What are the Dutch People Physical Characteristics? (2024)

2 dutch men are standing and talking

To identify a Dutchman, look for the following dutch people physical characteristics: height, blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles, a broad grin, and a muscular build. 

They are as good as their good reputation suggests they are. What distinguishing features do the Dutch possess? 

They follow the rules, are cautious, and pay close attention to detail. They have high opinions of themselves as frugal, diligent, sensible, and well-organized people.

They regard tidiness and orderliness highly. On the other hand, the Dutch are notoriously private. What typical dutch female features?

They tower above everyone else, are strikingly attractive, exude quiet assurance, and tend to be blonde. 

Some of the most interesting women in the world can be found in a North Holland town. They are also confident in their skin and can tell it like it is.

Physical Traits of the Dutch

These are generalizations, trends, and stereotypes that are not necessarily reflective of or applicable to every Dutch person.

1. Very Tall

The Dutch have long had the reputation as the world’s tallest population. The dutch body type is – men are over 6 feet tall, while women are 5’6″.

Since taller couples in the Netherlands appear to have more children, natural selection may be a contributing factor.

Despite having a first-rate healthcare system, the Dutch have strong bones because they eat a lot of dairy and other calcium-rich foods.

However, data shows that the Dutch population has levelled out recently. Government statisticians have blamed the integration of people from other nations, many of whom are of shorter stature than the Dutch, and the children born to them for the country’s lack of population increase since 1980.

2. Blue Eyes

Although most Dutch individuals have blue eyes, eye colour varies by region. 61% of Dutch people have blue eyes, similar to Denmark and Sweden; however, more live in the north.

About 22% of the Dutch population has brown eyes, making it the second most common colour after blue. 

3. Blonde Hair

To generalize, most Dutch people would have blond hair. A poll of seven European countries found that 71.45% of Dutch people have blond hair.

The Dutch, however, tend to categorize these colours in their own right. These people only consider Blonde hair very pale; anything deeper is considered brown.

In actual manners, not only in Netherlands, blonde hairs are appreciated everywhere. But the difference is that Dutch have these ideal hairs as a natural trait.

4. Slim Build

While most of the globe appears to be gaining weight, a recent study published by the Globe Health Organisation found that the Dutch were bucking the trend by becoming even slimmer.

A slim body is much more appreciated in the Netherlands than a medium or fat body. Now let us discuss the logic behind it. Yet, beauty standards usually stay logicless. Ha ha ha, it was a joke actually. 

By the way, it is said that a slim body is a sign of delicate and soft-natured girls. Binge eating and being lazy and inactive was never a sign of beauty. and these are the things that lead to a fat body. 

That is why a slim and slender girl is the preference of the Dutch.

5. Broad Face

Like the British, the average Dutch person has a longer and wider face than other Europeans.

They also have shorter noses that are angled upwards slightly. These generalizations are not always accurate, like those made about any other group or ethnicity.

How come the Dutch are so stunning?

Below, we explain the many reasons for the distinctive Dutch appearance. You would then understand “ why are dutch so beautiful.”

The Netherlands is an economically thriving nation

The Dutch reputation for good health and neat appearance is largely attributed to their plenty of disposable income. Due to a strong economy, Dutch people live well.

People can now financially invest in services or items that can improve their outward presentation. Financial status strongly impacts one’s appearance.

Hygiene and self-care

This component is also affected by the significance of financial resources. 

Most Dutch citizens have enough disposable income to afford high-quality hygiene products. Personal grooming and cleanliness also contribute to one’s attractiveness.

The average Dutch person visits the dentist twice a year. They care for their teeth and gums, so their mouths and smiles radiate health and cleanliness. 

Braces are also given to many children at a very young age when necessary. 

So that you can have perfect teeth in the future, this is how they strive to make sure they all come in straight.

Self-care goods are a popular category for consumer spending in the Netherlands. 

Many modern women, for instance, stock their medicine cabinets to the brim with skin and hair care items. In this way, people attempt to maintain their health.

Visiting the hair salon is an essential aspect of self-care. 

Most Dutch individuals will spend a significant amount of money on a visit to the hair salon. 

This is only sometimes taken for granted; people may have to cut out elsewhere to afford it in some regions.

Dressing can also affect how people see you. However, this does not affect how a person looks. 

The Netherlands, like many Western nations, spends a lot on apparel. Thus, people seek inner serenity and a positive self-image.

Health care

The medical facilities in the Netherlands are among the best in the world because the Netherlands is a wealthy and advanced country. The way people look may also be affected.

Dutch people physical characteristics are greatly impacted by how healthy they are generally. 

In the Netherlands, for instance, you can see a specialist for any ailment and get the right treatment.

Therefore, the general health of Dutch citizens is high, which affects their appearance.

Good Nutrition 

The Netherlands has several food options: fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and dairy.

As a result, Dutch citizens can enjoy a wide selection of nutritious foods. The way a person seems is ultimately also affected by this. 

Eating healthy foods can help with a variety of physical aspects. Imagine your skin glowing, your teeth sparkling, and your hair shining.


The health benefits of athletics continue beyond just eating right. People’s health benefits greatly from being in good shape and at a healthy weight.

The Dutch engage in a wide variety of sporting activities. Every town and city has a plethora of different sports clubs and gyms. 

Exercise is another common pastime among Dutch citizens. They are in a position to invest time and resources into joining a group or organization.

A healthy body, among other things, can contribute to “Why are Dutch so beautiful.”

All of these things can influence a person’s outward look. The Dutch have several options at their disposal to maintain a healthy appearance. 

Because of this, many more individuals will agree that the Dutch are handsome.


The Dutch have firm convictions and principles that they stick to regardless of outside pressure, divergent viewpoints, or outright hostility. 

They are self-reliant and like leading others. They’re the tallest individuals on Earth. Therefore, you’ll notice their height immediately among all dutch people physical characteristics.

Since they eat properly and regularly participate in physical activities like sports, hiking, and camping, they also tend to be in excellent physical condition.

If I summarise all the upper given things then Dutch are persons who have slim and tall bodies with light pale skin and blonde hair. 

And it would not be wrong if I say that these are the things that are ideal for the rest of the world and that Dutch people naturally own.


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