Top 9 Irish Beauty Standards that will Amaze You! (2024)

Beautiful Irish Girl wearing orange top

A country situated in the northern side of Europe, Ireland’s women are known for their beauty across all continents. Alehouses from Derry to Cork, as well as popular poetry and literature, frequently make mention of the belles of the Emerald Isle. Yeats, a famous Irish poet, once said that “love enters in at the eye,” thus it should come as no surprise that Irish women have been so successful at capturing people’s attention and hearts throughout history with their abundance of Irish beauty. It won’t be wrong to say that Irish women are beautiful that seems to come straight out from a fairytale. 


Women all around Ireland have their Irish beauty standards that come in various shapes and sizes, from tall and slender to small and voluptuous. It follows that each nation has its standards for beauty that are typically distinct from those of the others. And among them, Ireland has a perspective on beauty that is so unique that it just leaves us speechless. Still, it is often overlooked in comparison to other parts of Europe. 

Let’s go into the Unconventional beauty standards of Irish Women

We said unconventional, because Irish beauty standards are unique in every sense. Typical Irish woman typically features a fair complexion, big eyebrows, and small lips. However, a broad forehead, green eyes, many freckles, and red hair are among their most characteristic traits. All these qualities in women are greatly valued by Irish people, who have traditionally stood for natural beauty and charm.


1. Skin Care 

Have you ever heard about Barley tea? It is popular among Irish ladies because it improves skin and makes it healthy. It functions as a glow potion that rapidly moisturizes and nourishes your skin. They maintain supple, firm skin by regularly drinking barley tea, which helps to enhance the texture of their skin. 

The Irish are aware that beer functions as both a beverage and a cosmetic. This alcoholic beverage is brimming with antioxidants and nourishing minerals that improve the look of skin and hair.Irish people fight the effects of aging and improve the suppleness and look of their skin by applying beer to it.

2. Eye Styling

Irish girl Eye styling

One of the beauty secrets of Irish women is applying false lashes only to the corners of their eyes, which gives them a beautiful, elegant look. If you will see in books and magazines, you will see beauty styled eyes of Irish women. This tip makes their eyes appear more open, says GlamCandy beauty artist and educator Alice Dickson. Only Irish ladies make sure to apply them to the outside corners.

  •  They use highlighters on the brow bone.

To assist shape the final appearance, they employ the brow bones and eyebrows. One method, according to Dickson, is to highlight the brow bone using a highlighter. According to Irish beauty standards, ladies adore using simple-to-use items like the ICONIC LONDON Glaze Crayons to quickly sculpt the region beneath the brow.

3. Facial grooming

Irish women use primer and foundation, whether oil or water-based, using the same base to reject one another and make their faces appear uniform throughout. Most women have even looking faces in Ireland. 

We always don’t give much emphasis on the directions in which we apply foundation on our face. But, in Irish manner foundation is applied with downward strokes following Irish beauty standards. Since most of them have sparse facial hair, using a foundation with an upward motion makes the hair strands stand out. Peach fuzz, though, makes the appearance noticeable even with flawless makeup in the correct lighting. Irish ladies are familiar with the most effective method for shaving their faces. They choose to eliminate peach fuzz with derma planing or even a little face razor lubricated with oil, which gives them a flawless, natural shine.

4. Lip Styling


Irish beauty standards call for drawing an “X” next to the cupid’s brow, followed by applying lipstick as usual, to create a distinct cupid bow. For a faultless finish, Irish women begin applying lipstick in the center of their lips and work their way outward.

Women in Ireland often consider overlining their lips or using lip liner outside of the lips, to give the appearance that their lips are slightly larger. They become cautious while doing this, though. If it goes too far, it appears overly visible and tacky. Irish ladies used to apply along the outside lip edges for optimal effects. They are careful not to overline the outer corners of the lips, too.

5. Lip Care 

Irish women, who are conscious of their attractive features, adopt one of the greatest methods for healthy lips by massaging them. It encourages blood circulation, which aids in their natural pink glow. However, they are aware that they should massage very gently and should only use their fingertips to push the outer corners of the lips after applying lip balm or moisturizer.

6. Neck Look 

Irish girl showing beauty standards

Irish women are blessed with long and thin necks with pure white color because of Ireland’s atmospheric conditions.

Scrubbing is essential according to Irish beauty standards for both the face and the neck. Ireland women’s neck crease is made to seem drab and dated by the accumulation of dead skin, which is removed by exfoliating the skin at least twice a week. When Irish people scrub, new cells are produced, improving the smoothness, cleanliness, and attractiveness of the skin.

7. Neck care 

Oatmeal is fantastic for getting a lovely neck, and when combined with egg whites, the skin is tightened. Irish women cook  Oatmeal,  let it cool, then combined it with egg white and lemon juice. After letting the mixture set for a while, it is washed off with tap water. This kit is excellent for women with oily skin, which is typically treated as a beauty remedy in Ireland.

8. Nose Styling

Due to their emphasis on beauty, Irish women find it particularly important to make their noses beautiful. Setting sprays contain a little amount of silicone, which sets them apart from standard-setting powders. This keeps your nose’s makeup in place.

This is a wonderful technique for Irish individuals with oily skin or problems getting makeup to stick to their noses to achieve a quick and simple application since foundations tend to be heavier and more difficult to apply.

9. Nose Grooming 

Irish ladies have fallen in love with matte as time has progressed.

For oily skin, matte foundations work best because they lack gloss or sparkle, which makes the makeup adhere to the skin better.

Irish ladies always remember to carry mousse makeup and powder puffs, which make it simpler to apply thicker foundation to the trouble spots on their faces, according to Ireland Beauty methods.


Beauty standards are not a modern creation or development. But the truth is that beauty standards have always been quite important.

The criteria for Irish beauty standards have long been important and powerful in society.

But overall, we can conclude that Ireland has the most perfect sense of beauty, thus to a very large extent, it might not be as attractive to others as it is to their natives and place of origin. Irish ideals of beauty are unique and peculiar. These Irish norms have shown to be both realistic and attributable.


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