Why To Wear Red Lipstick with Green Dress? (2024)

Girl is wearing green dress and red lipsticks

Is there a reason why you should choose to wear red lipstick with green dress? You might experience a lucky day or turn out to be the most attractive person in office by wearing this combo. Now, this might seem a little improbable, but trust us when we say it’s real.

Did you realize that numerous research have demonstrated that wearing red lipstick with green clothes will unquestionably alter your life? And despite what social conventions would say, wearing red lipstick to the office is quite acceptable. Red lipstick has the power to dramatically change your life, whether it’s Ruby Woo or a fierce red tone from your preferred budget brand. These are some scientifically supported arguments for why red lipsticks rock.

Continue reading to learn more about what makes a green dress and red lipstick your go-to style for a special occasion.

7 Reasons why you should pair your green dress with a red lipstick

You may wonder why we stress so much on the combination of a green dress with red lipstick. So, let’s give you 7 reasons why you should pair your green dress with a red lipstick and ace the look  :

It matches every skin tone

It is a well-known fact that different colours compliment different skin tones. But, we adore a lip colour that compliments every skin tone. makes it even simpler to shop online. One such colour is red. Both people with a deeper complexion and those with a light skin when wearing green can use a bright red lipstick that makes them look attractive and feminine.

It makes you more self-assured

Do you feel underconfident about your looking? A crimson lip colour just seems to scream, “I’m tough, look at me!” Many do turn around when they see this. That may help you feel more confident. You will feel fantastic if you wear the correct shade of red lipstick with green dress. When you will be confident about your look, it will help you become self-assured of your personality.

Saves a lot of time

Are you always occupied in the morning with tons of things to do? If you’re not a morning person, you’ll understand how difficult it is to find time to get ready before leaving the house. Since the message is already so obnoxious with bright red lip colour with green clothes, you may ditch the difficult eye makeup and go barefaced. Also, you don’t need to put much effort on any other makeup element after it.

You’ll appear younger than you actually are to others.

Does your skin look older than yours age? At Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, Chanel’s research and development division had established that as we age, facial features like cheeks, lips and eyebrows begin to lose their colour. As a result, younger women have thicker brows and reddish lipstick during their prime. Women who are older have sparse brows and lips. Using red lipstick is a simple method to replicate this young flow. It helps to give a sense of liveliness on your face. On days when your skin appears duller than usual, you could follow the same procedure. It will instantly make you look more cheerful and appealing.

It increases your professionalism at work

Are you someone who prefers to be a thorough professional at work? A Harvard University and Procter & Gamble study found that women were seen as more liked and capable at work when they wore bolder colours like red with green dresses. This is not shocking at all. Do you not feel like the ultimate boss babe after applying red lipstick with green dress? As we said, red lipstick will make you look more confident, helping you get better at your work. In Addition, it helps to create a strong impression on others at work.

Improved Selfies

We all love taking selfies and admiring ourselves. According to a CoverGirl and Harvard study, if you apply more red lipstick with green dress than usual, you’ll be shooting more selfies than usual. This is beneficial since it shows that you are confident and at ease with your appearance by the fact that you are taking more selfies. Therefore it wouldn’t be a stretch to argue that wearing red lipstick boosts your self-confidence. Moreover, it helps to make a strong presence and style statement in the picture frame. Alongside, it helps to become a centre of attraction in the selfie.

Science Between Red and Green

Do you know that there is a logical scientific explanation behind using a combination of red and green? Many women really believe that red lipstick and other cosmetic colours significantly alter their perceptions of their personal attractiveness. Red always makes a bold statement and green gives an elegant appearance. So, overall it gives you a look that suits all kinds of occasions. 

Researchers in the UK think they understand the red impact. They claim that women who use cosmetics appear to be consistently more appealing. It’s because cosmetics enhance contrasts (in human skin colour) that naturally diminish with ageing, like when the skin begins to look lifeless or dull from less circulation.


Your lips, eyes, and eyelashes all naturally shine out when you’re young. The colour contrast in your face is enhanced by the larger, redder lips you have when wearing green clothes. You can make it look better by wearing red lipstick with green dresses as well as other bright colours, but it truly helps if you already have some natural redness and full features. At the same time, it makes a unique and a strong style statement among the crowd. 

Red also seems to enhance judgements of beauty. It not only affects the lips but also has a similar influence on fashion. Red is a perfect colour for every skin tone and occasions that can be the ideal look for every woman. 

When compared to, say, wearing brown, beige, or even black, wearing red might stand out and may give off a better image. What do we understand about red clothing? Much research has been conducted on color theory, which includes the psychological reactions to the influence of wearing red.


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