Top 8 Australian Beauty Standards that will Shock You! (2024)

Beautiful Australian Girl

The idea of beauty is socially constructed and based on historical representation and institutionalized oppression. Women with dark skin frequently experience stigmatization and devaluation. Australia’s media is well recognized for using tall, slim, tan models in ads, similar to other nations.

This exaggerated perception of beauty is widely portrayed in several European countries. Many nations, like Sweden, Australia, Turkey, and others, are home to top models. In line with societal conventions, the media did a great job of favorably depicting these women and calling them beautiful. Many women develop eating disorders in an effort to resemble the ideal Australian beauty models as a result of how Australian women are depicted in the media.

List of Australian Beauty Standards

1. Typical Face Routine

Australians are well aware that skin cancer is brought on by extended sun exposure. Because of this, wearing hats, sunscreen, rash guards, and umbrellas, and reapplying sunscreen every two hours is a regular practice in Australia. Knowing the SPF ABCs is crucial for this reason.

SPF, which stands for Sun Protection Factor, is the metric used to assess UVB radiation protection. Additionally, Australians are known for using “wide spectrum” sunscreen since it shields the face from UVA and UVB radiation. UVA(aging) and UVB provide a simple technique to distinguish between the two (turning). Although they both overlap, UVA photons are mostly responsible for fine wrinkles and dark spots, whilst UVB rays are primarily responsible for skin cancer and sunburn.

2. Beautifying Face 

Despite using a lot of makeup, Australian women take care to seem attractive and elegant rather than overly made up. Australian beauty standards prefer a more modest and natural makeup look, which includes illuminating primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, warm blush, a little eye shadow that is just a shade darker than their skin tone, mascara to extend women’s lashes, and soft lip color. They get natural, beachy waves in their hair using a variety of techniques, such as braiding it at night, wrapping it around the base of a cotton headband, or using sea salt spray. Most importantly, convey assurance and brightness while allowing your innate brilliance speak for itself.

3. Hairline

The hairline is a significant area that is frequently neglected, but Australians are well aware of its importance and correct maintenance. Australians have unique and distinctive hairlines that may reveal a lot about the condition of their hair based on factors including form, height, and hair growth. As per the beauty standards of  Australia, women make their hairline more attractive by massaging it with nourishing hair oils like coconut, jojoba, olive, and almond oil. These oils can help them increase blood flow to the region and encourage hair growth.

4. Caretaking of hairline

Hairstyles are made to alter or conceal an unattractive hairline. To control low hairlines,   under the beauty standards of Australians, they use clinical methods like electrolysis or laser hair removal. Microblading or red light therapy encourages hair growth in women along with hairline. Shaving and tweezing are at-home grooming methods used by Australians that can are used to hide an unattractive hairline.

5. Eye Styling

Australian beauty standards focus on upgrading the appearance of their eyes. Australians must balance out the purple and blue hues since dark circles can make eyes look smaller. They select a concealer shade that is lighter and warmer than their skin tone for maximum effects. Going thicker and higher with the flick section of the eyeliner might assist since you want the outer edge of the eye to be the focal point. For Australians, highlighter truly is the panacea. They emphasize the brow bone and lids with a pearly eyeshadow or highlighter. This makes their eyes jump, open up, and appear more elevated.

6. Neck

First and foremost, Australian women always apply the same foundation to their neck as they do to their faces. The skin tone becomes leveled up. Australians with short necks choose deep neck fashions with low necklines and a V shape.

When using If they have a short neck, stay away from heavy jewelry that is near the neck. Australians wear a lengthy chain pendant to give it the appearance of being longer. They prefer collars and necklines with circular shapes if you have a long face and neck. A long neck would look lovely with a pearl necklace. A U-shaped neck style looks best on a square face.

In this way taking care of appropriate jewelry make their neck look attractive.

7. Nose and Checkbones

For carved, sharp features, contour your cheekbones and forehead with a darker compact powder or matte bronzer. Under Australian beauty, standards apply brown matte eyeshadow to the sides of the nose and mix it in nicely with the foundation to contour the nose. Then, using the ring finger, softly brush the highlighter across the center of the nose. Australians don’t use a lot of cosmetics to make a larger nose appear smaller. As was already noted, they play up their other characteristics, such as their cheeks, to draw attention to other locations. It can make Australians’ noses appear a little smaller and detract from it to add a little shimmering blush to their cheekbones. They always remember to blush their cheeks.

8. Lips Beauty

Australian ladies beautify their lips by using lip liner along the border of their lips. Along with lipstick, they attempt to line their lips with a brush.

They Apply a brighter shade to their lower lips while using a darker shade on their upper lips to give the impression that they are slightly smaller. The lips appear uniform as a result.

Australian ladies can enhance their lower lip center using a white pencil if they don’t want to use different lipstick shades.

Women in Australia also use a pencil to lengthen the lining of their lower lips. Their lips will look bigger and more even as a result.

Glance at the end

We like how proudly Australians embrace their inherent beauty. They emphasize their characteristics, emphasize health, and radiate from the inside out rather than trying to hide everything. Instead of following a strict formula, they maintain a relaxed attitude that finally enlightens the mind, body, and spirit. This makes them a unique beauty standard for other countries across the globe.

The outer often reflects inner values ​​and feelings. This is especially true of Australians whose faces look like they’ve come out of the sea to reflect the country’s overall personality. According to Dr Tanja Luckins, a lecturer in Australian Studies at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia’s fun-loving people come from the country’s geography and climate. The eight hour system (eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, eight hours of play) also emerged in Victoria in the early 1800s as union workers demanded better working conditions.

With over 22,000 miles of beautiful beaches and an open space filled with natural beauty, it’s no wonder Australians love to live wild, free and in the sun. Why take the time to look when you have tanned skin, sandy waves and a whole country to explore?


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