Korean Natural Skin Care Routine to Get Glass Skin [2024]


Korean skincare products are the answer to flawless skin. Korean skincare has become extremely popular for a reason. While this 10-step routine might seem complicated, it’s well worth it for beautiful, healthy skin.

The products you choose to use should not cause more harm than good.

These 11 steps are going to revolutionize the Korean Natural Skin Care Routine.

Korean Skincare Routine – The Natural Way

I have often been told how difficult this Korean skincare routine is for men, and also for busy ladies.

But, understanding the Korean beauty trend is key: it serves a purpose: to prevent skin injury before it happens.

This routine is designed to prevent and maintain your skin’s beauty. This explains why it takes so long to care for your skin.

But, most products designed for this use contain questionable chemicals such as synthetic ones.

Below I have included a tweaked Korean Natural Skin Care Routine in which I suggest natural products and recipes replace it.

Let’s get right to the point.

Water-Based Cleansing/ Double Cleansing

Korean girl having a glass skin

Nearly every Korean Natural Skin Care Routine begins with rinsing the skin with water.

There is science behind this.Your pores will be opened and dirt removed by washing your face in warm water. But, tap water is typically contaminated unless the spout has a filter. It also removes any minerals that may be beneficial for the skin.

Thus, mineral water from bottles is often preferred.It simplifies facial cleansing and is more practical.

This mineralizing water can be an alternative. It is purely thermal and also contains around 15 minerals. Additionally, the antioxidants protect the skin from the effects of aging.

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Oil cleansing

This step may seem counter-intuitive, particularly if you have oily or combination skin. You won’t absorb all the oil, as it is meant for cleansing.

Oil cleansing helps remove the dirt, oil, and oil your glands produce. But it’s not oily and leaves you with a moisturizing feeling. After massaging it, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Alternatively, check this natural facial cleansing oil. It combines the power of a cleanser, moisturizer, and makeup remover. This product is excellent, especially for busy women.

Foam cleaning

Foam cleanser has a similar sudsy, lathery soap effect but is gentler for the skin. The foam removes any dirt and residues from oil cleansing.

This is why K.beauty refers to oil- and foam cleansing as “double cleaning.” If you don’t want to make one, suggest you try a pH-neutral, unscented foaming facial cleaner.

The pH level is 5.5, making it suitable for sensitive skin.


This step should be performed at least once a week to eliminate dead skin cells. We recommend you opt for physical exfoliators such as scrubs over irritating, more concentrated chemical exfoliates.

You may need help finding these acid-base products suitable for sensitive skin. You can use a few scrubs on your face to get a natural exfoliation. Instead, you can buy a charcoal scrub-infused collagen.

It sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.


This step is designed to restore your facial skin’s natural pH level.

It is important because cleansing and exfoliation can cause your skin to dry. Toner helps prepare the skin to absorb essences and other serums.

I recommend using a rose total and witch-hazel toner with aloe vera to test the toning steps. It has rosewater as its primary liquid and is better suited for sensitive skin.

Hydration intensive/ Essence

This is where essences moisturize the skin and absorb nutrients that can brighten the complexion. Essences can be applied sparingly to your skin, like moisturizers and cleansers.

Their concentrated quality means that they work faster than any other Korean Natural Skin Care Routine.

Once you are satisfied with the amount, apply a small amount to your face. An exciting product uses organic flower skin essence in its formulation.

The product doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is very effective due to the natural-occurring AHA (vitamins) and other ingredients.

Ampoule/Serum Application

This step is designed to address skin issues specific to you. No matter if you have acne, scarring or wrinkles, there is a special treatment that can help.

If you know what problem your skin is suffering from, you might try the DIY serum. This can help with all types of skin problems, particularly wrinkles. It’s easy to make and uses essential oils.

If you are too busy to make one, recommend an organic Rosehip seed oil as an anti-aging cream.

Rosehip oil can help with deep moisturization and erasing acne scars and fine lines.

Sheet Mask Application

The sheet mask is one of the most well-known K beauty products.

It comes with a white, paper towel-like sheet soaked in essences.

This is an essential Korean Natural Skin Care Routine that locks-in nutrients from previous steps. It instantly gives your face a plumping effect.

These sheet masks are my main concern because of the alcohol-based scent and other chemicals that can cause a stinging sensation on my face.

Don’t be embarrassed about not using a sheet mask. It’s so fancy that you can do with it.

You should soak up all the ingredients. This can be achieved with homemade masks. Alternatively, you could also buy an Indian clay mask which you can dilute using apple cider vinegar or water.

It does not irritate your skin. Warm water will soften your face and make it look cleaner.

Eye Cream Application

This step is important because it gives prominence to the skin around the eyes. This is a must-have step for anyone who works all night and sleeps late.

Because it is the most delicate skin area, your below-eye skin must be hydrated to make you look younger.

I recommend ingredients that are rich in hydrating vitamins. You can choose an Anti-Aging Restorative Eye Balm if you prefer a clinically-tested product with no harmful additives.

It combines the power 10 essential oils and vitamins to give a firming effect to crow’s feet.


Last but not least, moisturize your face. K-beauty does more than hydrate the skin. It also locks in all the nutrients that were used before.

Some brands add chemicals to maintain the texture or fragrance. You can make your DIY moisturizer and still have soft, hydrated skin.

You could use body cream and natural organic face moisturizer to hydrate your skin. It’s also very cheap as you can use it for both your arms and legs.


The most important step in this routine is to apply sunscreen because it prevents harmful UV rays from reaching your skin, lowering your risk of skin cancer and DNA damage. It also prevents unnecessary tanning.

Avoiding sunscreen can be dangerous; please include this step at the end of your skincare routine.

Few people believe that if you are not living in your home, why do we need to apply sunscreen, and what sunscreen must still be applied.

The reason for this is that radiations from TVs, mobile phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices are also harmful to our delicate skin. So, even if you are not at home, remember to apply sunscreen.

In this Korean Natural Skin Care Routine we have decoded everything you need to know about Korean Natural Skin Care Routine.


The topic of today’s article was how to get clear and healthy skin using natural Korean skincare methods. Isn’t it interesting how Korean women are the world’s true holders of glass-like skin?

I find it quite fascinating; when I was younger, I used to watch a lot of Korean dramas and wonder how they always had such glowing and fresh skin.

Growing up, I learned about Korean skincare routines and ancient techniques such as not skipping a daily skin care routine and drinking barley tea, among other things.

These tasks may appear to take a long time, but they usually only take 5-10 minutes of your time. That means you’re only 5-10 minutes away from that glass of water, just like healthy skin.

Hope you are enjoying our blogs. Keep sharing and we will keep delivering you with daily dose of skincare routine blogs.

Happy Reading!!!!

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