How to Become a Makeup Artist? (2023)



So, you chose makeup as your profession, great. A makeup artist, or an MUI, is a person without whom theatre, film, and fashion are incomplete. A person who adds an essential charm to marriages, birthday parties, various functions and events etc. 

But the competition is high, because of that the makeup journey can be a bit struggling for you. But do not worry, we are here to help you.

In this article, you will find out a useful guide that will be your companion in your journey to a professional makeup artist. Read on.

The Work of a Makeup Artist

Let us talk about the job role of an MUA (make-up artist). A makeup artist enhances the appearance of people and sometimes transforms them into several characters as per the need.

They does different types of makeup and prepare the acting aspirants to appear with grace in productions like films, movies, and dramas. 

A makeup artist alters someone’s personality with the help of cosmetic products and some techniques such as contouring as per the skin tone. 

There is little difference in makeup products and cosmetic products cosmetic products have generally skin and hair care products but makeup products involves products that artificially enhances the appearance with seperate product for each part of the face or sometimes the skin of other body parts as well.

How to Become a Certified Makeup Artist?

Being an artist is one of the difficult tasks not everyone could have that skill. You need to become a master in this skill. 

The very first step is to take admission in a professional makeup course or a diploma from a valid and reputed institute.

The first thing you have to do is to be patient. You need time to master your skills. First, you have to get admission to a makeup course or a diploma at a valid institute.

There are so many courses available in the market. You can also go for an online course if you want. But I will suggest you go for offline classes for practical experiences. There you can practice with professional makeup artists.

While talking about the benefits of certification, they are endless. You will have the guidance of professionals, you can practice the right makeup techniques, you can experiment with the trends, and many more when you are taking professional makeup classes or several related diplomas. 

You will become a person whom people trust before make deals with you  In a professional course, you will get to learn a lot. In short, a certification is a must for starting a career in the makeup industry.


Skills that are a Must for a Makeup Artist

As I mentioned before that you have to master your skills. 

let’s talk about some of the skills in this article that a make up artist should have.

1. Perfect Communication Skills

Yes, it seems very common, but we all know about its importance. You can easily  impress your clients by strong communication skills. 

Communication is a skill that is important for every job or business. If you know how to express your feelings with others, you can be a good and a remarkable  makeup artist for every client. 

As we know no one is perfect in this world. If you are gifted with good communication skills, it would be a blessing. 

You can go for a simple online course. There are also many videos available for free on social media platforms like Youtube etc.

Practice communicating about your work to the people near you. Yes, it will take time, but gradually you will get to know, how to satisfy your clients by perfect communication skills.

2. Makeup Techniques

As a professional makeup artist, you must know basic makeup techniques. You should know how to apply cosmetic products perfectly. Here I am mentioning some techniques that are must for you to learn:

  • Most importantly, the right order of makeup products 
  • Practice contouring on different skin tones 
  • Learn, how to apply perfect winged eyeliner
  • Get knowledge about proper smokey eyes
  • The perfect use of a beauty blender
  • Applying perfect lipstick
  • Foundation according to the skin tone. 
  • Perfect contrast shades for eye makeup.

3. A creative Mindset

A makeup artist must own a creative mindset. A mindset that allows innovative ideas and helps you in thinking out of the box.

It is an artistic job, you should be creative at every step. It will help you in creating masterpieces that will not only satisfy you but your client too.

You should test your talent, and experiment things with new shades and textures. A creative mindset will help you in turning people’s mindsets to a great extent.

4. The Knowledge of Products

For a professional makeup artist, knowledge of all kinds of cosmetic products is a must. As we know, there are a variety of brands in every product.

You should know what brand is better and what is not . You should know which product suits which skin type. For this, you have to research well about every cosmetic product and cosmetic brand. 

As we know, without a brush there is nothing and there are lots of makeup brushes. You should know the difference between all of them. You must have aware of the usage of each one with its purpose. 

5. Hygiene 

You should take care of your as well as your makeup kit hygiene, proper sanitization of the makeup tools, and cleanliness of the makeup is mandatory. Make sure, you are properly dressed at your work and your workplace is also well cleaned and managed. The regular sanitization of brushes and other tools is a must. 

How Long Does it Take to Become a Makeup Artist?

It depends on the duration of the course. Normally, a course in makeup artistry takes a couple of months. Becoming a licensed makeup artist will take about 7 to 8 months.

Your talent and popularity depend on how much time you invest in it. To become a trustworthy makeup artist, you need a decent experience as a professional makeup artist. 

What are the world’s best Makeup institutions for artistry? 

In the journey of becoming a successful makeup artist, choosing the right and foremost makeup artistry school or institution plays a great role in the whole journey.

Your institution adds more value to the course you may do from the best and leading makeup schools. Now you may be getting excited to know what are the best and leading institutions where you can learn and become an influential makeup artist.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), programs that need secondary school recognition or its equivalent are how cosmetics specialists complete their training. Especially if they also work with hair, all states require beauticians and cosmetics professionals to obtain state permission. approving the modification of requirements for each state.

Following are the most popular and leading institutions of makeup artistry that you must approach for your bright makeup career-

  • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
  • The Art Institute of Washington
  • CMC Makeup School
  • Makeup Designory
  •  Montclair State University
  • Shenandoah University
  •  Cinema Makeup School
  • Douglas Education Center
  • Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry
  • Elegance International Beauty

These are the most popular world-class makeup artist institutions and schools all over the world where you can build your successful career

The Bottom Line

You should learn about the right color theory, the right trend, and the right makeup for your client. You should have a good knowledge of cosmetic products and also the makeup techniques you will be going to use on various skin tones.  you have to learn every aspect of makeup artistry and discover as much as you can.You need to invest time with full heart and creative mindset to reach your full potential.

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