they are even more attractive if they appear straight and natural. Opt for organic microblading to get Kpop brows. Why organic the microblading is the industry’s future, in related news.

As opposed to other beauty traits, this one can be attained without undergoing surgery. Simply shape or draw your brows straight, then delicately fill them in with light brown or black. However, some people additionally color their brows to match their hair color every time they do.

4. Eyelid

Your eyelid must have two features to meet Kpop beauty parameters: double eyelids and sunken eyes that give you an older appearance. The double eyelid is a popular style among Kpops, and some even undergo plastic surgery to get the look. Of course, having double eyelids won’t help if your eyes aren’t naturally large.

Although the majority of Kpops have small, droopy eyes by birth, having large, rounder eyes are crucial to meeting cultural beauty standards. The most popular method used by Kpops to have wider eyes is double-eyelid surgery, which also helps the eyes appear more alert.

But ‘aegyosal’, or lovely under-eye fat, is increasingly becoming popular because it makes people look younger and happier, especially when they smile.

5. Nose

While long noses are popular across the rest of the globe, according to Kpop beauty criteria, a nose ought to be medium-high and have a round tip. In essence, your nose must resemble a button. The more pronounced your nose, the less attractive you appear to them.

If you look closely, you won’t find many K-pop idols having flat noses. This is because a straight, tall nose is typical of Kpop culture.

Whether a woman follows K-idols or not, her nose should be petite, high-bridged, and have a pointed tip. Being the center of the face, it should be completely proportionate to other facial features. It also has a significant impact on side profiles since it defines the entire face from all angles.

6. Jaw

A V-shaped jaw is preferable even if it isn’t as stressed as the other Kpop beauty criteria. The round face comes in second to the V-shaped face, followed by the square face.

7. Height

Asians are regarded for being a little small, hence in Korea, persons who are taller than normal are viewed as more handsome. Women with thin, model-like figures are preferred over those who are 5’3″ or shorter in height.

8. Skin

According to Kpop beauty standards, fair skin is a MUST. Your fair skin should be radiant and appear glass-like. A woman with white, transparent skin is regarded as lovely, yet those who are a little brown are still considered attractive.

Although the majority of Kpops have pale complexion naturally, others utilize cosmetics to get flawless skin. Their daily regimen also includes applying sunscreen to prevent their skin from becoming darker.

They even have elaborate skincare regimens because having young-looking skin that glows like glass is important.

9. Face with a V-shape

Other face forms besides V-shaped faces are viewed as being too wide and masculine. Because of this, Kpop women aspire to have a face shape that draws attention to other facial features.

A V-shaped face is associated with feminine beauty and makes one appear younger than they are because a pointy chin and a sharp V-line reduce the look of a double chin and drooping skin. Additionally, it improves the appearance of the entire face from all sides.

10. High Cheeks

A woman’s facial attractiveness is more affected by slightly pronounced but not overly prominent cheekbones since they provide the impression of being feminine and delicate. Additionally, it looks great with a V-shaped face.

Even in other nations, having prominent cheekbones is one of the most prized aspects of beauty. They are considered a symbol of youth, in contrast to low or droopy cheekbones, which are seen as an indication of aging.

Kpop women learned how to contour their cheeks using light and dark makeup to highlight cheekbones and enhance facial structure. Additionally, they lightly pink their cheeks to draw attention to their cheekbones and achieve a natural effect.

Final Thoughts

The top 10 criteria for Kpop women’s beauty are listed above.

Many Korean ladies began desiring long legs once female K-pop idols began showing off their stunning legs. Legs that are at least 110 cm length are ideal for Korean women. Having a thigh gap is also necessary to provide the appearance of long legs.

Many women have been motivated to alter their natural characteristics to appear ideal and desirable in the eyes of the public by the norms of female beauty in Korea.

However, some South Kpops are gradually eschewing the rigid beauty standards to redefine the country’s traditional ideals of beauty, owing to those who encourage others to accept their distinctive traits.


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