Top 11 Female Beauty Standards That You’ve Never Heard Before! (2023)

Beautiful woman showing female beauty standards

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but when we analyze the different perspectives on what constitutes “beauty” in other parts of the world, we see that it has a far more literal meaning. 

People (especially women) are pressured to conform to female beauty standards (and, in many cases, limits on how they can represent themselves) based on their cultural context. 

List of Female beauty standards

If you feel your current hair or makeup style needs to be updated. Then have no fear because the following are the 2023 female beauty standards that have already entered women’s lives:

1. Side Parts Again

Numerous well-known people have taken the lead by sporting a middle part in their hair when publicly appearing. 

But now the tables have turned, and Gen Z has been burned, as the reappearance of the side part is being attributed to the millennial generation and is predicted for the year 2023. 

You’ll see that history repeats itself but with a contemporary twist. 

If, despite the current fashion, you still like to split your hair to one side, you deserve praise. This year marks its return.

2. Skinimalism

Most of us had to devise our homemade skincare routine when the pandemic broke out, and we were locked down frequently. In the name of skincare, we were using various items. But we must put an end to this. 

The traditional 10-step skin care program can be reduced to a more flexible 5-step routine. It is better to use a few products that are a good fit for your skin than many that are ineffective.

3. Get Rid of the Dead Cell 

So, let me explain. Short nails have been catching the attention of style icons recently. Stop prolonging nail growth and practice good hygiene by clipping away dead skin.

In 2023, short nails will be one of the female beauty standards. I’ve always preferred short nails because they’re easier to maintain and look better afterward. This pattern must never be broken!

4. We Can Still Use Y2K

In spite of Y2K, In 2022, Y2K became a huge hit, and in 2023, it’s still going strong. You can’t dispute the stylish undertones imparted by the combination of metallic and sparkly textures with pastel tones. 

Not just the cosmetics sector but also the fashion industry is embracing pastels. Therefore, the Y2K fad will continue for a while.

5. Health and Beauty Devices

The cosmetics industry is making great use of technological progress. Customers’ tastes have shifted, and they recognize the need to provide individualized service and wares. 

These products deliver optimal results when used on your specific skin or hair type. 

In beauty technology, you will receive a detailed questionnaire from which customized goods will be derived. Or, if you’re looking for new eyewear or lipstick, your face can be scanned to determine your ideal shade and shape. 

When considering eyeglasses, it’s important to consider your face shape. While your face is shown on the screen, you can also try and select any other. 

The utilization of technology has never been more refined than it currently is. And it will continue to grow in the years to come as satisfied customers drive growth.

6. Messy hair 

Messy hair is the new sloppy buns and messy ponytails. It’s a complete CHAOS! Hair is layered in addition to being cut haphazardly. 

Many people are adopting the butterfly cut, and this style has recently become popular when given a messy appearance. The goal is for it to frame the face and appear full.

7. Showing Off Your “No Makeup” Look

The younger generations are moving away from heavy makeup in favor of a more natural appearance. No matter what society says a woman should look like, she will always be more stunning in her natural state.

In 2023, women will be more likely to embrace their appearances as they are. Tinted moisturizers, sunscreens, and lip balms are replacing heavy foundations. 

This is the best female beauty standards because it means you love and accept yourself just as you are.

8. The Inclusion of CHEBULA, a Top-Secret Ingredient

Do you need an explanation about Chebula? Southeast Asian herb chebula contains vitamins C and K and antioxidants. 

This plant is a skincare miracle worker, minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkles and keeping the skin well-hydrated.

Natural substances are considered safe unless they don’t work with your skin type or you use too much of them. In 2023, more consumers will likely utilize Chebula products after learning about their advantages.

9. The Return of Preppy Hair Accessories

In 2023, hair accessories like headbands, ribbons, and pins will again be in style. You should update your hair accessories collection, such as scrunchies and brooches. 

You’re free to knot it whatever your heart desires. Some examples of preppy hairstyles include low ponytails, French braids, and crown braids. 

Put on a headband if you want to make a statement. Hair clips with pearls are perfect for formal events, but ribbons are also lovely. Keeps your hair looking great!

10. You can be stunning even if you have a few skin flaws

Look at Deepika Mutyala if you think your skin color determines your beauty. She’s a YouTuber turned entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry and Indian American. 

Her new company is called Tinted. Tinted was established to uplift, embrace, and celebrate women of color and all shades in between. 

Deepica has always promoted body and skin positivity on her channel, and she has never hidden the fact that she has hyperpigmentation and dark skin.

11. You don’t have to be faultless to be ideal

Today’s world is so filtered that it’s difficult to grasp nuance. Many young teenagers are depressed and insecure because of the millions of applications and filters that can make their skin look beautiful. 

Inspiration can be found in the likes of Chrissy Teigen. She brazenly flaunts her stretch marks, scars from breastfeeding, and flawlessly imperfect skin in Instagram posts. 

This shows that nobody’s perfect, so rather than letting your shortcomings bring you down, accept them with grace. Everyone struggles with physical imperfections like acne, scars, stretch marks, and extra weight. 

Many celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, and Rihanna, have acne. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re ugly—those things are inevitable.


The female beauty standards shift from time to time. What’s in style today may be outdated tomorrow, and vice versa; trends come and go. Since this is a cyclical process, we can anticipate future occurrences similar to past ones. 


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